12-17 December '05 | Australia, Melbourne

2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Final results


Provisional results


18th of December 2005The last day...


17th of December 2005The Champions

17th of December 2005Shreeve and Albeau new World Champions

Shreeve and Albeau new World Champions

17th of December 2005Melbourne reports by Ceri (CET)

Minute by minute...


16th of December 2005Day 4

16th of December 2005Check out the results of the GPS Formula initiative !

16th of December 2005Albeau and Shreeve lead Formula Worlds

15th of December 2005Melbourne reports(CET)

Minute by minute...


15th of December 2005Day 3

15th of December 2005Injured Shreeve maintains Formula Worlds lead – Brzozowski leads Men’s

Injured Shreeve maintains Formula Worlds lead – Brzozowski leads Men’s ...
and photos from day3

15th of December 2005Melbourne reports

Minute after minute

14th of December 2005Shreeve and Brzozowski take the lead at Formula Windsurfing Worlds

Shreeve and Brzozowski take the lead at Formula Windsurfing Worlds.
Check out David's "belly" Bell photos day2- part 2.

14th of December 2005Day 2 : minute after minute

Day 2 : minute after minute

13th of December 2005Breeze arrives late for Formula Windsurfing Worlds

The breeze arrived late, but it did finally arrive for the 96 competitors representing 22 countries at Sail Melbourne’s Formula Windsurfing Worlds at Elwood Sailing Club in Victoria today.

Photos from the first day of racing.


13th of December 2005FW -Worlds 2005 - day 1

13th of December 2005Day one - minute after minute

Day 01 : Minute after minute

13th of December 2005Formula Windsurfer Worlds start today

Formula Windsurfer Worlds start today

11th of December 2005

Look at .tushar.'s photos from 10.12.

8th of December 2005

2005 Formula Windsurfing World Championships – ACTION FOR EVERYONE
read the article on the Worlds official website and check the gallery.

30th of November 2005Formula worlds shuttle bus timetable

Formula worlds shuttle bus timetable
Please find attached the completed schedule and details behind the free shuttle bus Sail Melbourne is operating to take sailors and their equipment to Elwood Sailing Club....

15th of November 2005Melbourne ..Check List

Here's a friendly reminder of things to do or things to bring.

14th of November 2005

The Sail Melbouren International Formual Windsurfing Warm Up Event incorperates the 2006 Formula Windsurfing Australian Championships and will be a crucial warm up event for local and International sailors here in Melbourne for the Sail Melbourne Formula Windsurfing 2005 World Championships.... read more here!

14th of November 2005FREE Airport Transfers for Formula Windsurfing World Championships! – BOOK NOW!

FREE Airport Transfers for Formula Windsurfing World Championships! – BOOK NOW!

4th of November 2005

AGM 2005
International Formula Windsurfing Class is pleased to announce its Annual General Meeting which will be held Wednesday, 14th of December 2005 in Elwood Sailing Club, Melbourne/Australia, during the FW World Championships 2005.

Please check the Agenda

22nd of October 2005

Industry Notices .....
In the run up to the Worlds in Melbourne we are opening up a section on the website for windsurfing industry supporters of Formula Windsurfing to post newsitems .

First notice for ' Industry Notices' :
MAUI SAILS... check it

15th of October 2005

Important notice!!!
Anyone who needs help with VISA for travel to AUS for FW Worlds to please immediately contact the SailMelb
office via sailmelbourne.com.au so that we can assist in every way possible.

SailMelb can provide letter of introduction/invitation to assist in VISA application to AUS
for any rider originating from a country where there may be difficult VISA requirements for Australia.

Note : this is not many countries (AUS will issue Visas online to many countries) but for some (include Poland) it does seem to more difficult.
So we will do everything possible to help and smooth the process.
Thanks and Cheers ~ Ian Fox

30th of September 2005FW Worlds Melbourne 2005

Just a preannouncement that today (against some rather strong odds) we have reached an
agreement with a major international airline (SINGAPORE AIRLINES) to provide an additional 50 kgs (ie ; one FW kit dimensions)
excess baggage allowance per passenger travelling to/from Melbourne for the FW Worlds.

