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Abdullah | 25th June 2013 (20:15:07)

that the Birmingham Area should untdaerke and implement a big project just to prove to ourselves that we can do it; or words to that effect.a0 That may be a great suggestion.a0 If so, then that big project should be one that, together with proving we can do it,a0a0will pave the way and facilitate future undertakings that improve our area.a0 I submit that that big project should be restructioning the government of Jefferson Coutny to provide a Chief Executive that is elected countywide and change the County Commission to a legislative body.a0 When this is accomplished accountability will return to the Courthouse and positive and constructive steps can be taken to establish home rule and to bring the Birmingham Area back to its reghtful placea0of economic and political prominence in Alabama.a0 Reams can be written and discussed about this proposal, but it will mean little until a written proposal for making the changes is on the table and the business community takes seriouslya0its possibilities and opportunities.a0 Here I will mention only one.A County wide elected County Executive would be in position to contemplatea0the future of Jefferson County and the Birmingham Region in ways no other community leader can.a0 Thea0countywide electeda0County Executive would be able to bring together business, political, social and religious leaders to seriously addressa0and prioritize the problems that need to be confronted in our area.a0 This County Executive would be able toa0gain endorsement and support of far reaching initiatives and programs from the County Commission.a0 This Executive would be the VOICE OF JEFFERSON COUNTY in communications with our Legislative delegation as a whole and its individual members.a0 The Birmingham News and other media would be reporting on County and Regional initiatives rather that such things as proposed lie detector tests.a0a0There is such a proposal!a0 a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0

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