20-26 August '12 | Latvia, Liepaja

2012 FW Worlds

9th of September 2012Micah's report: Formula Windsurfing Worlds 2012

It was finally Formula Worlds time of the year and I had to switch gears from slalom training to Formula, testing a few new sails and my JP Speed board I felt like I was getting back in the groove

25th of August 2012Final day reports

19:20 | No change to the results postede after protests - now off to the prize giving

17:10 | three protests to be heard at 17:30 before results can be final.

17:02 | Prize Giving ceremony tonight at 20.00hrs in the centre of town; followed , i am sure , by a big party

17:00 | AP over A - no more racing this championship is over. The wind is still below the minimum required to start a race for women and silver

16:43 | the wind is currentlty 5>8 knots

16:43 | Top Ten in Gold fleet after race 6 - GBR83, AUS0, POL507, POL10, GER122, POL16, BRA50, DEN24, NED52, FRA823

24th of August 2012Day of drama in Liepaja ...

A full days racing completed on day 4 for all fleets .. but a day not without drama.


24th of August 2012Photos from Ivo Blum

23rd of August 2012Day four reports

16:40 | Top 5 in silver fleet after today - LTU646, LAT48, LAT25, LTU1001, SWE8


23rd of August 2012Some photos from day three

23rd of August 2012AGM - rescheduled.....

Apologies for the error in not publishing an agenda for the AGM originally scheduled to take place during these FW Worlds in Liepaja, Latvia.

22nd of August 2012Day three reports

15:03 | No more racing today - 0900 skipperseeting tomorrow ; first warning signal at 1000


22nd of August 2012Day 1 & 2

22nd of August 2012Day two reports

17:53 | Skippers Meeting at 0900 first possible warning at 1000

20th of August 2012Day one reports

18:18 | We have the opening ceremony tonight at Hard Rock Cafe at 20.00hrs


20th of August 2012Registration day

20th of August 2012Registration day reports

18:45 | Few words from Steve Allen, Wilhelm Schurman, Ross Williams and Micah Buzianis.

17th of August 2012Welcome to the city where THE WIND is born!

Latvian windsurfers Maris Birzulis, Janis Preiss and Ansis Dāle are ready to challenge world's best windsurfers!

2nd of August 2012Less than 18 days to the worlds in Liepaja

The 2012 Worlds will be getting underway very soon in Liepaja, Latvia - "where the wind is born" !

9th of June 2012Lufthansa flight deal for Worlds in Latvia ....

Lufthansa - the official airline of 2012 Formula Windsurfing World Championship has prepared special offer - discounted travel for all attendees and as well special baggage allowances on Lufthansa flights.


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Christian Nybø | 21st August 2012 (09:17:06)

Link to participant and/or fleet lists?

Christian Nybo | 22nd August 2012 (09:40:48)

Re: 11:22 FRA823 Valentin Brault is in Blue Fleet, not Yellow?

Christian Nybo | 22nd August 2012 (11:06:31)

Care to mention the placement of NOR-12 Anders Loken, for the Scandinavian audience?

ceri | 22nd August 2012 (12:22:37)

FRA823 was in yellow for today's race

Christian Nybo | 22nd August 2012 (12:59:39)

Thanks, Ceri.

As NOR-12 went down in the start of the fourth Blue fleet race, us Scandinavians have to hope for the Danes (Sebastian Kornum DEN-24 and Jesper Vesterstrom DEN-111) in the Gold fleet.

Anonym | 23rd August 2012 (11:11:25)

Today is another reason for combined slalom and formula events ;-)

Anonym | 27th November 2012 (00:05:28)

2013 Formula Worlds?

Poetra | 24th June 2013 (10:07:05)

Heya Sven! Good to meet you too, I sent you an email, not sure if it went through.I am a big fan of H-blockx since the favsitel, love the music.Hopefully we'll see you again, let me know if you come to England, I'll be there xx

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