09-15 May '04 | Italy, Torbole, Garda

FW European Champs

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Specially for this event we have lunched video streaming, check it out!!

Movies :
| Racing DayFour [36,6MB]
| Racing DayThree [31,96MB]
| Racing DayTwo [38,7MB]
| Racing DayOne [46,4MB]
| Practice Day [40,6MB]
| First impresions [20,5MB]

Great thanks for they effort and support in doing this coverage for Devon Bulon, Allison Shreeve and Phill McGain who wrote everyday summaries and also great thanks to Walter Mielke who was doing photos while I was filming and KJ was scoring points.

Also huge thanks to all of you people who had visited the site all the time, without you there wouldn't be such media success. There was 26896 visits on site during this event.

Thanks and see you during next event.
Fromulawindsurfing.org staff


15th of May 2004Prize giving


15th of May 2004The final day


15th of May 2004The chopper view

15th of May 2004

The final day in Torbole :
19:20 - Most of the competitors have left the place already so we doing the same. Hear you soon.
15:30 - No more racing today and ever on this competition.
15:11 - women first race: POL-1, GBR-95, FRA-316, SUI-14,FRA-115...
14:40 - AP over A for gold. End of the Championship for gold fleet! Wojtek is the winner.
13:51 - gold second race finish: FRA-192, AUS-0, NED-0, AUS-7, POL-10, POL-16
13:27 - gold first race finish: FRA-192,AUS-0,AUS-7,NED-0,ISV-1,POL-16,DEN-111. Wojtek did not finish the race..
13:22 - gold fleet is ready for the next start. Women and silver fleet are also send for their next races..
13:07 - sorry, the gold fleet is racing on the inner loop far from our office, so we can not recognise the numbers...
13:02 - restart OK. The gold fleet is now racing...
12:55 - first start of the gold fleet and ... the general recall...Restart in a few minutes...
12:15 - Z flag up for golden again.
11:45 - Race committee decided to postpone races for another hour because in the race area are taking place other two different events so it might be confusing for the competitors to race there.
11:40 - AP up again, postpone.
11:30 - Z flag up for golden.
11:25 - We're still waiting for the wind. They've decided to do two two races for all of fleets.
10:35 - Day like every day in Torbole - cloudy sky and no wind at the moment, skippers meeting has just started. For today they want to make one more race for golden fleet and two more races for women and silver fleet to get another discard.

15th of May 2004 Day 4 Racing for the Gold Fleet

Day 4 Racing for the Gold Fleet by Devon Boulon

14th of May 2004Allison Shreeve

Report from Allison Shreeve about the forth day in Torbole.


14th of May 2004Land and water


14th of May 2004A few more photos from today and yesterday


14th of May 2004Friday morning

14th of May 2004

Fourth day of racing in Torbole :
18:40 - No more racing today
17:18 - Golden fleet finish: Ateve, Arnon, Wojtek...
16:47 - 5 minutes for another start of golden fleet.
16:27 - Finish golden: Devon, Steve,Wojtek...
16:15 - First lap of golden : Devon and then Wojtek
15:55 - Golden are out for another two races
15:30 - Women first race results : POL-1, FRA-316, AUS-911, GBR-95, SUI-14
13:34 - silver and women fleets are in the sequence for the next race we cannot give you any more details...
14:51 - Gold fleet finsh: Wojtek,Antoine,Pieter,Devon....
14:45 - close to up-wind mark: Wojtek, Antoine, Pieter...
14:43 - silver fleet are in sequence... and after we will have start for the women fleet.
14:41 - first loop: we can only recognise Wojtek on the lead close to him other 5 Neil Pryde riders...
14:30 - re-start of the Gold race #8...
14:25 - Gold fleet in the sequence now...
14:13 - Gold fleet second race just started... but general recall..
13:52 - Go ld fleet finish - AUS-0,POL-10,ISV-1,GBR-83,ISR-1...
13:42 - first loop AUS-0, POL-10,??,ISV-1...
13:33 - Gold fleet race one (7th overall) start OK!!!
13:17 - general recall in the first start!!!!
12:41 - Mather nature swich on the wentilator and now we have more than 14 knots and still picking up! Z flag for the gold fleet is up. The first final race will start in 35 minutes...
12:40 - The course is being set and AP down.
12:30 - The wind turning to the right direction and soon the races should start.
10:15 - Hello from semi sunny semi cloudy Garda Lake. A little bit of statistics - the golden fleet will count 74 competitors including 6 youth and 14 masters. At the moment we're waiting for the wind which will come as usual between 12 and 13.

13th of May 2004Devon Boulon

Devon Boulon report about day 3 for blue fleet.

