01-05 June '11 | Italy, Riccione, nr Rimini

Riccione 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix

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5th of June 2011Two races on the final day of Riccione Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix .....

The early start scheduled for 8.00 am failed to deliver conditions similar to the previous days - and it turned into a long day for competitors and race committee. However mid afternoon , and despite overcast skies, the wind kicked in and 2 races were run in 12>14 knots before the storm wiped out the chance of further racing.


5th of June 2011Prize Giving


5th of June 2011Day three

4th of June 2011Final day report

19:50 | some changes in the final overall ranking after priotests heard - NED52, AUS0, EST202, GER220, POL10, NED13, POR5, BRA50, POL555, BRA3333 - full results posted soon

16:31 | 2 protests to be heard - the jury have started
Raining very heavily now - we have had all conditions this week !

16:30 | AP over A - no more racing today - the Riccione GP is over

4th of June 2011No wind today - no change in the Riccione rankings ....

A frustrating third day for all concerned at the Riccione Grand Prix. The wind failed to materialise in sufficient strength to start a race.

3rd of June 2011Day four report

18:10 | No more racing today.
A dinner at 8.00 for the sailors and friends at the beach - and a live band playing at 10.30. First possible start tomorrow is 08.00 hrs

3rd of June 2011No change at the top of the ranking in Riccione ....

Only one race was possible today at the Riccione Grand Prix - Casper Bouman secured another win to leave him at the top of the event ranking at the end of the second racing day.


3rd of June 2011Day two


3rd of June 2011Opening Ceremony

3rd of June 2011Day three report

17:29 | Top Ten after 2 races - NED52, AUS0, EST202, GER220; POR5, ITA415, POL555, NED34, NED777, ESP16

2nd of June 2011Casper leads after day one at Riccione Grand Prix ....

Racing started today at the 2011 Riccione Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix, an event hosted for the first time by Club Vela Marano.
And what a club !


2nd of June 2011Day one

2nd of June 2011Day two report

18:46 | Tonight we have an opening party with buffet - i am sure it will be a good night .It is a public holiday in Italy and Riccione is a party town !

1st of June 2011Day one report

20:10 | Tomorrow morning we have late registration followed by skippers meeting and first possible start at 1300. Today there was good wind for training and a practice race; the organisation is ready; the club volunteers are very enthusiastic and helpful.

31st of May 2011Video from Riccione - International Windsurfing Formula grand prix

Check out the video on youtube.com

6th of May 2011Riccione welcomes the Formula Windsurfing entourage...

Riccione is the venue chosen for the first 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix.

20th of December 2010RICCIONE Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix - NoR published

The event will take place from 1st to 5th June. Riccione is located along the Adriatic Sea on the eastern coast of Italy.

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jason | 31st May 2011 (21:54:36)

Any news about GP today?

BRA999 | 31st May 2011 (21:55:39)

today a nice wind filled in around 2pm, everyone was out training on 12s and some on 11s. The wind was around 8 to 12 knots, very constant...

BRA999 | 31st May 2011 (22:00:38)


WILHELM SCHURMANN BRA999 | 31st May 2011 (22:02:46)

... Many sailors arrived today, some made the long drive like Denis and Kasper from Holand. Also fresh from a podium finish was Martin Ervin from Estonia and many more sailors from Baltic area and also Greece. Tomorrow is registration day and the wind looks the same. I guess Ceri will be here doing life reports and so this will be me signing off. Cheers,Wilhelm

WILHELM SCHURMANN BRA999 | 31st May 2011 (22:05:44)


gre-969 | 1st June 2011 (07:32:37)

Thanks Wilhelm for your nice reports, from my point of view I would like you continue tell us your racing exprience as an competitor, I love to read your storys !!
best regards from Greece

Bart | 1st June 2011 (17:18:42)

......so what's going on in there?

4mi | 1st June 2011 (21:21:11)


c. Rica | 2nd June 2011 (14:06:04)

maururu 4mga, aitapeapea.

GERRIT | 2nd June 2011 (16:37:06)

whats is happen white the first race

gre-969 | 2nd June 2011 (18:12:08)

Probably they had very low wind conditions because only 21 competitors finished in time from a total of 58 sailors !!
Hope the wind will rise up a little the next days...

SeanAUS120 | 2nd June 2011 (19:32:49)

SUPER low winds!! haha. Nice place to sail though; water is super warm. Casper made us all look like amateurs... think he was 500m ahead of Steve by the end...

Jose | 2nd June 2011 (19:45:57)

what is Casper on???? and what happened to BRA3333...?

ceri | 2nd June 2011 (22:56:14)

anyone can have a bad day

SeanAUS120 | 3rd June 2011 (07:53:43)

Casper is on the F2 Z and NP with a Kashy.

6 knots is what happened to BRA3333... hahaha.

Angel Ania | 3rd June 2011 (08:42:02)

Forza ESPAÑA :)

gre-969 | 3rd June 2011 (09:53:22)

Ι am not woundring about Casper success, from what I heared he was a RS:x competitor in the National team of NED and a very good one !!

SeanAUS120 | 4th June 2011 (15:07:06)

"Very good??" Casper has been an RS:X World Champion and twice at the Olympics... he's a bit better than just 'very good' ;-)

Anonym | 8th June 2011 (04:19:59)

Was there an equipment list taken? It would be interesting to see what gear is working well (or not) in the light!

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