13th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

FW -Worlds 2005 - day 1

Photos by Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10)

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Anonym | 13th December 2005 (13:50:33)

Thanks Wojtek, you're the B.E.S.T.

Bosco | 14th December 2005 (10:34:22)

Wonderful place there..looks expecially warm and sunny..while I'm freezing here..Forza ragazzi!

Toasty | 14th December 2005 (15:05:11)

What happened to the GPS, am I blind or is there nothing on the web?

Anonym | 14th December 2005 (15:14:16)

Toasty I think they have no time for the moment, but we will have this later

Toasty | 14th December 2005 (16:11:46)

Thanks Anonym. Was looking forward to see that.
Any betting going on the races? Who is the bookie?

Anonym | 14th December 2005 (16:55:46)

Well that Aussie website... "Youd be mad to miss it", my ass! Slackers!

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