28th of November 2007, Brazil, 2007 World Championships

FW Worlds 2008 - race 03 and 04

Photos by Bogo - Sieplywa.pl

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albeau jean marie | 29th November 2007 (21:05:56)

Salut Antoine continu comme ça toute la famille est avec toi.Maman Papa et la Samala.

Washingtom | 5th December 2012 (22:05:08)

Hi Mark,I would say the fanatic Ray sails much more fleattr. This is giving even more the feeling you can't go wrong with full power (nice on NOT flat spots). It works good, however the control comes in choppy/difficult condition because of the deeper concave in the front slow the boardspeed down.For pure speedsurfing and NOT flat water, the fanatic falcon 2010 will accelerate to much higher speeds... if you want too.If the water is flat like strand horst I think the difference isn't soo big. Martin van Meurs already showed this by sailing the fanatic shark very fast.Hi Peter,Thanks for this report! I totaly agree and also can't wait to try the bigger ones. In a french report I saw very positive feedback on the Falcon 112...Cheers,Erik

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