Please read: Singapore Airlines baggage allowance details.pdf

20th of September 2005Wind Stats in Melbourne Bay

Did you every thought about the wind speed in past year in Melbourne. Now you can check in day by day.

13th of September 2005QUALIFIED or WILDCARD ? ....a reminder

FW Worlds '05 - QUALIFIED or WILDCARD ? ....a reminder

8th of September 2005

Team Storage containers at the 2005 Formula Windsurfing World Championships
...read the pdf file

25th of August 2005The build up to the 2005 World Championships continues .

The Notice of Race has now been published, with an Entry Form.

20th of August 2005Time to start focusing on the forthcoming Worlds...

Time to start focusing on the forthcoming Worlds...
The list of competitors who have qualified via their Continental Championships ...

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francesco zarbo | 11th December 2005 (21:31:48)

albi,dai notizie !

Andrea Cucchi ITA-1 | 11th December 2005 (23:40:59)

le rs6 sono meglio delle rs5... ciao.

Anonym | 11th December 2005 (23:41:10)

cosa vuoi sapere??
qua vento tutti i giorni!
io bene, tutto ok, vele a posto velocità perfetta

francesco zarbo | 12th December 2005 (13:18:40)

albi non fare cappelle, mangia regolare e se possibile italiano.

Chris | 14th December 2005 (08:43:54)

Well done Ally!!!!! You rock. Keep going just like that.

Toasty | 14th December 2005 (14:01:09)

Mannen, we gaan nog steeds goed! Ben is ook weer wakker! Pieter jongen, pas je turbo aanzetten als je over de startlijn bent! Morgen beter want je ben zo weer terug in de top 5! Volg gas mannen en bij wie kan ik wedden? Volwater in de top 10, daar wil ik wel wat geld op zetten. mzzll Troost

Oleg | 16th December 2005 (13:12:20)

Where ais Mans Race 6 results???
What are you doing there guys???

kj | 16th December 2005 (13:24:55)

Ask organisers!!

junio | 16th December 2005 (13:25:20)

Hi Ceri
...Why all those raceres have been re-classed 88.0G on race 1?????....Please let me know.

?????????? | 16th December 2005 (14:57:27)

Pourquoi il y a eu un reclassement ds la course 1?

(Apres 4 jours de compet). Le reglement stipule que les reclamations doivent etre le jour meme du litige et non 4 jous apres.

Chris | 17th December 2005 (05:45:07)


Great effort and great result. Enjoy the party :-)

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (05:55:18)

Way to go Antoine, everyone on Maui is partying tonight. Have a great Christmas in France.

Italian Stallion | 17th December 2005 (05:57:37)

Way to go Seth, hope NP gets you on their team also. Check out the German Windsurf Magazine when you get a chance, big news today.

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (06:05:32)

What, Micah on NP next year, that is old news dude.

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (06:28:29)

micah sucks

Italian Stallion | 17th December 2005 (06:29:08)

Wow I just got my Mag, how did you find out so soon?

Italian Stallion | 17th December 2005 (06:32:05)

I think that Anonym is from Gran Canaria?? Is that right??

Aloha | 17th December 2005 (06:34:33)

Wow how can you say that he sucks. He trained Jimmy and Seth and look at their finishes. Shame on you Spanish

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (07:15:14)

you fools.

micah rips, any day of the year. He's a class act. I hope he gets a tonne of money from NP. He's been in the top of years and deserves everything he negotiates.

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (07:46:57)

results. i guess we will come back next week for those. looks like Antione wins easily, second could be the polish chap, Diaz looks like he'll be in third, Gonzo moves up to 4th from 20th. then who knows. doesn't matter after 3rd.

bry | 17th December 2005 (09:09:38)

more photos available here:

?????????? | 17th December 2005 (10:46:16)

Bravo FR421 super competition, belle 7eme place.

junio | 17th December 2005 (11:11:10)

Bravo Juju => on t'attend en Gwada !!..