13th of May 2004Formula Europeans, lake Garda, Day 3.

Phill McGain : Two fleets of the men were competing, yellow and blue. I’m reporting on the yellow fleet.


13th of May 2004Day two racing


13th of May 2004Happy father and Lance


13th of May 2004Lazy morning

13th of May 2004

Day three in Torbole :
17:47 - No more racing today.
16:13 - Very unofficial results of a men fleet before the protests : POL-10 (4.8), ISV-1 (7.1), FRA-192 (9,4), ITA-1 (12), ISR-1 (14,7), NED-0 (16,4), AUS-0 (19,0), GBR-83 (20,0), US-34 (25,0), GBR-5 (27,0).
15:30 - Blue race#2 finish : ISV-1, ARG-3, POL-16, FRA-192, GBR-52, AUS-0, POL-11
15:24 - Yellow race#2 finish : POL-10, ITA-1, GBR-83, US-34
14:42 - Yellow first loop: Wojtek, Andrea(very close),Phil, Ross,Jamie...
14:33 - Z flag for the women fleet...35 minutes to the start...
14:32 - Yellow fleet started for the last elimination race....
14:25 - Blue finish(?) or last up-wind : NED-0,FRA-192,ISV-1, NED-???,AUS-0,ARG-3,DEN-111,POL-16
14:08 -Yellow finish: Wojtek, 1km gap, Arnon, Jamie, Andrea, Ross... Sorry but we can not see the blue fleet. To far from our office...
13:57 - Yellow fleet downwind mark: Wojtek, Jamie, Arnon, Ross...
13:54 - Wojtek first on the up-wind mark...
13:51 - Yellow fleet started first and the racers are now near the up-wind mark... Blue fleet will start in a seconds ...
13:40 - 5 min to the start of the first fleet...
13:20 - 16 to 18 knots. Good actions coming up.
13:11 - AP down and the blue and Yellow flag is up! First start in about 35 minutes. Ladies are waitibg on the beach till the men fleet will completed two races back to back...
12:50 - The wind is pickin up but still below the limit. Race crew just starting to set the course ... stay tuned, hope for more races today. We need more two races to finalse the elimination tour and start the final with two: Gold and Silver fleets...
10:16 - For the moment it's cloudy and as the locales says it won't be windy today but we'll see, we're waiting.

13th of May 2004Devon Boulon

Devon Boulon report about day one and two


12th of May 2004A few more photos from today


12th of May 2004Morning over the Garda Lake

12th of May 2004

Day two :
17:15 - The wind dropped to zero, no more racing today.
THE RACE #5 WAS ABANDONED!!!! Clouds came and wind dropped suddenly below the limit!!!!!!!
14:29 Results of the race #4: pink (ladies): NED-166, GBR-95, AUS-911,POL-1, SUI-14... blue: POL-10,AUS-0,ITA-1,GBR-83,NED-57,NED-0,POL-13... yellow: FRA-192,DEN-111,... Now I have to add the result to the scoring system so please wait for the results... They will come soon...
14:21 - blue fleet first loop - POL-10,ITA-1,AUS-0, GBR-83... The course of the blue fleet is closer to us that we can recognise some racers...
14:17 - We can only see (ERA stickers) that Dorota and Wojtek leading their fleets... in the race #5
13:47 - all fllets are now preparing for the next race... sorry the organisers did not give us any info about the first finishers of the previous race...
13:33 - we can see from the office (thanks to his big ERA sticker) that Wojtek won the race...
13:27 - blue fleet after first loop: POL-10, AUS-0, GBR-83,ITA-1...
13:22 - women fleet i the middle of the race: SUI-14, POL-1, NED-166, AUS-911, FRA-316
13:13 - women and blue fleet already racing... sorry the course is far from the beach and we have now info from the water. Yellow fleet will start in one minute...
12:58 - 10 knots on starting line
12:45 - women fleet will start in 5 minutes, than blue-men and yellow-men fleets will start in 5 minutes intervals.
12:30 - so we starting races. All the competitors were called on the water.
11:50 - All the competitors rigged their sails and are on the standby. The wind should come soon, it's getting cloudy and a bit colder.
09:50 - At 10.30 we'll have skippers metting

11th of May 2004A few words from Allison Shreeve

Allison Shreeve, AUS911 story about first day of racing.


