15-20 October '12 | Spain, Timon de Roche, Conil, Andalucia

2012 Conil FW European Cup & Women, Youth and Masters Europeans

Provisional results


25th of October 2012Last day of event

20th of October 2012Day 5 report

17:44 | European Champion Youth: LTU 799 RYTIS JASIUNAS European Champion Masters; LTU 789 ARVYDAS MOLIUSIS No European Champion Women : not enaugh competitors but winner of the Conil Cup; EST 146 ANNIKA VALKNA

17:41 | Top 10 of the Conil Cup: FRA 823; ESP 71; ESP 7; EST 24; FRA 55; LTU 799; ESP 13; LTU 798; RUS 54; LAT 13

17:17 | We were totally wrong with the finish ; top 3 for race 10: ESP 71 ; LAT 13; ESP 7 Full result to follow

17:01 | No more races ; the event is over with 10 races. We will post the results asap. At 19:00 price giving at El Timon de Roche the restaurant wich is one of the sponsors of the event and wich provided the sailors with tasty lunches

16:48 | As far as we can see first is ESP 71 followed by FRA 823: confirmation will follow

16:44 | It is probably the last race for the day and for the event. The last possible warning is at 17:00

16:38 | We dont have radio communication with RC; so its very hard to say who is leading now after 1 lap. We think ESP 71 and FRA 823 as second

16:32 | We think that ESP 71 is leading at mark 1 followed by ESP 7. It is very difficult to see the sailnumbers

16:25 | It looks that we have a clean start for race 10

16:16 | Start for race 10 was given but it seems we have a general recall

16:10 | Even LAT 13 had some problems to go out; he was very careful. He broke already 2 masts this week

16:03 | sailors are going on the water; some have problems to go out with the shorebreak

15:38 | 9 knts on the water AP is down

14:49 | the wind is picking up a little. Is now between 4 and 6 but increasing. We expect to have 8 to 10 in half an hour

13:47 | No improvement in the windconditions. In the restaurant the clients are gradually coming in to have lunch

13:08 | Still waiting for wind

12:30 | Windspeed is not enough; AP flag is up

12:15 | RC is already on place in front of the restaurant

11:43 | We see the wind coming over the ocean. In a few minutes he will be here. First possible is at 12:30

11:02 | Good morning from Conil. The sun is back but ther many clouds. But ..... no wind. There could be some wind in the afternoon and everybody shall be in place to race than

18th of October 2012Day 4 report

17:10 | No more races for today and the forecast for tomorrow is not so promising, but it was not so promising for the first days and we had good races. So we will see tomorrow

17:02 | Top 10 after 9 races: FRA 823; ESP 7; ESP 71; EST 24; FRA 55; LTU 799; LTU 789; ESP 13; RUS 54; LAT 13

17th of October 2012Day 3 report

15:34 | Top 5 after 8 races; FRA 823;ESP 71; ESP 7 EST 24; FRA 55


17th of October 2012Day 1 racing

17th of October 2012Day 2 report

18:45 | At the endof the day the top 10 are- FRA823, ESP7, ESP71, EST24, FRA55, LAT13, ESP13, LTU789, LTU799, RUS54

16th of October 2012Would you believe it? ……

Day one for racing: dawned with a beautiful sunrise; late breakfast (this is Spain!); functional skippers meeting ; fabulous lunch for competitors ; 2 races delivered by an excellent race committee; a fabulous sunset, followed by an excellent dinner !


16th of October 2012Registration day

16th of October 2012Day 1 report

18:06 | No more racingtoday

18:05 | Top 5 racers after 2 races - FRA823 on a tie break from ESP71, ESP7, EST24 on tie break from LAT13

15th of October 2012Registration day

20 competitors from 6 countries have registered today for this last european cup and european championship of 2012 .

14th of October 2012First report

The event base is Timon de Roche - a fabulous restaurant overlooking a beautiful beach... sunny and warm ...

1st of October 2012First event of Conil Formula Series less than 2 weeks away....

The last major championship of the year will take place in Conil, Andalucia, from 15th to 20th October.

20th of August 2012Conil hosts European Cup and Euro Festival

Conil is a fishing village of about 20.000 inhabitants, with a long beach placed in the Atlantic South West coast of Spain, around 40 miles NW of the Straits of Gibraltar. Check the NoR

23rd of March 20122012 European Cup tour finalised with the addition of Conil, Spain

Event will take place from 15th to 20th October.