10th of May 2006, Portugal, IFWC European Championships

Day 2

Photos by www.rc-pictures.com

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IrishCiara | 10th May 2006 (20:48:18)

hey there guys,

just browsing through portimao's website and got a link to this one!omg,its mad i actually recognise some of u guys from clube praia da rocha's bar,lol,anyway just thought id post a little comment to say good luck in the competition!from us three irish girls proping up the bar last night(clube praia da rocha),lol,not even sure if u remember us! ('',)

Irish Girl | 10th May 2006 (21:00:34)

Hey there you! who was this hot guy yesterday in clube praia da rocha ?? tall, black hair beautiful eyes, hot body. i was flirting with you but you were to shy to come to me. i must now your name. a friend told me you are windsurfer and gava me this website. please stranger tell me your name. im crazy about you. im longing for a hot night with you. when will i see you again. im at the clube tonight. dont be to shy to say hi. i promise you the best night of your life.

the irish beauty

lolita, belita and margarita | 10th May 2006 (21:10:29)

Hi guys we wish you good luck in the soccer, beach tennis and volleyball championship 2006 in Portugal.looks like a tough competition. you really look like pros out there. hope for lots of wind to make sure that the ball makes it over the net:))) be strong and hold on the competition is over soon:))

all the best.

we keep watching.

p.s more pics please of this wonderful game

chiara | 10th May 2006 (21:19:26)

Hi no-wind-surfers. wish you luck for the no-wind competition. special greetings to curly hair you look really hot and sexy out there. hope to see you on a board these days even if somebody has to pull you over the water:)))) but i guess you need many ropes.:)))))

love and wind chiara

watching | 11th May 2006 (11:42:41)

Go Allison!!
You are the champ!!

GWADA+FAMILLE | 11th May 2006 (12:11:42)


bart | 11th May 2006 (15:46:20)

where is Micah & Kevin?

francesco zarbo | 11th May 2006 (15:50:39)

Albi, perfavore rispondi alla mia e-mail

Lolita, belita, and margarita | 11th May 2006 (16:58:20)

Hey pochito, gauchito and caramelito.
we are so excited about the photoshoot, to see you hot guys on your boards,will make us even more excited. Finally some action in this boring town. do you know that bar on the corner in praia de rocha? we will be there tonight waiting for you the whole night. you are the hottest and sexiest guys we have ever seen, so do not let us wait.........
lolita is me i have blonde long hair and will wear a black leather mini skirt tonight. belita is my friend she is also blonde but a little taller than me and the hottest of all of us. Margarita is dark hair beauty from Brasil, we are here on holidays to meet some hot guys, but wow you exceed our expectations. so we really hope to see you tonight. bring all your friends, especially curly hair somebody said his name is gonzales is that true? Belita is dying for him. so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase bring him.

alright guys another few hours and we will celebrate the night.

see ya out there
your three hot girls

chiara | 11th May 2006 (17:25:01)

hey curly- boy,
what is your name? i am very interested in a fotoshoot. i already have some experience i have been posing for a swim suit magazine. i would love to go to maui, but only if you give me windsurf lessons!! unfortunately i can not be on the beach today, but i dont live far away from portimao and work at a hotel. would you like to come and see me, so we can discuss the photoshoot.

waiting for your response......


Melania | 11th May 2006 (18:21:10)

Massimo you're my favourite boy over there.Your charme is unique!Hope to meet you soon....
Search me tonight!

mari | 11th May 2006 (20:43:35)

ita 456,remeber that u are the hotest windsurfer ,Baby:D!!!!

chiara | 11th May 2006 (21:58:10)

Hey curly-boy,

why does it take you so long to respond to me. im serious about the photoshoot. i would love to be part of the windsurfing magazine. where are you from? i saw you had a race today what rank are you at?? do you have a girlfriend, and where is your next race?
im going to be here in portugal for another 2 month and then will work in spain for another 3 month. then im off for the rest of the year. im 25 years old and origanally from france. my parents still live there but im doing an internship here in portugal. im so glad that there is finally some action in this boring town. anyways please let me know whats up with the shoot, or if you would like to come to the hotel im working at we could have a hot night together. im starving here. im off at 20:00.

alright good luck and please write back

bisous on your curly hair (I love man with curly hair)

massimo masserini = massimo.tumadi@masserini.com | 12th May 2006 (11:47:31)

Hi Melania , I'm massimo masserini ITA7 , i'm not in Portugal, I'm in lake garda now.


Curly boy | 12th May 2006 (14:56:22)

Didnt make it to the bars...preety dead from the racing that was crap...we still go on with the shoot...late afternoon...
Chiara you should come to the beach when you finish work...
We will go out tonight...most of us are leaving tomorrow soo we will party tonight...

Melania | 12th May 2006 (16:08:02)

Bad luck mister ITA-7,I'll hang around checking for some other Italian stallion....

massimo masserini = massimo.tumadi@masserini.com | 12th May 2006 (17:41:24)

Hi Melania, perhaps You don't have understood but the I'm the number 1 , so.... unlucky are you!


melania | 12th May 2006 (18:37:58)

massimo learn english!!!!!

chiara | 12th May 2006 (18:44:29)

hey curly boy,

where are you going out tonight? im off at 20:00, im sorry i just can't leave work for the shoot. maybe tommorow morning? could you pick me up tonight at the hotel im working? do you have a cell phone i can reach you on? im excited to meet you.


melania | 12th May 2006 (19:00:06)

Yes I agree with you false Mel,he should improve his English...

Girlfriend from S.D | 12th May 2006 (19:14:30)

Common honey show off your new Hansen Sails!!