11th of May 2004Day one racing


11th of May 2004Regatta crew


11th of May 2004First day of racing, skippers metting

11th of May 2004

Racing day one :
22:55 - Sorry for a huge delay but this penalty rule give as hard times with the results. The results are up on the web so see you tomorrow.
20:30 - We're still working over the results so be patient. Maniana.
17:35 - We have to wait for the results as they were recorded on the type recorder and now the race crew have to put all of them on the paper...
17:10 - Devon won the yellow fleet races #2 and #3!!
16:43 - The third race started a few minutes ago. Sorry no news from the water. Maybe tomorrow we will have "our own" informer on the water...
16:40 - We have to give you some explanation. All competitors are obliged to "sing out" before the race and to "sign in" returning to the beach. It will be 5 points (places) penalty for all who will broke this safety rule. About 40 racers did not sign out before the first race and some did not sign out before the second race. Steve Allen did not sign out before the second race so he will got 5 places penalty for race #2 and 5 for race #3, as we have two race back to back!!!
16:29 - The secon race was finished. Now we have a starting procedure for the third race.
The second race yellow fleet was won by Devon (ISV-1). Sorry no more information at the moment...
15:55 Both men fleet are already racing the second race but we have no chance to give you any details. Wind is much stronger than it was in the first race. We can not publish yet the results of the first race. We will publish the results after all todays races...Sorry for that...
15:23 - Now there is a call for all of the sailors to go on the water, maybe we will see some racing. Sorry that there is no new photos but we don’t have any pro photographer and it's hard making reports, filming the action on the water and make photos at the same time but we're trying to do our best.
15:13 - There is a call for men yellow group for second race.
14:36 - the results just arrived. They are slighly different then reported from the water:
Blue fleet: POL-10, FRA-192,GBR-5, NED-0,P0L-16 Yellow: ISR-1,ISV-1,ITA-1,AUS-0,ARG-3.. Women: AUS-991,POL-1,SUI-14, FRA-316,GBR-93
14:33 - we are still waiting for the results but ... Dorota told me that AUS-911 not SUI-14 won the race!!!
14:03 - all racers returning to the beach... please stay tuned for more news..
13:57 - wind still below the limit... we are waiting...
13:36 - wind dropped sudenly!!! All racers waiting on the water for race crew decision!!!
13:15 - Race one:
Blue fleet: POL-10,NED-57,GBR-5,NED-0,FRA-192
Yellow fleet: ISR-1,ITA-1,AUS-0.ISV-1,DEN-173
Ladies: SUI-14,POL-1,FRA-316,AUS-911,ITA-31
13:10 - OK it looks that the firce race just finished but we have no news...
13:05 - Micah Buzianis returned to the beach.. we do not know whats happend ...
13:05 - blue fleet first round: POL-10,NED-57,GBR-5,NED-0,FRA-192...
12:58 - we got only confirmation that Wojtek is leading blue fleet...
12:56 - sorry no news from the race office crew...
12:52 - start of the women fleet..
12:48 - probably Wojtek is leading the blue fleet but we are waiting for the confirmation from the water!
12:45 - start of the yellow fleet!
12:42 - 14 knots! We are waiting for the first five on the up-wind mark!
12:40 - starting procedure for the yellow fleet!
12:38 - blue fleet just started! Wind is picking up minute by minute!
12:30 - 12 knots!!! The procedure for the blue group just started!!!! The course is set far from our office so the only chance for the information from the water is the radio communication with the race crew.
12:12 - AP for the first men group.
12:00 The wind is still below limit. First will be the start for the blue men fleet, then the yellow men fleet and after the pink women fleet.
11:50 - All the competitors are going on the water. The start procedure will start soon for men first race. The wind is from 4 to 6 knots. We're waiting.
09:50 - Hello from sunny Garda, at 10:30 we start skippers metting and probably first possibile start At 12:00

10th of May 2004Formula Europeans - Lake Garda, Torbole

The second registration day here at the Formula Europeans, has seen a record fleet registered for the regatta, over 160 competitors ...


10th of May 2004Practice day


10th of May 2004Registration morning

10th of May 2004

Registration Day :
17:24 - Practice race in men fleet was split to two independent elimination groups - blue and yellow. Here are the top guys from both groups :
Blue : FRA-192, GER-83, POL-126, POL-11, POL-16, GBR-52
Yellow : USA-34, AUS-7, SWE-13, GBR-56, LAT-23, ITA-415
Women : ITA-31, AUS-911, AUT-88, POL-193
17:10 - We'll try to organize results from the practice race but We're not promising anything:)
15:40 - Antoine Albeau won the men practice race
15:00 - Practice races are taking place far from the beach so hard to say anything about them:)
13:35 - Competitors preparing for the practice race which will start at 14:00
13:00 - 20 women and 137 men registred at the moment.
11:50 - For the moment 154 competitors registred. At one o'clock we'll have skippers meeting.
09:40 - Hello from sunny Garda Lake. Another competitors are coming to the event spot and registering. Another girl came - Sarah Hebert (FRA-61) from New Caledonia.


