7th of June 2005, Greece, IFWC European Championships

Skippers meeting...

Photos by Matthias Regber, Choppy Water

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Junio | 7th June 2005 (15:00:18)

...ALLEZ JUJU FRA-421 !!!.......FROM GWADA

c | 7th June 2005 (15:02:41)

what's happening with the webcasting? no images so far :( too bad

Bosco ITA872 | 7th June 2005 (15:31:53)

Sì,siete proprio belli...
(yes,you're looking really nice..)

Junio | 7th June 2005 (18:58:19)

JUJU FRA-421 :..tchembĂŠ red ti-mal !!!! PA MOLI !!!

an other juju but from madinina | 7th June 2005 (23:17:18)

allĂŠ juju !!!!! pull up good race man !!! montre nous maintenant que tu peux faire dans le top 5 à la rĂŠgulière :p

maui wowie | 8th June 2005 (02:54:41)

Man that is one ugly bunch of racers! Lets have some shot of the women and see if they are any better looking. Maybe those picture are of officials though??

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