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Jan | 21st January 2005 (15:00:01)


This is really great coverage. keep up the great work. btw do not secretately include starboard promotion, you sneaky man...

Ian | 21st January 2005 (20:01:21)

Hi Jan, strictly fact and clear difference as observed by all present, not just Tiki team. Actually it was more than reported. JV didn't change away or back for fun, but performance. If it was the other way around it will also be written here 100% accurate. Promo, discussions and BS only on the other sites !!! Cheers ~ Ian

ralf | 22nd January 2005 (08:12:45)

Ian is there going to be an equipement list published? Is vesterstrom using his Severnes or Prydes? Did he also change his sails for the last race?

Ian | 22nd January 2005 (11:31:56)

Hi Ralf, full equipment list inc board and rider weights in preparation (complete but for some few details to finalise) and will be up asap. JV is Severnes all the way, no change. Cheers ~ Ian

sofa king slow | 22nd January 2005 (22:20:45)

nice touch ian to put captions under each photo related to the actual event.

much better than pictures of some dude standing in a street and taking pictures of houses.... WTF was that about?

keep up the good work.

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