04-09 July '11 | Puerto Rico, Ocean Park, San Juan


Final results

Men & Women

Provisional results


10th of July 2011Winners


9th of July 2011Day 4 - more photos


9th of July 2011Day 4

9th of July 2011Final day - live report

16:56 | Womens result - USA143, FRA59, BRA305

16:55 | The Top 10 after 15 races - FRA192, ISR1, BRA50, BRA3333, ARG3, AUS0, DEN111, POL16, USA34, NED13

16:35 | Race 15 order of finish - POL16, ARG3, FRA192, BRA50, BRA3333, AUS0, ISR1, DEN111, BRA999,


8th of July 2011Day 3

8th of July 2011Day 4 - live report

17:42 | First finishers in Race 11- FRA192, POL10, BRA50, DEN111, USA34, BRA3333, AUS0, POL16, ISR1, BRA999


7th of July 2011Day 2

6th of July 2011Day 3 - live report

15:50 | meantime preparations are going ahead for the AGM tonight - 20.00 hrs
15:45 | OK - no more racing today. We have no wind now , but possibility of more thunderstorms. A very unstable winfd situation - we are hoiping for better conditions tomorrow.

6th of July 2011Day two - live report

16:17 | racing tomorrow - first possible at 11,30

15:58 | Top 10 after 7 races - FRA192, BRA3333, ISR1, ARG3, AUS0, BRA50, POL16, DEN111, FRA531, USA34


6th of July 2011Day 1

5th of July 2011Day one - live report

17:04 | we have an opening ceremony tonight - but not before a couple of protests


5th of July 2011Registration day

4th of July 2011Registration day - live report

22:43 | meanwhile enjoy the photo galleries provided today- return tomorrow for entry list and equipment list.

1st of July 2011Sean report from Puerto Rico

Nearly 20 of us internationals are here already 1 week early for the Worlds and getting plenty of time on the water.

18th of June 2011Training in Puerto Rico

I arrived here in Puerto Rico Yesterday. Gonzalo has been here over a week training with Nahuel Abran from Argentina.
Conditions are looking nice, yesterday we sailed all day well powered up on 11s.

16th of May 2011Puerto Rico to host the 2011 AGM of Formula Windsurfing

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class

2nd of May 2011FW World Championship update

Top racers from all over the globe have been signing up for this years Formula Windsurfing World Championship in Puerto Rico.

16th of April 2011Puerto Rico Worlds - preparations are building, are you ready ? ......

Preparations towards this year World Championships are progressing at a pace - the organisers are committed to hosting the best championship ever !

20th of March 2011‘FREE FORMULA’ - INVITATION and RULES

After 12 years of international formula windsurfing championships, the premier event – FW Worlds- is finally coming to the shores of North America. To maximise participation in this historic event a new fleet has been added – ‘Free Formula’.

The rules have modified - ‘relaxed’ – to encourage those windsurfers to enter who might otherwise have not entered the event.

read on - FREE FORMULA.pdf

11th of March 2011Visas for the USA including Puerto Rico

Competitors are reminded to check if they are required to apply for a visa for entry to the USA.

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Anonym | 5th July 2011 (12:30:49)

Please keep updating the info!!

ceri | 5th July 2011 (12:39:05)

i cannot update when the internet drops out - we had a power failure - back up now

jakon | 5th July 2011 (13:17:54)

so whats the score on the door?

GERRIT | 5th July 2011 (14:28:31)

Dat is mooi kl..te Casper.Hou je haaks.

Cobus | 5th July 2011 (15:36:29)

like a razor...those kashy's.

Sieger | 5th July 2011 (15:43:24)

Kom op Casper de week is nog niet voorbij !!!

SeanAUS120 | 5th July 2011 (16:55:31)

Results after 2 races are on my twitter feed (@SeanAUS120) can't find any for R3 yet... should be online after protests in about 2 hours I guess?

BrettMorris | 5th July 2011 (18:32:40)

sean o'brien has a report on his web site from day 1.