9th of May 2004First impresions from Garda Lake


Here's how the situation looks for the moment. Near 100 competitors already registered, we expect 160 totally. 31 countries, 26 Europeans and 20 women from 10 different countries.

Tomorrow we start at 09:00. At 13:00 skippers meeting and 14:00 we want to organize the test race.

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KASPER POL-2 | 9th May 2004 (16:03:43)

Does anybody know why I'm not there. I don't know!!!

Igor UKR-15 | 9th May 2004 (17:27:51)

I don't know why you are not there.

Mike ISV-2 | 9th May 2004 (18:40:41)

Now THIS is a good Idea...
Really sorry I cant be there! Port tack collision @Midwinters left hidden dental damage; drastic and lengthy repairs just completed, better smile but not in time for this event... good luck to all!
With you in spirit

Jan | 9th May 2004 (19:00:03)

Great to be able to react to what is (and will be ) going on.

Jan | 9th May 2004 (19:00:50)

Comment to the post from 9th May 2004 (20:05:03) wrote by Jan :

Just checking how things work, sorry

KASPER POL-2 | 9th May 2004 (21:23:36)

IGOR and MIKE why you are not there?

Dennis Littel NED13 | 10th May 2004 (00:06:15)

Comment to the post from 9th May 2004 (17:05:43) wrote by KASPER POL-2 :
Why are you not there Kasper? I am not there as well!

??? | 10th May 2004 (06:48:51)

....you should have 26.400 euro just from fees, why prize money is 15.000? where is the sponsor of the event? Does compet. are paying themselfs?

Jan | 10th May 2004 (08:53:45)

Comment to the post from 10th May 2004 (07:05:51) wrote by ??? :

To ??? and others to come, please only react if you are man (or woman) enhough to state who you are and through what e-mail you can be reached.

Ela Bogna Karina | 10th May 2004 (10:26:06)

We keep our fingers crossed for You-Jamie.
love from Poland!

Michael pol-147 | 10th May 2004 (12:09:40)

Jakon for a King:) dołóż im tam !!!!

Michael pol-147 | 10th May 2004 (12:15:42)

I know why You are not there Kasper - cause You just do not want to be there:)

Pretz - BRA 37 | 10th May 2004 (14:05:06)

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome to the Brazilian buddies at Italy ! Congratulations for the full coverage of the race at net. Keep us informated about what's happening there. Photos! Photos!

Steve US 3309 | 10th May 2004 (14:44:00)

Can we pls have the preliminary results of the practice race? tks

US 405 | 10th May 2004 (14:55:32)

Any information about US guys performance at practice?

ARG 444 | 10th May 2004 (15:05:22)

Who runned nearby Albeau? News please !

Yannick | 10th May 2004 (18:51:11)

Does someone know why F192 was on his NT98 and not on the new 955?


huug | 11th May 2004 (09:56:19)

Great Sailing to all competitors, beware of the Robbert-Jan dance.

Pretz - BRA 37 | 11th May 2004 (12:18:20)

Great job ! almost real-time results.

Wendy | 11th May 2004 (12:41:12)

Great results for the Dutchies! Congrets Ben and Pieter! ;)

Chris AUS9111 | 11th May 2004 (12:41:48)

GO ALLY!!! - AUS911 - Good solid start. Go get em girl. Great web site updates, well done.

Pretz - BRA 37 | 11th May 2004 (13:13:59)

What a beautful picture you can take....let us have photos from the fleet returning.
it should be really great to see!

Chris AUS9111 | 11th May 2004 (13:59:10)

WOOHOOOO AUS911, go Ally. Aussies all the way...keep it up. Thinking of you.

Yu-Wei CAN-535 | 11th May 2004 (14:14:21)

Interactive web site? This is so coool!!! thank you for such great site... good luck to all racers...and super power to POL-10! you are da man! GOGOGO

Pretz - BRA 37 | 11th May 2004 (14:52:02)

So far, you are the best coverage we ever had !
Thats all right !

Pretz - BRA 37 | 11th May 2004 (15:50:23)

Once it seems that we don't have any TV covering the event, people around the world are expecting for information from you from their offices, windsurf associations and houses.
Have someone ever seen Aussies, Dutches and others saying GOGOGO, WoOHOOOO ,etc in a web site?
We all know that the results placed at this chat are non-officials and informal, succeptble to mistakes, so please continue keeping us informated - you're doing a great job ! We're almost running with them !

Horst Tampert | 11th May 2004 (16:02:10)

Ned 666 Kick some ass.. Or just have fun!! :) You're sponsors!

