03-11 June '05 | Greece, Rhodes, Ialisos

IFWC European Championships

Final results

MasterMen golden fleetMen silver fleetWomenYouth

Provisional results

12th of June 2005Final report...

Final report...

12th of June 2005...hot comments

...hot comments


11th of June 2005the winners...


11th of June 2005..the crash

11th of June 2005

minute by minute reports


11th of June 2005...more photos from day 5


10th of June 2005day 5 ...

10th of June 2005...hot comments

...hot comments

10th of June 2005..day 5... minute by minute report

..day 5... minute by minute report

10th of June 2005

9:00 (local time) Good morning from Rhodes. Another sunny and pretty windy day. We have about 20-25 knots at the moment. Today is a first day of the final level for men fleet. Gold and silver fleets will compete in seven more races. We are waiting for final jury decision and then the men fleet will be split. So probably women fleet will start first today. Stay tunned for more news ... but now please read Allison's report in "read more"


10th of June 2005and more pictures from yesterday

9th of June 2005...hot comments

...hot comments


9th of June 2005more photos

9th of June 2005

MEN FLEET RESULTS ARE STILL PROVISIONAL as the jury decided to reopening one hearing 10.06 morning!
The Final Elimination Results will be publish after Jury decision!!!!
so check the provisional elimination results after protest hearings.


9th of June 2005...before we lost the anchor...

9th of June 2005Third day of racing... minute by minute report

Third day of racing... minute by minute report


8th of June 2005More photos from 2nd day


8th of June 2005...day 3 by Irek's lens

8th of June 2005...hot comments

...hot comments


8th of June 2005day 3 - action


8th of June 2005few new shots


8th of June 2005Day 3 - Skippers meeting...


8th of June 2005More racing shots from the 1st day

8th of June 2005Second day of racing...

Second day of racing... minute by minute reports


7th of June 20051st racing day

7th of June 2005Hot comments....

Hot comments....

7th of June 2005First day

Minute after minute action...


7th of June 2005Skippers meeting...

7th of June 2005

12:00 (local time) Surprise! The wind stoped to blow so we are now on stand by!


7th of June 2005Opening ceremony...

7th of June 2005Yesterday on Rhodes.

Good morning from Rhodes! Today is a first day of the competition.


6th of June 2005Registration day - Practice race

5th of June 2005

Today on Rhodes 20 to 25 knots on the water. Some of the guys had too much and didn't make it. Allison broke two masts. The forecast for next days predicts up to 40kts so those without 9.8 can have a problem on the water. Tomorrow registration day, stay tuned.


5th of June 2005Day 0

4th of June 2005Letter from Dorota

Dorota Staszewska (POL-1): I am very sorry to confirm I will not be attending this years Europeans....

3rd of June 2005Formula Windsurfing European Championships. The Windsurfing World is coming to Rhodes

The Windsurfing World is coming to Rhodes...

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Robin BEL404 | 7th June 2005 (13:09:11)

On one of the practice-race pics, I saw a camera on a jet-ski...
Will there be any video materials posted on this site or not at all?

benoit | 7th June 2005 (15:14:22)

let's go wolle nick and pascal
bel 53

Antonio ITA-32 | 7th June 2005 (15:26:29)

Bravo Andrea!
Ragazzi non mollate!!!!

Chris | 7th June 2005 (15:27:07)

Has anyone got the live webcast working?

mag | 7th June 2005 (15:56:28)

not at all

Chris | 7th June 2005 (15:59:41)

Seems to have been working now since the second lap of the womens race.

Bosco ITA872 | 7th June 2005 (17:03:05)

Andrea ITA68 , che succede,what's up?

egy bukott elnĂśk | 7th June 2005 (17:49:17)

Ez az ApuskĂĄm, 30-on belĂźlre a HUN-61-et!!

pol-14 | 7th June 2005 (21:58:09)

Gucio I knew that your the best!! Best regards.

Chris | 7th June 2005 (22:29:59)

Well done Allison. Keep up the good work.

Marloes | 8th June 2005 (10:51:49)

Come on Dutchies!! Go Ben, knallen!
x Marloes

Kenny BEL 98 | 8th June 2005 (15:19:54)

GO pacal (bel7), nick ( bel101) and wolfgang (bel3)

Jamie T | 8th June 2005 (16:48:51)

Question 4 Bruno. How come I don't see the beautiful blackhaired inscriptionsgirl (Catherine) on any of the pics of Rhodos? She was there in Ostend (WC FEx). No wonder windsurfing becomes less popular. Less old guys in the organisation & more chicas like her. :-)

Bartek | 8th June 2005 (21:39:16)

Comment to the post from 8th June 2005 (17:48:51) wrote by Jamie T :
Hi there Jamie. Glad am not only 1 who remembers that girl/woman. Saw and noticed her as well :-) Strange mix of ice queen and party animal she is. Jarek (Polish coach) must remember her as well.