BrettMorris | 5th July 2011 (22:50:44)

Any photos or video of the day? cheers

Anonym | 6th July 2011 (05:34:51)

equipment list?

ceri | 6th July 2011 (06:12:36)

coming soon..

Anonym | 7th July 2011 (04:12:06)

Where is the list????

ceri | 7th July 2011 (07:12:41)

what is unbelievable?

Anonym | 7th July 2011 (07:15:17)

That you do not put the list online

ceri | 7th July 2011 (07:32:25)

it will be put on line

Anonym | 7th July 2011 (07:48:26)


raz | 7th July 2011 (08:55:55)

Anonym-unbelievable, you are a pain in the ass...

XL | 7th July 2011 (09:10:36)

You can see the equipments in the pictures.
What the importance to see the list equipment, if everyone knows what racer ride in what equipment.

Anonym | 7th July 2011 (09:40:01)


Anonym | 7th July 2011 (09:43:30)

check out video from the event:

SeanAUS120 | 7th July 2011 (09:56:35)

XL - actually its interesting for a lot of people to see what size sails and what fins everyone is using... Hard to see the sizes/fins from the photos, can only see brands.

equipment list | 7th July 2011 (10:38:36)

here i am, anyone ask about me ?busy ,busy, busy...

Bart | 7th July 2011 (10:42:37)

i agree with Sean, i like to see and compare what top guns are using nowadays

forfeeter | 7th July 2011 (10:55:03)

is there any chicken ?you gara get out from the bay,

shvagyer | 7th July 2011 (11:04:42)

where is fourfeeter?

XL | 7th July 2011 (13:18:12)

I know Sean, but is very common every sailor inscribe 3 sail sizes, 10, 11 and 12 or 9.5, 10.7 and 12.
And you can know what sail size watching the brand sail offer.
I know the most important part in the list equipment is the FINS (not for say the ONLY equipment)
And I congratulates you Sean, for inscribe only ONE sail, and I hope about your proposal for 2 sails, I'm agree

gl | 7th July 2011 (14:54:53)

For some events (like this World Championship) likely it make sense to have less maximum sails allowed, because everybody is flying. But majority of sailors are local guys travelling to some neighbouring countries at most. Going with car it make no difference to carry 2 or 3 sails. Actually I think that majority of those sailors would anyway bring 3 sails and will register 2 on the last minute depending on forecast. Another aspect - if we would go for 2 sails, e.g. in Europe I am pretty sure that the sail size which would be sacrificed is 10.0. What that means - we will not have high wind formula. This may result that for some event people will start to have slalom for higher winds. Than we will end with even bigger logistic issues. I just wanted to be aware of consequences of reducing sail number to 2.

The boss | 7th July 2011 (20:09:17)

Most of the Top 5 using Z fins.
Jp, Patrick d, starboard
Neilpryde, Gaastra, North and Severne.

predator | 7th July 2011 (20:41:51)

......it's piekny, it's beautiful.....

Anonym | 8th July 2011 (01:39:50)

The badest live ticker I have seen over the last few years...

Anonym | 8th July 2011 (02:12:25)

In top 5 also Kashy's and Boss fins

equipment list | 8th July 2011 (04:31:56)

coming soon 06.07,coming soon 07.07,coming soon 08.07,coming soon... rgds Ceri

Anonym | 8th July 2011 (05:03:10)

I dont understand why he cant just put in on line...

Anonym | 8th July 2011 (05:38:04)

People is busy working. Short on staff to do this list. We are spread thin doing multiple duties at the same time. So hold on until we have time to make an official list.

