04-07 August '10 | Greece, Schinias

2010 Balkan Open Championship

Final results


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Ali | 8th December 2012 (10:44:10)

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great stories. I enjyoed reading them and catching up with everyone. Vickie and Spurgeon still very entertaining and motivating too! Love the humor here. I have to admit I got burnt out of running since my move to Boston. I have been in the gym pretty hard though, still working for that runners high , without running if its possible. The past year I ran and worked so hard pushing my mind and my body further than I ever had all at one time. And I just got burnt out. I hadn't been in the gym since February because I only wanted to run. Between school and work I've been tryin to line up some volunteer gigs at some local races. I have been walking everywhere! Except the grocery store )I am playing with the idea of doing my first marathon. Well I'm not playing it's going to happen, I just have to pick a race!I was happy to see the link for Dean's Blog on the home page! Congratulations to everyone who has kept it active. I'm sure the team at RW's never expected this turn out . gotta love that! I'm still lookin out for the video. If I remember right the book is next spring. Vickie, did I miss your article?!By the way I'll be headed home on the same day as the MCM. I won't be able to run, but I'm working on getting a volunteer position. Straight from the airport to the finish line!I like the poptart stories by the way. I'm definitely going to try that one when I start training again. Mike C-NJ, I have chased down gels with gatorade quite a few times to reduce how many things I carried on a run. It's a rush of saturation and I'm pretty thirsty for water afterwards, but I don't recall it being a bad experience.

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