Monster | 11th May 2004 (16:12:30)

Polan you're the king!! :)

pavel bul 441 | 11th May 2004 (16:25:48)

bravo Devon great start, a lot of guys in the water amazing.

ja | 11th May 2004 (16:37:54)

eeee, who was the first in blue fleet?

arjan de jong | 11th May 2004 (16:41:40)

it seems a great event from here, a reporter on the water would be great, so we can see in the shop who's first at the marks (hopefully it's always pieter, as we are one of his sponsors) (www.siem.nl/siem de jong funsports)

gilles F67 | 11th May 2004 (16:53:55)

For tomorow you can have a very good vision of the race staying on the shore if you go to conca d'oro 500m south direction of the club

Tammy | 11th May 2004 (18:47:36)

Devon I love you!!!!!!

Tammy | 11th May 2004 (18:50:07)

I LOve U!!!!

Koen B-12 | 11th May 2004 (19:17:11)

Strange that you need to sign out and in for EVERYsingle race and not once per day.
It is a pitty that this is affecting the results.
If you need to give a penalty, give a money penalty, but leave the results like it was in reality.
If 40 people did not singout in the first race, something must have been wrong with the communication??

Koen B-12 | 11th May 2004 (19:30:00)

The video streaming is great.
More of that

paulr353 | 11th May 2004 (20:22:40)

go dan lucy and keith - best wishes from ukwa

Dennis Littel | 11th May 2004 (20:57:58)

Hey Koen,

i think this rule sucks as well. "Sign in sign out", like if you will drown there in the 'big' waves! ;)

Beachy | 11th May 2004 (21:48:17)

Why is AUS911 not sponsored???

Jose Alberto MEX 20 | 12th May 2004 (00:22:30)

good luck to all racers

Jan | 12th May 2004 (06:54:49)

Apart from the strange sign in and sign out, does anybody know how blue and yellow will evolve to maybe a gold and silver fleet and then to the champion?
Does the first half of the yellow fleet and the first half of the blue fleet come together in the gold fleet? And after how many races that is?
Anyone who can shine a light on this??
What about the women? Are they already sailing for the championship? Or do they also have some qualifiyng races??
Strange also to find a mixed provisional men's results. Why not keep the blue and yellow apart?????

Chris | 12th May 2004 (08:03:30)

Good job Allison, all that meat pie and beer 'Training' with the windsurfingnsw fleet must of really helped ! : >

Anni | 12th May 2004 (08:13:57)

Ciao Bella
What can I say...go Ally! Even looks good from so far away...Buona Fortuna e buon divertimento!!

ceri williams | 12th May 2004 (08:20:49)

The Championship Rules are published on this website (ONB) - all the details about qualification races(yellow / blue) and final races (gold / silver ).
All races will count to the Championship-less discards according to FRRs. Only the first round (blue /yellow) is limited to maximum 8 races before final split.
provisional results are published to show current standing after 3 races -if no more racing this is the Championship result .
Todays fleet split (blue / yellow) is decided from this full provisional list .

Jan | 12th May 2004 (11:13:54)

Check out Micah's comments on his website;
www.buzianis.com always enjoy his comments (Is he papa now?? anyone know?)

zsiaaaata | 12th May 2004 (13:04:35)

dorien wyggraj

esp522 | 12th May 2004 (13:08:39)

animo españoles!! let's go! fernando, alex & Co.

esp522 | 12th May 2004 (13:11:54)

animo spanish! let's go fernando, alex & Co.

zsiaaaata | 12th May 2004 (13:32:43)

leszek plywaj nie pekaj warszawa ruuutkowski

hirondelle | 12th May 2004 (14:31:11)

gros jeff vieux chavroux

franck ribery | 12th May 2004 (14:33:37)

brest en d2

titi | 12th May 2004 (15:02:49)

C'est pas mal Geg mais peux mieux faire...alors bonne bourre pour la suite. Erwann fait pas le malin, je t'es pas bcp vu dans le classement...
Titi FRA-9

Joan Pere | 12th May 2004 (15:08:07)

Animo Fernando, Maria y a todo el grupo de Espanoles.

Gilles ABIKANLOU F 973 | 12th May 2004 (18:45:32)

De tout coeur avec vous tous (antoine, gĂŠrald, rĂŠmi,...)! Si vous avez besoin de motivation, imaginez que je vous double...

A bientĂ´t,
(sur l'eau très prochainement j'ai des kilos à perdre!!!)


Oliv_FRA2 | 12th May 2004 (19:04:17)

Hey FrĂŠdĂŠrish!!!! Envois le bois!!!!!!

Gros JeffĂŠ tes manches sont pas dignes d'un biguoudin!!!

Sortez vous les doigts!