XL | 8th July 2011 (09:52:00)

Happy now? there's the equipment list!

xxs | 8th July 2011 (10:17:33)

Well yes happy but not too much :
example F192 fins kashy 70? ,kashy 70?,kashy 70?,hiding?
years ago was xs 76/70 etc.
One more neilpryde rs racing evo3 12,5 sounds prototype why is allowed to register when no one else could even dream about it?Just curiousity... before 12,5 rsracing

ceri | 8th July 2011 (11:13:56)

yes -Antoine has a prototype 12.5;

Anonym | 8th July 2011 (14:37:42)

different stiffness....and what for more specifications? is just inscribes to the regatta.

xxs | 8th July 2011 (14:58:56)

Comment to the post from 8th July 2011 (22:37:42) wrote by Anonym :
different power to speed ratio,area and flex.,torsion,twist etc
quite interesting how to compare with sail and competitor size .That is not only stiffness...

SeanAUS120 | 8th July 2011 (16:32:16)

All Antoine's sails are Protos, as are Micah's, Arnon's, 2 of Steve's and probably more guys. We are allowed to use prototype sails - helps the riders test equipment where it counts (on the race course) to improve next year's gear...

Arnon Dagan | 8th July 2011 (17:17:25)

my 11 is a production (:

Foxy | 8th July 2011 (17:34:24)

Hey Sean, you're not featuring on equipment list? Is that the complete stealth outfit or what ? Who else is missing ?? ;)

xxs | 9th July 2011 (03:20:35)

Comment to the post from 9th July 2011 (00:32:16) wrote by SeanAUS120 :

what interesting is neilpryde proto rsracing 12,5 never go to production ,expecting same with rsracing evo3 12,5 (did i miss something?)

anonymous | 9th July 2011 (06:06:29)

Why the fairness is missing in formula?

Do you know if the 12.5sqm Proto is in real 12.5sqm?
Official measurer not existing or did u measure the sail in real?
Also Proto 11s if they are real 11sqm - belonging to the Youth and the chicks rules

Class rules also says max boom length 305cm and mast length 605 (im not sure?)
- should be changed in max. length outer edges of rig horizontal and vertical...

Makes me curios about how "serial" are the board of some leading riders?
Nothings controlled really correct. Why no fins,sails, boards, are marked each event with date, sailnr. !! and registry nr.(this number you can find later on the equipement list - riders can´t really control if others are using registered material without this marks?
Like it was marked in the past, a lot of riders interchanged inside the team --> think about
If you do rules, control them strong - otherwise more racers stop with this kind of windsurfing because of the missing fairness.
The same situation with sailnumbers and personal sponsors on sails... The guys who are according to the rules are disadvantaged - Not correct sailnumbers are not to identify on startlines (PMS)

A racer which has personal sponsor (not allowed acc. to the rules - above the boom) has advantage monetary wise to others who according to the rules and only offer their allowed areas below the boom (mostly covered by the racer - check pics) - not very interesting for sponsors. Clear disadvantage and not positive for growing the class.
The association is fighting for Olympic status but know official is able to follow and control the rules correctly.
A lot of racers are fed up with this situation.
Control and put fines up to DSQs to riders which are not according (and please dont take care if he is Worldchampion, Top Ten or will be or wannabe) or forget about the material rules and use the solution explained below to avoid complainments and bringing back R&D into Windsurfing

-2 sails, 1 board, 2 fins
Open the class for all hulls which float (no width limit) and carries one fin (no lenght limit) in the back of board.
Delete stupid rules belonging mast with different bending curve (yes this exists).
Open max. sailsize
Delete serial board rule allow all serialboards & prototypes but the needs to be registered minimum 60 days before the race.

anonymous | 9th July 2011 (06:14:42)

and if you cant handle critics... quit the job, thanx.

