15-20 August '11 | Latvia, Liepaja

FW European Championships and Grand Prix

23rd of August 2011News from the IWA - FW European Champion titles awarded

Almost a hundred competitors took part in the FW European Championships in Liepaja, Latvia last week and 18 countries were represented

19th of August 2011Day five reports

13:05 | Top ten finishers in Race 10 - BRA3333, ARG3, ISR1, POL16, AUS0, POL11, BRA999, POL013, NED52, FRA752

12:25 | The prize giving is tonight at the Rock Cafe in the city centre

12:18 | First Master - Steve Allen (AUS0); first light - Alexandr Cousin (FRA752) ; First youth - Andrius Sliuburys (LTU153); First Grand Master - Arvydas Moliusis (LTU789)

07:16 | Top 3 women - UKR9, POL19, EST 146; Top 3 Men - POL013, ISR1, POL16

12:15 | No more racing today - this championship is over.
Congratulations to Przemek Miarczynski (POL013) and Olga Maslivets (UKR9) 2011 Formula European Champions

18th of August 2011Day four reports

18:19 | racing continues tomorrow at 11.00 - 3 races to complete the series and a good forecast

17th of August 2011Day three reports

17:55 | No protests - first start tomorrow at 11.00

17:49 | Top 3 in women - UKR9, POL19, POL213; top 3 light - FRA752, BRA999, POL48; top 3 masters - AUS0, EST202, EST44; 1st youth -LTU153; 1st grand master - LTU 789

17:15 | Top 10 in gold fleet after 7 races - POL013, ISR1, POL16, NED52, ARG3, AUSO, POL555, BRA3333, FRA531, POL10

16th of August 2011Day two reports

17:55 | At the end of Day 2 - leading sailors in Gold fleet are - POL013, NED52, ISR1, POL16, POL555, FRA531, ARG3, AUS0, EST202, BRA3333

16th of August 2011Day one reports

18:53 | I leave you with this one quote about Liepaja - "What attracts tourists the most is probably the whitest and softest sandy beach..."

18:52 | Full results will be available soon - check out the event website for photo gallery

18:51 | One more race tomorrow and then we split the mens fleet into Gold and Silver

15th of August 2011Registration day

16:51 | Over 90 competitors registered till now - and still one hour to go ! Includes 9 or 10 women. The sailors have good, light wind, conditions for training today.

13:42 | Competitors are coming steadily into the registration tent - we have a light cross shore breeze for practice.

09:10 | Today is registration day at the Europeans here in Liepaja, Latvia. New faces are arriving to mix with the fleet that just competed in round 2 of the Baltic Cup. A very strong fleet is anticipated for this years championship.

10th of August 2011Equipment Registration for Europeans .....

Do you want to save time and stress during registration ?
Why not complete your Equipment Registration Form in advance ?

27th of June 2011Formula Europeans update ......

The organiser of the Europeans in Liepaja, Latvia, has launched an event website -

The online entry, via iwa webite , is also now available - register early to get a discount on the entry fee:

3rd of June 2011Special offer with Lufthansa – discounted travel for FW European Championships and Grand Prix attendees

Lufthansa German Airlines offers a comprehensive global route network linking Riga, Tallinn with major cities around the world. As the Official Airline to this event, Lufthansa offers special prices and conditions to all attendees.

27th of January 2011Liepaja-city where the wind is born - venue for the Formula European Championships ....

Liepaja has become a well known destination for hosting windsurfing events. Situated in the south west of Latvia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the venue has excellent wind conditions throughout the year...
Notice of Race

30th of November 20102011 Formula Windsurfing European championship will be in Liepaja, Latvia!

We are proud to announce that we have signed agreement with IWA regarding European Championship to be held in Liepaja, Latvia from August 15 – 21.

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Mattias SWE73 | 16th August 2011 (09:42:11)

Will you put up a list over the competitors and equipment? Nice to see that it´s so many participating in Europeans Championships.

ceri | 16th August 2011 (11:49:43)

competitor list should go up any minute - the equipment list is nearly ready to publish

Anonym | 16th August 2011 (14:15:58)

what is happening NOW?

Mattias SWE73 | 16th August 2011 (18:16:14)

How to get more women to compete in the Formula class?

goel | 16th August 2011 (18:40:43)

please, take some photos and upload it here!

adam | 16th August 2011 (18:45:37)

I think it is a good way to get more sponsors and publicity-we should get more women and they should surf in bikini :D Maybe it is funny but I think it can work and I'm sure that our racing will be more interesting.

Mattias SWE73 | 17th August 2011 (09:56:19)

What happened with the results for the Blue flight?
Can you get the results changed the day after the races took place? That seems strange to me? Doesn´t that have to do with the protesttime for the day the races took place? This can mean that we don´t get any Swede in the Goldfleet......

ceri | 17th August 2011 (10:14:01)

It is not a protest issue - it is race committee issue. the blue fleet results were posted late , there were some errors which were corrected before asiigning flights for race 4

Anonym | 17th August 2011 (12:05:31)

Comment to the post from 16th August 2011 (19:45:37) wrote by adam :

Bikinis is sure the way!

Mattias SWE73 | 17th August 2011 (15:30:57)

Comment to the post from 17th August 2011 (11:14:01) wrote by ceri :

Ok. Then I know...

Femke | 18th August 2011 (14:05:15)

Do you have the full results yet after 6?

Bart22B | 18th August 2011 (14:14:15)

I would like to thank both Ivo Blūms & Johkaj for great photo coverage.....excellent job!!!

ceri | 18th August 2011 (14:30:11)

after 7 coming soon

francesco zarbo | 19th August 2011 (19:10:59)

great fight for the lead. great event. congratulations!!!

francesco zarbo | 20th August 2011 (09:56:58)

ceri, race 10 is valid?

ceri | 20th August 2011 (10:25:01)

yes - valid race - but last race

Mattias SWE73 | 20th August 2011 (13:40:50)

Good reports from the EC. It have been fun to read and see all the pictures. Funny to see that there were´nt anyone from Denmark. Wonder why, maybe because they´re hosting the MastersWC this year.

BrettMorris | 22nd August 2011 (06:18:29)

Great event guys...

J | 22nd August 2011 (07:59:56)

How did Casper do that with one arm?? Respect

johannes | 22nd August 2011 (09:10:09)

to Mattias... maybe because the EC level is so high for them!?(joke). or is it question of attitude and respect. See who have not already been in Sopot 2 years ago. and why???

jason | 28th August 2011 (17:03:40)

How come on the pictures of Estonia Baltic cup there are two BRA999 on the same starts? shurman and who?

Martin EST-202 | 29th August 2011 (15:29:05)

to Jason- it is me EST-202 and if you look closer your should see my number under. It's because my 12,0 sail broke and Shurman was so kind to give me his. many thanks to Wilhelm for that, as without his help I would of been in very bad situation...

jason | 30th August 2011 (07:47:44)

Congratulations Martin, I later looked at the pictures and spotted it was you.

Martin EST-202 | 1st September 2011 (11:12:01)

Thanks! :)

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