Allez je vous donne un petit conseil avisĂŠ: pomping papillon au vent arrière...c'est la botte secrète du mistraleux...

nikki | 12th May 2004 (20:03:56)

hey alison,
you are doing great! I will see you at Spa. Good Luck.
love Nikki (NED 436)

Laurent MANSON | 13th May 2004 (00:02:56)

Congratulations to Namaxa team, you're doing a good job. It's wonderful to have such good videos so quickly. Even the quality is ok. We can relive the races at night. Thanks very much and go on for the next days, I'll stay connected for the next races...
Have a good day

Laurent MANSON | 13th May 2004 (00:20:27)

Hi Antoine, well done and good luck for the gold fleet, go on like that, the european FW title is on your way... Patrice, stop making mistakes and fight with the fleet leaders. For the other FRAs, it's time to surpass... Good luck to everybody !!!

Anonym | 13th May 2004 (13:08:11)

Why Wojtek is in a yellow fleet?

Laurent MANSON | 13th May 2004 (13:18:18)

Comment to the post from 13th May 2004 (14:05:11) wrote by Anonym :

Just because the fleets are different every day. It depends on the day draw.

Anonym | 13th May 2004 (14:08:22)

Hubercik, trzymaj sie :)

Pretz - BRA 37 | 13th May 2004 (14:16:44)

How about the wind speed now?....news please !

HUN71 | 13th May 2004 (14:28:57)

Baszz oda Gaabri!!!!

Mse | 13th May 2004 (14:32:20)

Hogy beszĂŠlsz?!!
Én is izgulok!! : ))

Chris | 13th May 2004 (14:33:04)

You can get the webcam for the rigging site/lake and also the met info at:

HUN71 | 13th May 2004 (14:34:43)

Itt izgulunk Gaabri roman testvereinkkel!!! Veled van Satu Mare!!!!

Mse | 13th May 2004 (14:37:52)

KĂĄr hogy mĂĄr csak itthon fogod olvasni, de azĂŠrt Ăźgyesen!!!!

lACKÓ | 13th May 2004 (14:54:42)

HajrĂĄ OlivĂŠr csak igy tovĂĄbb.GĂĄbor azĂŠrt neked is szurkolunk egyĂźtt a magyar/roman testvĂŠreinkel (de ha OlivĂŠrt lĂĄtod maradj le...)

NED-XXX | 13th May 2004 (15:05:23)

HĂŠ! tĂśk jĂł hogy kĂŠt magyar is van az EB-n!!
nem is tudtam, most mĂĄr kĂŠt nemzettet is tĂĄmogathatok, haha..

NED-XXX | 13th May 2004 (15:23:05)

ja bocs, most lĂĄtom hogy mĂŠg tĂśbben is vannak...
mĂŠg jobb :)

Tibz menbre du poney club 17 | 13th May 2004 (15:35:08)

Gros jeff t mort ??

Anonym | 13th May 2004 (15:49:13)

Thank you Laurent!

Che | 13th May 2004 (16:10:15)

Forza Dorota
Be first and champ
You're so cute

Tibz menbre du poney club 17 | 13th May 2004 (16:56:36)

ça c bien dit
gros jeff dnf why ???

kasia | 13th May 2004 (19:12:06)

GO GO GO Adas Pol 180. I keep my fingers crossed for you my younger brother:-)) Best wishes to the whole POLISH TEAM !!!!!!!!

Serz | 13th May 2004 (19:37:26)

Adas dawaj zniszcz ich jutro na starcie i sie nie zastanawiaj tylko zapierdalaj POl 180 GORA

Przemo | 13th May 2004 (20:14:41)

hihihihi lesiu cos ci te tushinghamy nie trybia. poraszka oby tak dalej. pozdro dla ekipy

Anonym | 13th May 2004 (20:39:21)

Dorota is coming back strong!!

Eve | 13th May 2004 (20:57:29)

Lesiu, trzymaj sie- trzymam za ciebie kciuki, nie daj sie Robercikowi!!! Dorotka- wygrasz!!!! Polska ekipa jest the best. Poza tym - Micah, I cross my fingers for your best result!!!

Koen B-12 | 13th May 2004 (21:19:15)

Good racing Wolfgang B-3, keep it up!!!!

Bresiu | 13th May 2004 (21:43:45)

Polska ekipa rzadzi robercik i leszek ladnie sobie daja rade, wkoncu sa zajbisci, a o wojtku no comment notamiast polan jedzie tez ladnie

Anonym | 14th May 2004 (10:15:38)

best of luck to all you guys today!!!