PS: Some one thought that blocking IPs on this forum would help to avoid critics... haha makes me laugh
thanks to anonymous.org

Looker | 9th July 2011 (06:46:59)

In top 3 only Kashy fins now - but let's see how it ends

ceri | 9th July 2011 (07:09:00)

there are a lot of innaccuracies in the " is formula fair comments " , although, maybe , some comments are justified. The IFWC is a "development class" but more specifically (according to ISAF definition) we have OPEN CLASS RULES.
Protos are permitted, i do not think youth and girls are using them.
Serial numbers of boards are recorded by Equipment Inspectors - no need to publish them.
Sailors are permitted sponsors logos above the boom - but not where sail numbers should be or event sponsors - read the Advertising Code.
What mast bend rules are you talking about ? i cant find them?

anonymous | 9th July 2011 (11:03:00)

-The whole class should be open or strictly following the rules, anything else doesn´t really help the class to move forward. Sails should be measured if they are near to the max. sizes - Why proto sails in Costa Rica and other races... then the user should scored only in Open Class or not?

-How the "self-control" system while events through riders will work if eq-list is published late and without
No answer from your site about the sailnumber prob?

Sorry wrong translation of the mast rule - I mean the rule
C.7.1. MAST
(i) The mast spar cross section shall be circular.
(ii) Pre-bent masts are prohibited

Why so complicated? If you open this rule, there would be more option to extend the windrange of the sails (and finally a solution for futurly FW Class 2S 1B) by using one mast - less material, less cost, less breakage because of construction and more options for mast & sail r&d

According to the actual sail design this rule is for nothing:

C.7.2 BOOM
Min Max
Internal length of the wishbone boom
excluding attachments
but the sails get longer horizontal measurement - some reaching already 320cm and more
complicated transport for competitors, airfreighter, shops, distributor and more - prices raising
max. measurement should not exceed 3000mm to compare with most of the rules of shippers and airlines.
Please control this rule more strictly

(a) Alteration of hull shape, major underside re-fairing or deliberate
removal of the finishing coat/s is not permitted unless in the case of
the result of local repairs to unintentional damage. The serial
number as required by D.1.1 shall remain legible.

xxs | 9th July 2011 (11:08:32)

forum still existing

ceri | 9th July 2011 (11:13:39)

anonymouse - we need some technical expertise on the committee; what is your name, where do you live, maybe we can co-opt you?

oneoftheanonyms | 9th July 2011 (11:27:00)

Hey rulers, what do you think about a placed design on the bottom of the hull, like the formula one design board shows already on all serial boards on the last 2/3 of the board bottom to avoid sanding and refinishing through users?

fra-418 | 9th July 2011 (11:49:54)

Not to sure about this anonymous comments.

A lot of incorrect things in your comments which are a bit useless because we don't know who you are and most of the time what you mean. For example open max sail size... what on earth is that... the bigger the sail the bigger the weight; there are different parameters in getting a board on the plane, all must be taken in consideration. A 20 m2 will get you planning much latter than a 11m2 due to increase in mass from the rig. In addition the lift from the sail depends from the wind speed square and also the surface but not square. It means you need a very large surface to compensate at very low wind speed to plane in mega super light wind but then you ll have to increase the mass significantly.

The current setup is pretty good, it seems deeper fin might increase light wind planning (but then there are depht issues; we will need marine charts of rocks) the rest pretty unlikely or it might be a pain in stronger wind then.

Keep on sailing (most important).

none | 9th July 2011 (13:42:41)

Hola FRA-418,

anonymous means allow sails bigger than 12.5. Additional 1 Board 2 Fins and 2 sails. Why do you think bigger sail/rigg will put rig weight up? 580 masts existing already, 45cm extensions too. its only the sails weight which needs to be reduced and its easy (if the brands want to use better materials and really forcing weight loss but not stability and reliability of their products - in the moment you get the standard in constructions, minimized a little bit by weight and in quality but still sold with huge margins - think about the price of your sail)
There is also solutions in the market or in technical engenieering which lower boom weight by 1.5kg easy and in mast r&d weight in top could decrease by using different fibers and other diameter compared with shape, pre-bending ect.
Think out of the box man.
But catched in old time/thinking this sport will never advance. Restriction in material rules will never support fast and radical (r)evolution.
Like a famous shaper and friend of mine, told me a few years ago - those who think out of the box, creating a 6kg formula board, which handle easy 12.5 on a 60cm fin, going upwind the same angle and downwind with mph more speed downwind- will be the future winning brands.