I love you and miss you

NEILPRYYYYYYYDE | 12th May 2006 (19:40:47)

Chiara, Lolita, Belita and Margarita,
don't spend your time if Curly hair "mixento" Gonzales.
Have a lots of brazilians around you and I think you will love much more. By the way we are just the ones with five stars on the chest!
Keep looking with your beauty eyes.

massimo masserini = massimo.tumadi@masserini.com | 12th May 2006 (19:43:55)

hei melania, I have some business in my brain, to learn english, but if you come in italy, i'm very happy to learn you italian.


Melania | 12th May 2006 (20:09:35)

sorry massimo, but i have never heard of anyone having "some business in their brain"!!! a business is something you own and you usually dont have that in your brain, maybe you are an expemtion
I thought that might help.

good luck in learning proper english :))))))


massimo masserini = massimo.tumadi@masserini.com | 12th May 2006 (20:15:52)

ok ...............I'm sorry to my Bad english , but I hope to meet you asap possible.........


Lolita, Belita and Margarita | 12th May 2006 (21:13:57)

yes guys you are right. all of you look hot and sexy. Actually Margarita loves that very tall, blonde guy who always hangs out with curly hair. he is also on the soccer picture with curly hair.She would like to know who he is and where he is from. She also said, she would love to meet him tonight. Where will you be tonight? we would love to party and dance the whole night thru.
we feel a little embarrassed that everyone is reading these private notes, and that some of you may even make fun of us. is there any other way we could talk to you?
we came here to have a good time, and we are so happy that you guys are here too.

so please tell us where and when we can meet each other, we will be there for sure.

Bring all your friends, all the 5 star brazilians and we will make this night unforgetable.

Kisses your Irish beauties

ashlee | 12th May 2006 (22:51:39)


just wanna know whos the guy in one of the pictures with a red top around his shoulers with sunglasses on with another guy with long blonde hair?

Anonym | 13th May 2006 (12:19:47)

that's BEL 7 , Pascal (red top, sunglasses)
> www.pascalsomers.com

the otherone is Nick, BEL 101 (blonde hair)
> www.bel101.be

CANJICA | 13th May 2006 (13:28:52)


You must be here to show service for the ladies!!!! Come by the race office at 14:00;


Anonym | 13th May 2006 (16:56:12)

give us a hint is there wind? are they starting?

Anonym | 13th May 2006 (17:35:53)

Finish or not finish?

Anonym | 13th May 2006 (17:40:05)

whats up ? any results?

<<<<<<<<>>>>&g | 13th May 2006 (18:18:05)

Where are results?????

,. | 13th May 2006 (18:20:21)

What with RESULTS ??

Aon Nimuss | 13th May 2006 (18:30:03)

Results!!!! WHERE ARE THEY??

Ano Nym | 13th May 2006 (18:32:02)

Where are RESULTS??

Anonym | 13th May 2006 (18:36:34)

where are the results

me | 13th May 2006 (19:30:44)

Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??
Where are RESULTS??

Szymon | 13th May 2006 (19:34:02)


Anonym | 13th May 2006 (19:39:50)

and the rest ??

Ano Nym | 13th May 2006 (19:40:06)

pełne winiki! mniały być ,ale i tak dzięks

mash | 13th May 2006 (22:03:26)

go on rossy boy.....

CONITO- LECHON!! | 13th May 2006 (22:23:13)

Muyyyyyyyy bien gordo!!! now, you have to come and get your cookie!!!!!!!!!! PSYCO1.....

Chris | 14th May 2006 (10:20:52)

Well done Allison
Well done Ross
Is this a new record for the least amount of races run at a European Championship?
Greetings to the rest of the sailing 'bums', which I was there. I need a holiday... :-)

windsurfer | 14th May 2006 (15:50:28)

well done polish team ....

rob | 14th May 2006 (16:57:03)

who won the light weight division?

Luis ITA-6 | 14th May 2006 (22:49:49)

Congratulations Ross,(GBR-83) very good!
Gaastra,F2, Italy

Luis ITA-6 | 14th May 2006 (22:53:52)

hallo Verena,gratuliere super!
schöne grüße aus Maui.
Aloha Luis

Luis ITA-6 | 14th May 2006 (22:58:57)

Hi Massimo (ITA-7),dove sei stato?non ti vedo sulla lista dei Europei?sei andato in pensione?

Anonym | 15th May 2006 (08:54:19)

Where are the results for lightweights division ?????

Anonym | 15th May 2006 (12:16:45)

Comment to the post from 14th May 2006 (16:57:03) wrote by rob :

Pascal Somers BEL 7 is the European Lightweight Champion

Dudzinski | 15th May 2006 (12:33:51)

The guy who actually took the light weight division was William Shurman BRA999. he finished 8th overall, but as he is not european he does not take the title officially.

Pascal BEL 7 | 15th May 2006 (14:17:47)

Comment to the post from 15th May 2006 (12:33:51) wrote by Dudzinski :

Yes Shurman was really flying ! After the podium I wished him all the best and good luck for the Worlds in Korea !

_ _ _

hej Rosco congrats again dude ! ... to bad you had to leave for porto so early, party was great ! cya

_ _ _


Peter Gallagher | 16th May 2006 (15:50:03)

Just to say Thank You to Ceri, Bruno and all the Overpower team for a great week.
Special thanks to the transport crew who pushed a limit or two in order to get us to the airport on time on Sunday morning.

Anonym | 17th May 2006 (11:29:41)

Any word on the Formula Windsurfing Asian Championship?

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