11-16 August '05 | Switzerland, Silvaplana/St. Moritz

Windsurfing Euro-Cup

Final results


Provisional results

17th of August 2005Keith Atkinson wins head to head fight with Andrea Cucchi

Keith Atkinson wins head to head fight with Andrea Cucchi


17th of August 2005Prize giving

17th of August 2005Final comments

Final hot comments - interviews!!!

17th of August 2005

17:55 It looks that Keith Atkinson (GBR-56) won the event! Second Andrea (ITA-1) third Antoine (FRA-192)!!!!!
16:38 AP over A! No more racing today. End of the competition! The prize giving will be at about 17:00
16:15 Finish race#3: A dominating victory for Steve Allen with over 500 metres on the fleet, GBR-56, ISR-1, FRA-192, NED-13, POL-2, NED-8, ITA-1, POL-18, ITA-3, ITA-120, USA-34, POL-11, ISV-11, POL-10
16:11 2nd upwind: AUS-0, ISR-1, NED-13, POL-2,...
16:02 1st lap: AUS-0, POL-2, NED-13, ISR-1, NED-2, ISV-11, USA-34, Wojtek falls at the jibe!
15:58 Race #3: 1st upwind: POL-2, AUS-0, ISR-1... / 12 to 16 knots!
15:20 Finish Race#2: AUS-0 (BFD!), ITA-1, GBR-56, POL-10, ITA-456, ITA-120, ITA-3, FRA-192, NED-13, POL-13, FRA-531, POL-2 . Next race soon
15:11Positions after 1st lap: AUS-0, POL-10, ITA-1, POL-2, GBR-56 , ITA-456, NED-13, FRA-531, ITA-120, SUI-96
15:07 1st upwind: AUS-0, ITA-1, POL-10, / 14 to 16 knots.
15:00 Finally wind arrived! Start of the race#2
11:00 Matthias reports from Silvaplana:
Good morning from (finally) sunny Silvaplana! Today is the last day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup Silvaplana at the Stimorol Engadinwind.com Festival. After his great success in the marathon competition Andrea Cucchi is still in the lead in front of Micah Buzianis and Wojtek Brzozowski. We hope that the better weather will also bring some more wind. But at the moment we still have a northern breeze that has to go down before the Maloja thermic can kick in. So we expect nothing to happen before 12:00.

16th of August 2005what they are doing when there is no wind

...what they are doing when there is no wind?...

16th of August 2005

19:00 AP over A. Maybe tomorrow...
14:00The wind dropped again. We are waiting for the conditiolns to improve.
13:30 We have northern wind with 10 to 13 knots. The race committee has decided to try to go for Slalom.
12:45 Wormer than yesterday but... still no wind. More info soon..

15th of August 2005Invitation to Australia 2005 FW Worlds & more

Invitation to Australia 2005 FW Worlds & more


15th of August 2005Day 3 - brrrrrrr... freezing cold

15th of August 2005No wind today and freezing cold

No wind today and freezing cold but the organizer himself was proving the it get wormer by the end of the day. Looking forward to next days
racing and shows.

15th of August 2005Overnight we got snow!!!

Good morning from Lake Silvaplana! Overnight we got snow!!! - Matthias reports from event site..

14th of August 2005Andrea Cucchi wins the first race and sets new record for the Marathon Race

Andrea Cucchi wins the first race and sets new record for the Marathon Race
press release...


14th of August 2005Day 2 - more action photos

14th of August 2005Marathon prize giving..

Marathon prize giving..


14th of August 2005Marathon prize giving..

14th of August 2005More interviews...

More interviews....
Gonzalo Costa Hoevel : "I hope it start snowing, I got my snowboard..."

14th of August 2005

16:10 AP over A. No more racing today. The Jury has withdrawn all disqualifications of the two starting attempts of Race number 2. So all competitors are allowed to participate in race two when it will be started on one of the next days. We hope for better weather tomorrow as it is raining at the moment and really cold! The Skippers Meeting is set for 11:00 with the first possible start at 11:30
15:06 again general recall!!! OCS: SUI-262, IVB-11, FRA-192 !!!
14:55 General Recall!! OSC: USA-34 and ITA-1!!
14:50 Race 2 will starts in a minutes. The wind is still strong with 13 to 15 knots.
Live report on: http://www.euro-cup.org/


14th of August 2005Marathon race...

14th of August 2005Interviews after the Matathon Race..

Listen to the interviews with the racers after the Matathon Race..

14th of August 2005

12:31 Andrea Cucchi wins the marathon race in front of Micah Buzianis and Wojtek Brzozowski, and destroyed the old record for the Engadin Marathon and sets a new benchmark with 52 minutes and 26 seconds.
12:22 after lap 4: ITA-1, USA-34, POL-10, POL-13, FRA-192, ISR-1, ITA-456, GBR-56, AUS-0, ITA-3
12:10 after lap 3: USA-34, ITA-1, GBR-83, POL-10, ITA-456, AUS-0, FRA-192, ISR-1, POL-13, GBR-56, ITA-3, ITA-120, POL-18
11:58:38 after lap 2: USA-34, GBR-83, ITA-1, ITA-456, POL-10, AUS-0, ITA-3, FRA-192, POL-18, GBR-56, ISV-11, ISR-1
11:47:39 positions after lap 1: USA-34, GBR-83, ITA-456, ITA-1, ITA-3, POL-18, AUS-0, ISV-11,...

11:40 The first race, 42 km marathon just started! Perfect start of 120 competitors... Wind 15-18 knots...
On-line report on http://www.euro-cup.org/

13th of August 2005STIMOROL ENGADINWIND.COM 2005 - Day One



13th of August 2005Day 1


12th of August 2005Practice race...


12th of August 2005Inscription day

12th of August 2005Inscription Day at the Stimorol Engadinwind.com

Windsurfing Euro-Cup, 12-17 August '05 Switzerland, Silvaplana...
Inscription Day at the Stimorol Engadinwind.com

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spit | 16th August 2005 (13:15:56)

it is possible to post the gear registrered by all competitors?

Joe | 17th August 2005 (16:50:33)

Was Steve on TT '04 or '05?

999 | 17th August 2005 (18:25:20)

congratulations Keith!!!

Anonym | 17th August 2005 (22:52:49)

Well done Allison. Great result. Would be nice to see where your position was in the total result. No idea why they wont show where everyone ended up overall. You did all start together, so a combined score should be available. Perhaps some guys are a bit sensitive to have been beaten by a girl...??
Well done Kieth.

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