Fra-418 | 9th July 2011 (14:12:04)

I think anonymous and none are living in the same head. It was just my point of view and desagree on all of your comments.

Good wind/

SeanAUS120 | 9th July 2011 (15:28:46)

Guys, what are you talking about? Outside of maybe Antoine - who is using 12.5's anymore? Most of us are on 12 (which is still too big and heavy in my opinion)...

I would have thought people would be pushing for 11.0's that perform as well as a 12.0m. Why would you want a 14m sail and a 120cm wide board? Get an RSX if you want to go in 3 knots :-/

SeanAUS120 | 9th July 2011 (15:31:27)

@ Foxy - not sure why I'm not on the equipment list.

I registered just 1 sail = 11.0 and a HWR I borrowed from Gabriel and 3 fins from VMG, although I only used one fin the whole competition. Was too hard and expensive to bring any more gear than that here! 2 sail rule is gonna rock!!

us285 | 9th July 2011 (16:10:12)

Marion!!! You rock! Congrats!

Anonym | 9th July 2011 (23:41:12)

start sailing and less comments.
The more you sail the more you learn.
Open Class sailing Rules you fool.
Z fins were rocking this time. F192 Kashy fins with good speed but not more angle than Z fins.
Whatch out fof the reef if takes you fin here in Puerto Rico. But only for people who did not do his homework. I saw top guys going to the reef to check if there was a way in an out and those guys won the Comp.
The is real pros at work. Asking locals of where, how and whe to sail. BRA333 was here for week and never hit a reef. Saome for FRA192 and for ARG3.

Anonym | 10th July 2011 (01:43:36)

z fins rocking? only one z fin in top 5.

xd313 | 10th July 2011 (02:16:21)

i think protos shouldn't be allowed in the competition, because in some cases it is more a custom sail than a proto

ceri | 10th July 2011 (05:01:00)

custom sails are permitted

xd313 | 10th July 2011 (09:53:18)

Do you think that these is a fair conditions for a world championship?
In theory, everybody could have custom sails, but in reality only very few guys have the chance to get them. Equipment that is perfectly tailored around 1 specific sailor will always be an advantage in my humle opinion.

Anonym | 10th July 2011 (10:54:31)

Hey, stop complaining about custom/proto sails. Look for example Wojtek, he was one of the fastest, leading two races until hit reef or smth? And got one 2nd. His sail was very old RS6 production (6 years old?), surely this sail has lots of milege, it's streched and not in perfect shape anymore, still the guy was flying!

Anonym | 10th July 2011 (15:18:40)

73% of top 10 fins registered were Kashy
Anyone can buy, just get on the list and wait or place a rush order and be on one next season!

SeanAUS120 | 10th July 2011 (16:27:15)

Already been down the road of only allowing production sails; it's too hard to police. Where do you draw the line at "production". How do you stop people doing recuts or modifying their sails? Also you'll find most of the top guys aren't using the production battens in their sails - so is that "custom" ?

Allowing protos is really good as it allows the brands to do development during the season rather than waiting till the end of the year as usually FW sail development gets less attention than slalom etc.

So allowing a very small few guys using prototype sails actually makes BETTER sails for everyone else the following season - how could this be bad? ;-)

francesco zarbo | 10th July 2011 (17:10:16)

correct sean. the only solution can be to do a one design class. but it not our formula windsurfing. the job of the top rider on the protos is the future. and not always the proto is better of prduction sail. to be tester during the race is a big risk. a well tested and trimmed production sail needs only a good sailor.

BrettMorris | 10th July 2011 (23:23:47)

It looks like AA used a Evo3, RS racing and a Proto? I guess the older models are still super competitive huh....

Christian Nybø | 11th July 2011 (00:22:57)

George Browne (BRA50) also sailed old sails, didn't he?