Michał pol-147 | 14th May 2004 (12:36:06)

Niech żyje POLSKI TEAM !!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!! Adaś , Hubert , Lesiu , Palmer , Wojtas , Polan ,Gucio , Przemek , Mc Pietras , Jay-Kon, Śloma , Dorota i Agnieszka . Tak trzymać . Gucio nie poddawaj się , było tak super!!!!

Marta | 14th May 2004 (12:57:27)

Good job guys! didn't have time to come, but still keeping my finger crossed for British team!! Go Lucy, You can do much better!!!

KtokolWIEK | 14th May 2004 (13:14:48)

co to za POLSKI TEAM bez Puchacza?

huug | 14th May 2004 (13:25:23)

Good sailing again, great race, but what happend to the silver Fleet and the Women, don't they need some time on the water???

Anonym | 14th May 2004 (13:51:47)

Wat een homo's zeg, steeds alleen maar nieuws plaatsen over die PIEP -Pool. Beetje jammer allemaal. Zet dan niks neer.

Michał pol-147 | 14th May 2004 (13:59:59)

No właśnie:)

Michał pol-147 | 14th May 2004 (14:04:33)

dzięki za wsparcie duchowe, tak im zazdroszczę .....

Jan | 14th May 2004 (14:21:57)

Comment to the post from 14th May 2004 (14:05:47) wrote by Anonym :

Als "Anonym" een berichtje plaatsen is nog erger....... vriend. Als je niet eens durft te vermelden wie je bent meld dan liever niks...

Still great footage about the racing, Love the video's !!

Anonym | 14th May 2004 (15:24:06)

Wojtek is GOLDEN!

Zawias | 14th May 2004 (15:48:58)

JAKON rulez . Polish team rulez.

da man | 14th May 2004 (15:55:21)

Who let the Poles out?
who, who???

POZDRO | 14th May 2004 (16:06:03)


JP Raccoon | 14th May 2004 (16:10:31)


Marianne | 14th May 2004 (16:48:29)

Ok, good job girls, it seems you have a good fight, really interesting to read that day after day.
Just one question, it is possible to the personn that puts the photo on the website to write a little text to explain who are the people on the pictures.
For exp I would like to put some photo of Alisson on my website but I don't know who she is! Thank you!

Encouragements spĂŠciaux pour Jenny, Marion, Sarah et GĂŠgĂŠ, allez les filles!!!!
Bisous, Marianne

JFK | 14th May 2004 (16:51:12)

God bless the US Virgin Islands
America's new Superstar "Devon Boulon" will make this sport more popular than baseball

Tycoon | 14th May 2004 (17:08:59)

Windwing/F2 = the Ferrari of Formula W

laszlĂł hungary | 14th May 2004 (17:32:26)

Devon please won that race from us!!!
F2 Hungary is always with you !!!

Michał pol-147 | 14th May 2004 (17:53:09)

Tak trzymać Chłopaki !!!!! Gucio walcz !!!!!!

Marco | 14th May 2004 (18:04:43)

LELE I-147 puzza. Ma te vuoi svegli&agrave;?

Anonimowa:) | 14th May 2004 (18:10:43)

Polish Power . Chłopaki z Polski są najlepsi.

Tammy | 14th May 2004 (18:14:32)

My Honeybear,

I am so proud of you!!!! Congratulations!!!
I love you so much!!!!


Anonymova | 14th May 2004 (18:25:50)

Mnoho stesti DEVON... Viborny!!!!
Polsko ven.... pric s polskem

Jacques | 14th May 2004 (18:29:52)

Tu es super...DEVON....Vive l' Amerique

joł | 14th May 2004 (18:33:01)

Tu es super ... Wojtek ... Vive la Pologne!!!!!:)

Mr X | 14th May 2004 (19:04:54)

Alison !!! Will u marry me ????

Just kidding, u are doing great already. Savour the great moments.

pol | 14th May 2004 (19:15:52)

pol 317 dlaczego cie tu nie ma znami?

Allison Shreeve | 14th May 2004 (21:18:31)

Dear Marianne,
Which website are you talking about??
I can possibly send you some good pictures if you need them.
Kind Regards,
Allison Shreeve

Chris | 15th May 2004 (00:32:41)

Well done Allison, you are doing fantastic considering this is only your second international formula event. The others are most likely wondering, "whats going to happen when she gets good - ALL the time?"
Luv ya, keep at em...

Mum | 15th May 2004 (01:55:20)

What's a tree doing in beautiful Lake Garda .... and wrapped around your fin?! Never mind Allison. You're a great ambassador for windsurfing - a sport you really love. You shine in such an elite fleet of world class women sailors. Thanks Torbole for welcoming our girl to FW, and putting on such a great regatta. Your reporting has made viewing from down-under a real pleasure. Finish strong Ally! Love forever xxxxx

Vik | 15th May 2004 (13:17:43)

FW Europea Champ 2004-Wojtek Brzozowski from Poland

connie | 15th May 2004 (13:32:27)

babe,im so happy for you!!! love you to bits and pieces.x

Pretz - BRA 37 | 15th May 2004 (14:04:32)

Go BRAzookas, Go !