?????????? | 17th December 2005 (11:26:58)

Vestertom you are bad man for your protest.

Dave K | 17th December 2005 (12:42:15)

Nice going Jesper! It took some time but as the event progressed your placing improved. The bullet to close the event must have felt great! Enjoy some rest... the back to Living the Dream

Anonym | 17th December 2005 (13:33:38)

Vestertom (D111) your protest after 4 days is not valid.

Theo | 20th December 2005 (20:30:33)

Not too long from now, the minutes from this years AGM might show up on this website, but is there already some news or any update about next years location for the World Championships?

Will it be Rhodos or Silvaplana, or some other venue?

Anonym | 20th December 2005 (21:50:07)

jesper did not protest, rather sought redress: there is a a difference to people who know. he was not the one who broke the rules. someone had to do it he was just smart enough to figure he had a right to redress after rc missed their time limit to protest. then the delay was because it took that long for the jury to make up their mind. it was rc?s obligation to enforce their own rule and they failed to do it. give jesper a break, you could not meet a nicer guy he does not deserve your uninformed slander.

sb | 20th December 2005 (23:13:27)

There was a lot of confusion on how to deal with the big no boating/DSQ zone located light next to the finish line and launching area. Before the race, the organizer stressed that you cant go through and if you did, you'd be DSQ'ed.
On the first or second day, a bunch of people went through but were not DSQ'ed by the RC- as they were the only ones who could protest on this ground. Jesper requested redress because he was unfairly affected by an (un)action of the RC. The Protest commitee then reversed their desision and threw out those people who went into the No boating zone the first day- scoring them with DSQ's but not affecting anybody elses scores.
The issue came up the last day again when several competitors sailed through the No boating zone while launching in the surf on their way to the start and also go DSQ'd. Ironicly, they wern't racing at the time (the prep gun had not gone off yet) and the shore break was huge that day with 35-45 mph winds.

ceri | 21st December 2005 (10:45:47)

Hi ,
the no boating Zone was not that big ! it was easliy avoided ; and most sailors did avoid it .
The area is regulated by the local police it was not an arbitary decicion of the organisers or RC .
At the first (and subsequent ) sailor briefings the mpotance of avoidace was emphasised . The launch and rigging area for the event was further up the beach - sailors ignoring the requests /advice of the organisers were invarably the ones at fault .
Racing or not racng is not relevant .
Even the one race with the finish line closest to the restricted zone (race 1) the cours could be sailed without infringement -most choseto aoidthe are and picked their course accordingly .
Pilot error cannot be blamed on others .

Dany | 21st December 2005 (15:06:36)

the next Worlds will be held on Rhodes as mentioned on this years Europeans

Anonym | 21st December 2005 (16:17:58)

Has the event organizer paid the prize money from the last event in Rhodes?

ceri | 21st December 2005 (17:05:44)

Hi ,
Rhodes is not the venue for 2006 Worlds.
A full report will follow soon .

Anonym | 27th December 2005 (15:10:33)

juju,bravo,congrats,very good work,place 7!!!! have a happy new year!

H | 10th January 2006 (15:58:07)

Ceri, will the detailed registered equipment list for the Worlds in Melbourne be posted on this site? Would be interesting to know what fins and sail sizes were used.

ceri | 10th January 2006 (18:44:09)

apologies for the delay .The formsre being sent to KJ- and an analysis will follow asap.

Anonym | 17th January 2006 (20:51:00)

Ceri/KJ, when will you post the registered equipment?

ceri | 17th January 2006 (21:07:51)

sorry -still waiting for the equipment forms from Oz.

Arrippece | 2nd December 2010 (13:32:57)

Рисунков как добавляйте и все довольно тип топ

spobionse | 29th December 2010 (03:49:39)

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