@AUS120: Tell about the battens -- what are the differences between non-production and regular battens? Weight? Response? Profile?

francesco zarbo | 11th July 2011 (01:41:54)

want to get crazy? start change production with custom battens.

sergiok | 11th July 2011 (09:14:41)

guys that complaining about custom stuff/kashy fins/not fare... are just looking for something to pick on/ excuses. Time and time again we see
that better sailor wins, not newer gear, that's not
to say that you can sail into fist place on a 10 year old stuff, but 3 year old good sail/board/fin
can win any event. Like other post wrote, using
proto sail at the event is more risk than reward,
pro's do it to assist development. With sails in perticular, chances are you'll break a batten or two, and will have to repair it, sand cams, etc., each mast is a little diff from the rest. Let's face it,
we all sail customized, tunned gear... so stop,
complaining and enjoy the ride!!!

Anonym | 11th July 2011 (09:24:06)

Gabriel was using old production sails.5 years old sails.

Anonym | 11th July 2011 (12:29:33)

I agree with sergiok comment 100%.
FW is a high tech class and it should stay like this, if some body don't like it there are plenty other one design classes to join.

SeanAUS120 | 12th July 2011 (06:14:14)

I don't mean they are 'custom' battens that nobody can have. I just mean they may be different to the production battens. ie, build some different style battens with softer/stiffer tips or change where the bend profile is in the batten by changing tube thickness or using carbon instead of glass etc etc. Nothing wrong with this of course, and a lot of us do it because we're trying to extend the windrange of our sails well out of the 'regular sailor's' concept of optimum windrange for a sail.

Anyhow, I just mentioned this in reference to restricting 'proto' sails, and also to note that while yes, some of the old sails like the RS6's etc are probably better than the current sails! The guys using them have modified the original battens and have played around with masts to get these old sails to go so fast...

kaka | 15th July 2011 (05:56:10)

ceri, what about new website? maybe its time to hire new guy. seems the one we have now is not doing the job..

*** | 15th July 2011 (19:34:29)

waterhound com/windsurfing/us-nationals.html

*** | 15th July 2011 (19:39:31)

all news about the us nationals on the site above.
if you cant find it google waterhoud

SeanAUS120 | 16th July 2011 (12:00:35)

Kaka, the problem isn't coming up with a new website (there are people lining up to help out there), its coming up with the cash to pay for the new site.

We all agreed at the AGM we need to attack the marketing strategy of the class in a new way but nobody could agree on where the funds to do that would come from?

Anyone got any ideas?

usa-4 | 18th July 2011 (10:55:42)

Class dues from the sailors themselves!
I'd be willing to pay $100 a year for a marketing scheme that goes out of its way to promote the racing and the sailors

Est 24 | 19th July 2011 (02:20:42)

good idea, lets make like sailors license for people who want to complete in events what are in world ranking. maybe not 100$ buy 50 or something, atm 653 sailors in ranking = 32 650 . Only problem is that some beginners who would like to race, in their first events, would not want to pay so much..

SeanAUS120 | 19th July 2011 (04:52:39)

I'd be happy to pay more ...

At the AGM we discussed the problem that in some countries you need to join multiple clubs/organisations to be able to compete internationally (in Australia I must join 2 clubs, in NL I heard 3?), entry fees aren't exactly cheap ... How do we convince the guy who just came to a GP event because it was in his local town and has no intention of competing anywhere else, to pay up??

Do we need a tier-system for the amounts people pay? What about skimming $1,000 off the prizemoney each event and using that? Means that every Top 16 guy only takes a pay cut of 100 to 20 euros or something?

francesco zarbo | 22nd July 2011 (00:30:05)

don't forget the national associations are paying a fee to the international class and the sailors are paying ( in italy) 70 euros for year including insurance.

Bosco ITA872 | 22nd July 2011 (03:07:04)

..a fee for each entry (competitor) each event to the Intl Class ? I dont' know how many entries there are on a year, I may say 1000 entries x 20€ = 20000€ ; less impact on everybody's wallet..

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