Vik | 15th May 2004 (14:18:54)


Chris | 15th May 2004 (14:57:12)

Well done Dorota & Wojtek.

Way to go Ally. What a great start to your FW career. Next stop - Worlds! Lookout everyone.....
Luv ya. See u soon

Good on you too Steve, great consistant sailing.
Well done Phil.

Tibor, well what can I say - A true gentleman. :-)
Well done all.

To the WEB team, fantastic website and awesome job. It makes it sooooo much better for the people on the other side of the planet (and for those that wished they were there).

Banyy | 15th May 2004 (15:33:33)

Gabee!!!!!Igy tovĂĄbb!!!!Nem baj,ha az F2-s ĂŠrdekelteket is ĂźtĂśg!!!Minek neked Ăşj deszka????csĂłk

Banyi(sĂĄra ) | 15th May 2004 (15:41:29)

CsĂłk az egĂŠsz AUS 1-es csalĂĄdnak!!!!!!

connie | 15th May 2004 (15:55:36)

bogo...thank you,thank you,thank you :)

Marco | 15th May 2004 (16:22:58)

Grande Lele...
Buon recupero finale.
ci vediamo

Zawias | 15th May 2004 (18:41:18)

Jakon gratuluje

Wes | 16th May 2004 (03:53:17)

Thanks to everyone responsible for your great website that keeps us so well informed. Good to see Steve come back strong after a shaky start, and to see another talented Aussie there among the women - congratulations Allison. Congratulations to Wojtek and Dorota for another impressive and polished performance.

brian | 16th May 2004 (13:58:24)

Who needs the Olympics!

Vidio streaming is the best thing that has happened to this sport since the universial joint.
Bogos name will be entered in the history book along side of Jim Drakes. Yours to KJ.
Thank you for allowing me to participate in this event from my desktop.
Maybe some new sponsors, with deep pockets, will start to recognize the marketing value of these type of events.
The big money can also be a two edged sword. BEWARE.
The speed of all couldn't be closer to equal than it is now. Lets just keep developing what we have now and not mess with the equipment rules.
We have had the windyist May in the Republic of South Florida in 60 years. 15-25 knots, steady for the last three weeks.
Gotta go. Train'n for Corpus Christy. See'ya there Gonzalo.

May the flow always be with all who made this outstanding event one that will never be forgotten.


Allison Shreeve | 20th May 2004 (17:13:10)

Hey Bogo, Whats your email address so I can send you some information. From allison Shreeve

Nicolas Schreier PER-2 | 20th May 2004 (17:32:50)

Where is the video from the fifth day? It isn´t in the list. Please put it. Thanks

Bogo | 21st May 2004 (22:15:01)

We've got many email that the music in the movie is vulgar. For the moment I don&#8217;t have time to change it because it's like making the movie from the beginning so we simply took it away. If some want to download here is the link :

Anonym | 22nd May 2004 (13:51:44)

Comment to the post from 21st May 2004 (23:05:01) wrote by Bogo :

The music is not vulgar it simply doest fit man!!!!
I saw the movies and they r cool but the music destroys EVERYTHING!! U got no flow for the audio shit!!! Or maybe it's because of your supervisor?? hehe

viki | 24th May 2004 (20:17:46)

Thanks for all who had send me emails with feedback about streaming.
We hope we will be with you on the next event. See You ;)

UNCLE LES AUNTIE JENNY | 10th August 2004 (10:44:44)

Allison, our warmest wishes and congratulations.on
your fantastic achievement.love from the
Kurrajong connection.

TC | 10th August 2004 (23:32:20)

Hey Bogo you have done a great job putting this whole contest on video.
This sort of coverage is usually impossible to get hold of, most videos are just wave and freestyle...you should put out a DVD, I would buy one...Thanks for your efforts

shende | 12th August 2004 (14:46:03)

I too would buy a DVD from these videos. However check out some of the new portable media centers that are designed to play online media. Unbelievably cool and you can take them to the beach!

Anonym | 22nd November 2005 (07:59:46)

Comment to the post from 10th May 2004 (19:51:11) wrote by Yannick :

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I am married for 9 years to Tom and additionally with each other we really are incredibly happy.

I hope to meet a lot of nice people who think likeminded.

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CHirqui | 27th August 2010 (16:22:40)

I am new here and I was wondering if you could tell me why my account keeps logging out? Is this normal?

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Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

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