17th of August 2005, Switzerland, Windsurfing Euro-Cup

Final comments

recorde by Matthias Regber

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Krafty | 17th August 2005 (21:23:26)

well done keith - awesome result and bet you were due a bath too ?!?!?!
dont spend all the winnings at tonites big party dude ... ENJOY !!

Mike + Dan | 17th August 2005 (23:00:25)

Nice one Keith. Well done.

Mike + Dan

afblaster | 18th August 2005 (08:52:42)

Well done Keith! Everyone at the 'pond' is really proud of you.

Richard, Anita & Kids | 18th August 2005 (18:59:51)

Good result Keith, just found out. we knew you could do it...!!! Having a beer now for you in sunny Abbeywood..!!!
See you when you get back.

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