Maui-No-Ka-Oi | 9th June 2005 (08:27:13)

Nah what Windsurfing needs is more Wankers like you two.

Jamie T | 9th June 2005 (08:31:32)

4 Bartek. Are you saying, Jarek scored with her? Could do with tips on defrosting that hot piece of ice.

ITA-100 | 9th June 2005 (09:54:43)

Streaming video is great but you'd show some regattas summary video for those who cannot watch it during the day.
Keep on,guys and thank you

Anonym | 9th June 2005 (10:07:35)

Please,follow the race with the camera!!!!!!
We know how is the sea!!!!!!!

Chris | 9th June 2005 (10:17:26)

Is the video smooth for anyone, or always jerky?

fam. littel | 9th June 2005 (10:24:25)


fam. littel | 9th June 2005 (10:26:33)

Laat zien wat je kan he!!!!!!!

fam. littel | 9th June 2005 (10:26:43)

Laat zien wat je kan he!!!!!!!

piepe | 9th June 2005 (10:54:01)

So far so good Wolfgang. Doe zo voort! We rekenen op je.

Anonym | 9th June 2005 (15:47:05)

Minchia,fate vedere la partenza!!!!!!!!

BEL404 | 9th June 2005 (16:20:25)

Yeah dudes, alles is lekker te volgen op de live-stream en jullie doen het echt geweldig! We houden BelgiĂŤ in elk geval op de hoogte via 't surfform...
Groeten ginder aan alle Belgen en ook de Nederlanders. (Dennis ge zijt verdamt goed bezig dude!) Keep on rippin!


HH | 10th June 2005 (10:45:41)


Anonym | 10th June 2005 (10:47:14)

Ragazzi,Luana e Moana mi hanno detto che per voi a Reggio c'č pronto il frustino....

ITA-100 | 10th June 2005 (11:02:10)

where is today's min-to-min comment?

Anonym | 10th June 2005 (11:26:06)

Why don't you let us see all parts of races in streaming video instead keeping in focus just a common point of the beach for a while?!

Anonym | 10th June 2005 (12:20:20)

Fantastisch Pascal - knap - jammer dat de livestream hier niet werkt, we hebben de race ni kunne volgen - proficiat man !

BEL404 | 10th June 2005 (12:29:17)

Dude, echt zalig da je eerste bent gefinist!! Idd werkt die live-stream nie meer, natuurlijk juist op de moment da hij wel moet werken :$

Keep up de good form!!!


mhm | 10th June 2005 (12:33:31)

teraz to juz nic nie dziala.....lipa jest

Elvis Hun211 | 10th June 2005 (12:43:44)

Does anybody have problem with live broadcast or the problem is with my connect?

Come on Hungary!! Nyomd le őket Olivér!!!

Kenny BEL 98 | 10th June 2005 (12:52:38)

Machtig pascal, eerste gewoon, doe zo verder, we willen nog is BEL 7 op de eerste zien staan


Anonym | 10th June 2005 (12:52:45)

Dale Gordo q los tenĂŠs ahĂ­ !!!

benoit | 10th June 2005 (13:45:54)

vive la belgique,bravo pascal!

vincent et jean marc

an hendrickx | 10th June 2005 (14:04:58)

geweldige prestatie pascal, keep up the good work, wij duimen vanop het thuisfront, X, fam somers

Romulo Finamore BRA110 | 10th June 2005 (14:23:53)

Calango, era vc lĂĄ na foto com aquela velinha jurĂĄssica?? Falou, Rominho - BRA110

TATIANA (PAUL S WIFE) FROM RWANDA | 10th June 2005 (14:28:39)


Clem | 10th June 2005 (14:43:14)

Is it possible to have the complete results of the races like it was done before ?

Thanls !

And go on AA and all the froggy's team !!!!!

Anonym | 10th June 2005 (14:53:29)

Come on FRA-192 and the french team !

Luco | 10th June 2005 (14:55:39)

What is the meanig of OCS and BFD?

Bosco ITA872 | 10th June 2005 (16:08:00)

OCS: On Course Side (on the last minute), BFD Black Flag Disqualified

GMGM | 10th June 2005 (16:09:30)


Anonym | 10th June 2005 (16:12:42)

Comment to the post from 10th June 2005 (17:08:00) wrote by Bosco ITA872 :

bosco didascalico, marito di giudice.

Bosco ITA872 | 10th June 2005 (16:14:53)

Baciami la poppa,Senza Nome

leentje | 10th June 2005 (16:26:49)

Hee Den! Hou vol die 1e plek! We zitten te duimen hier aan t'kagie ;)

leentje | 10th June 2005 (16:35:52)

JAAAAAAAAAA!!! Goed gedaan man! Die is mooi binnen!! Congratulations NED13

Marcy Marc NED 14 | 10th June 2005 (16:51:05)

Lekker bezig jongens!

