6th of July 2011, Puerto Rico, 2011 Puerto Rico FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Day 1

Photos by Sean O Brien

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applelover | 6th July 2011 (12:23:02)

2 faked apples, 1 bitten apple, black apple, applecoloured tent, apple coloured sea, apple coloured flags and inside the apple - where are the action pics?

ceri | 6th July 2011 (14:12:00)

follow the gallery link - lots of pics on that

Sieger | 6th July 2011 (18:07:58)

To much appels and appeljuice, want to see pictures of boards sails and the winning fins

Anonym | 6th July 2011 (18:25:12)

Sean is sailing, that's why no racing pics so far, you can find lots of pics on the event website.

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