26-28 August '11 | Estonia, Tallinn

Estonia Baltic Cup

Final results


Provisional results

4th of September 2011FW Ranking 2011/2012

Martin Ervin (EST-202), Paulo dos Reis (BRA-3333) and Filip Korczycki (POL-555) - top 3 after Baltic Cup Serie 2011...

28th of August 2011Final day reports

21:52 | We are wrapping up the nice atmosphere here at the Pirita beach. Just finished watching our event in news on national TV, evryone happy but dying to get a rest at home. Thank you for joining us!

20:01 | You will find all results of the Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2011 Tallinn Event and Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2011 overall here: RESULTS

19:50 | The action of the last day are waiting for your eyes:Final day

18:42 | We thank all the competitors, sponsors anf staff - see you next year!

18:42 | The winners of NEILPRYDE BALTIC CUP 2011:
Grand Master - Arvyudas Moliusis LTU-789; Master - Martin Ervin EST-202; U20 - Rytis JasiĂźnas LTU-799; U17 - Karl-Eerik Saarm EST-228

18:30 | It is alway s so much fun when the winners are thrown \\"over board\\" to the river next to the surf club. Paolo was the first one to try to run away from his destiny. Stay tuned for the photos!

18:15 | Champagne showers at the prize giving ceremony...

1. Martin Ervin EST-202
2. Filip Korczycki POL-555
3. Toomas MĂślder EST-44
4. John Kaju EST-24
5. Ansis Dale LAT-13
6. Maris Birzulis LAT-11

17:35 | First Master - Martin Ervin EST-202; Grand Master -Arvyudas Moliusis LTU-789; Lightweight - Wilhelm Schurmann BRA-999; U20 - Rytis JasiĂźnas LTU-799; U17 - Marta Ozola LAT-140

17:25 | The best in the Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2011 Tallinn Event are: Paulo dos Reis BRA-3333, Martin Ervin EST-202, Filip Korczycki POL-555

Women: Marta Ozola LAT-140, Annika Valkna EST-146, Betti VainkĂźla EST-21

17:08 | We are getting ready for the prize giving ceremony witch will take place at 17:30

16:33 | Best women: LAT-140, EST-146, EST-21

16:31 | Top 10 of the final race of the competitions: BRA-3333, POL-555, LTU-13, EST-202, BRA-999, LAT-11, EST-24, LTU-76, LAT-13, LAT-107

16:15 | The first three of the 8th race which is also the last one of the competition and the series: BRA-3333, POL-555 and LTU-13

15:34 | The starting procedure of the final race is going on, riders lining up

14:36 | We are having 30min longer break for a quick lunch

14:28 | Results of the 7th race: BRA-3333, EST-202, LAT-0, EST-2, POL-555, LAT-13, LAT-11, EST-789, EST-24, BRA-999

14:26 | The last possible start of the day 15:30

14:14 | Wind is now 14-16knots

14:05 | 7th start was just given

13:44 | Now wind dropped and 12-14 knots again

13:37 | 2nd woman EST-21, 3d EST-146

13:29 | It smells like a storm.. On land sails flying with gusts as wind changing direction

13:27 | Top 10: BRA-3333, BRA-999, POL-555, EST-202, LAT-48, EST-44, LAT-13, EST-2, LAT-25, LAT-11

13:25 | The best woman LAT-140

13:20 | Winner of the 6th race is BRA-3333

13:16 | Wind 13-14, gusts up to 20 knots

13:06 | 6th race is taking place

12:59 | First women in Tallinn event after 5 races are Marta Ozola LAT-140, Annika Valkna EST-146 and Betti VainkĂźla EST-21

12:57 | You find the results after 4 races here: http://event.extreme.ee/index.php?id=neilpryde_baltic_cup_2011_results

12:56 | After 5 races Martin Ervin EST-202 is leading Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2011 Tallinn event with only 1 point ahead of Filip Korczycki POL-555

12:53 | Wind has shifted 70 degrees! It is suddenly grey and cloudy outside when racers are riding to the 2nd start of the day at 13:00

12:28 | 1st woman, LAT-140, in finish 5min after the winner

12:27 | Results of race 1: EST-202, BRA-999, LTU-13, EST-44, POL-555, BRA-3333, EST-24, LAT-13, ESt-789, LTU-799

12:26 | 1st man, EST-202, over the finish line of race 1 in 19 minutes

12:13 | EST-12 got OCS during the 1st start

12:07 | 1st start has been given

12:02 | You can find the photos of 2nd day here: http://event.extreme.ee/index.php?id=neilpryde_baltic_cup_2011_tallinn_2nd_day

11:23 | Wind at the racing area 10-12 knots

11:06 | Wind is shifting a lot (40 degrees) at the moment so we are hoping it to stabilize by the time of the start

11:04 | 1st start 12:00

11:03 | Reminding that you can keep an eye on us through the webcams: http://www.surf.ee/webcam

10:59 | Skippers meeting

10:58 | Weather today is nice & sunny with warm offshore wind about 12-15knots

10:55 | Good morning everyone! We have the final racing day of Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2011 Tallinn event which is also the last day for the cup series overall. Riders already rigging equipment & skippers meeting in 5min

27th of August 2011Day two reports

18:27 | And now everybody is warmly welcome to join us here in Battery Pirita Surf Club for BBQ, sunset & chilllllllllll...

18:24 | Racing continues tomorrow with skippers meeting at 11.00 and 1st possible start at 12.00. 4 races are planned to be held. Forecast promises 12 knots of S-SW wind with gusts up to 18 knots

27th of August 2011The first competition day didn`t drive any real results.

26th of August 2011Day one reports

17:45 | Pirita Surfclub calls everybody to beach party "it SAX@SURFCLUB" - its time to have a chat with stars about life, waves etc. Videos coming soon!

17:10 | Although windsurfers went to sea again, at 17:05 came the decision to cancel the race and terminate the competition day. The wheather just wasn`t good enough to compete.

26th of August 2011Serious trainings for neilpryde baltic cup 2011 finals have started!

Friday, 26. August will start NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2011 in Tallinn, Pirita Beach.

23rd of August 2011Pirita beach will have tense NeilPryde Baltic Cup Finals

26-28. August 2011 will take place NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2011 in Tallinn.

8th of August 2011Estonian Baltic Cup - Series Final ....

The final round of the 2011 Baltic Cup Series takes place from 25th >28th August in Pirita, Tallinn, Estonia.