22nd of March 2010, Argentina, FW World Championships

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Photos by Gabriel Palmioli/ www.windsurfargentino.com

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Shokehoms | 6th December 2012 (04:36:19)

It's Sunday morning and it's a bfeituaul day outside. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the air is so clean and pure after a nice rain. Unlike yesterday, when we ran a 15k in the pouring rain, with 40 degree temps and a wind chill factor of??????????? This is a rce we do every year in the San Bernardino mountains in Lake Arrowhead Ca. It is a VERY hilly course and winds around the roads of the mountain community. So traffic is a factor. We have to be extremeliy cautious of cars and large trucks coming around corners. We had a woman get hit a few years ago. They have cones out but, people drive to fast sometimes, anyway. So bottom line is, we had many variables to contend with here, which made it a real challenge. Keep in mind we went from 80 degress, to 40 degrees, in two days flat! It was a good day anyway! We put on our hats and jackets then toughed it out. My jacket was not a waterproof windbreaker, so it got soaked and weighed at least 5 lbs. I took it off mid race and tied it around my waist, it kept on falling down to my knees. It felt better off though. Back to the bottom line part, I had an improvement of almost 2 minutes from 2 years ago when I ran it. I had that illness, this time, last year. I received a trophy for 3rd woman overall and 1st in my age. Only to find out on the results, when I got home, they made a mistake and gave my another womans trophy. I was in fact 4th, OA. Should I contact the race director? Or let it ride? As for Dan, he did a little bit worse than last year but, he has had a nasty cold. He is still beating himself up, because he came in with about 4 guys in his age group, all in a matter of seconds. What really ticked him off, he was beaten by a guy that never beats him! After the race we had a few articles of clothing in the car, that we could change into, to keep warm but, our shoes and socks were soaked and our shorts kept us chilled. It took me until I got home and had a hot shower, before I warmed up. It was down right cold, up there! We are feeling great today and it's time to go bury the trench that we had to dig last week. We had a water leak and then broke a line while looking for the leak. This will be our upper body workout for the day. Oh the little pleasures in life! It's what keeps us going, right? Any good stories out there? Let's hear them guys and gals!

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