Bosco ITA872 | 10th June 2005 (17:03:07)

Brava Verena, best italian competitor

ARGENTINOS ARRIBA | 10th June 2005 (17:22:50)


francesco zarbo | 10th June 2005 (18:09:27)

vai verena, tieni duro e domani dai il massimo.
Oggi hai fatto faville.
attacca ancora.
stai concentrata.

*** | 10th June 2005 (18:35:19)

could you use english?

Cindy | 10th June 2005 (20:29:13)

Hey Henriette, well done!!! 6th!!! Keep up the good work.

KOOTS | 10th June 2005 (22:43:20)

nog .n paar van deze dennis daar doe je het voor

two ladies | 11th June 2005 (07:34:28)

* go dennis, go dennis...whoot,whoot *

ma | 11th June 2005 (08:01:56)

Dennis veel succes vandaag, zet hem op he!

Ben en de andere Hollanders ook he!

Kenny BEL 98 | 11th June 2005 (09:11:21)

Komaan Belgen, een laatste inspanning

jedrek | 11th June 2005 (11:24:04)

It is the last day of European Champs - can you put some more effort in comments, news and results??? The level of the work that you are doing is so low that I can not even decribe it!!

Anonym | 11th June 2005 (11:54:45)

I totally agree with you,jedrek.
So high level in the water sol low in covering the event....

jedrek | 11th June 2005 (11:58:53)

you are rigth and this is sad - there is a pretty good live streaming on rwa.gr but they are too lasy to commnt anything - for more than an hour nothing was said...
I hope that another events are going to be covered on a much higher level (equivalent to the level that is shown on the water by the competitors!!)

Anonym | 11th June 2005 (12:15:37)

Le riprese fanno cagare!!!!!!!!!

Axel FRA-554 | 11th June 2005 (13:14:13)

Congratulations Antoine !!!!!!

Toutes mes fĂŠlicitations à l'ensemble des coureurs français qui ont très bien naviguĂŠs pendant le Championnat!!!!
Moi qui rĂŠvise mon bac, je vous ai suivi tous les jours sur le site et sur la webcam.
Encore Bravo à tous!!!!
Tout spĂŠcialement à Julien qui a tout dĂŠchirĂŠ en Youth!
Et une fois de plus notre Antoine National a dĂŠfendu l'honneur de la France !!!

Passez le bonjour à tout le monde de ma part, a Nico, Tom et notre Capitaine National (Didier)!
Encore bravo a tous les français et les autres concurrents car le championnat a ÊtÊ tres intÊrressant a regarder.

Bon retour à tous.

Junio | 11th June 2005 (14:05:16)


Alex | 11th June 2005 (14:32:26)

Belgian inscriptions girl: some facts.
1. name is Trine not Catherene
2. Polish coach is Jerry not Jarek
3. she is a sales rep for a French lingerie brand
4. she is single (for the moment)
Talk about a prize bird!

Chris | 11th June 2005 (14:33:35)

Well done on a great effort.

Brigitte | 11th June 2005 (18:19:06)

First I did not want to write anything but i think Trine was in Ostend at the NSC. She was friendly, efficiente and spoke a lot of languages. That is why she was working there so not because of her looks. This is very derogatoiry and not connected to the important thing: surfing. So boys, i hope this stops now.

La famille + la Gwada | 11th June 2005 (19:23:28)

Felicitations à Julien (fra 421) et Antoine (fra 192).
La famille + la Gwada pensent à vous.

juju\'mother | 11th June 2005 (19:33:36)

pour Juju (FRA 421)
bisous de nous 2
fĂŠlicitations pour ta 1ère place en youth et ta superbe place en senior.
à très bientĂ´t sous le soleil

Laurent MANSON (FRA 433) | 13th June 2005 (00:34:20)

Congratulations to Antoine, Juju, Nico, AurĂŠlien, Erwan, Florent, and all the frenchies !
Many thanks to formulawindsurfing.org that broadcasted excellents photos and comments of the Europeans 2005 (is it possible to download hi-resolution photos ? Where ?) . This big event was such exciting !
The live streaming was good but now, it's over...
What about adding a few videos as you did in 2004 ? (Such a great event is perfect to promote our passion. It needs maximum media coverage)
Many thanks to everybody who makes this event unforgetable (racers, regatta crew, sponsors, medias, ...)

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rachat de credit | 18th February 2011 (14:32:42)

Ce post m'a beaucoup aide dans mon positionnement. Merci pour ces informations

Monkey | 8th July 2011 (12:21:21)

A million tankhs for posting this information.

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