08-13 May '06 | Portugal, Portimao

IFWC European Championships

22nd of May 2006Resume of the Europeans by Jesper Vesterstrøm

Resume of the Europeans by Jesper Vesterstrøm

15th of May 2006FW Europeans race report - by Steve Allen (AUS-0)

FW Europeans race report - by Steve Allen (AUS-0)


15th of May 2006The winners...


13th of May 2006Final day


13th of May 2006Day 4 - racing!!!

13th of May 2006

Final day
Yellow finish: POR-5, FRA-421,FRA-192, POL-10, DEN-111,POL-25
Blue finish: AUS-0, GBR-83, POR-78, BRA-999, BUL-8, FRA-531...
We have a valid championship! Both fleet (blue and yellow) raced the third race. We have no results yet but probably Ross (GBR-83) is the winner!!!!!
The wind came at least and the racers are sent on the water!!!!
Hope that RC will manege to start the races before the dead line time at 16:00!!!
Still not enouhgt wind for racing... We are on stand-by. The last possible start at 16:00
The wind is gone!!! Racers are trying to reach the beach...It looks that we wil have no valid results for mens fleet. We need three races for valid championships results...
The RC try to set a new course... All fleets are on the water waiting for the start..
The races are abandoned!!! The wind is below the limit...
Yellow fleet is racing, blue should starts soon..
Good morning ... We have just the skeepers meeting... It is enought wind for racing..
The race for the new yellow group will start as soon as possible...
Check the new groups:

12th of May 2006Day 4

Day 4
To see highlights of the event each day visit www.high.tv - go to "highlits" and click on the day of your choice..

Wojtek (POL-10) and Jesper (DEN-111) leading after 2 races! Allison take a lead in women fleet but Sarah is on the first place for european champion title...
check the results...


12th of May 2006Day 3

11th of May 2006Day 3

Day 3
19:25 AP over A - no more racing today...
The schedule for tomorrow: Skippers meeting at 7 am first possible start 8 am, ...


10th of May 2006Day 2


10th of May 2006Day1 - more photos

10th of May 2006Day 2...

Day two:
AP over A ...another day without racing... maybe tomorrow..
Still no wind... we are on stand-by. So far please check "List of equipments" pdf file 115 kB.
Another sunny day in Portimao , although the day started a little "overcast".
Sailors are assembling for the 11.00 briefing - it is likely that we will be on hold until later in the afternoon; the forecast for the area is for light winds, but a local thermic effect can give us2/3 knots more of breeze than forecast !...

in the meantime here are some photos from yesterday

9th of May 2006Day 1 ...waiting for the wind...

...waiting for the wind... Gonzalo's report


9th of May 2006Waiting for the wind

9th of May 2006

AP over A - end for today. Maybe tomorrow we will have more luck with the wind...
Still no wind... we are on stand-by...
The wind picked-up so Bruno - Race Officer went on the water to check if we have a chance for racing...
so far please read http://www.devonboulon.com/ Devon's report about his problems with his lost equipements...
The wind is to light at the moment, so we are on stand-by..
10:30 Local time.
Good morning from Portimao. 98 men fleet competitors were split in the two groups (check it!). The skeppers meeting will start in 30 minutes, then we will let you know about the time of the first start...

8th of May 2006

97 men and 7 women registered for the event... Some are still on their way to Portimao so the final list will be known tomorrow..
Skippers meeting at 11:00 local time and the first possible start at 12:00. The men fleet will be split to two elimination group..
So please return tomorrow..

8th of May 2006First report - by Gonzalo...

First report - by Gonzalo...

8th of May 2006

Good morning form Portimao. Today we have the registration day. Near 100 competitors pre-registered. The final list will be known evening so stay tuned...

30th of April 2006The Windsurfing Stars Visit Portugal!

After The Huge Success Achieved In The First Stage Of The Windsurfing Euro Cup 2005, Portimao Welcomes Now, The Formula Windsurfing European Championships 2006