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USA-4 | 19th July 2010 (20:47:52)

Live streaming of the sf event @
w w w

Bart | 21st July 2010 (04:30:43)

hey USA4, let us know what happen today? did you do any racing? where can i find any info?
thanks, bart

usa4 | 21st July 2010 (06:46:26)

4 races today in 15-20k in overcast flat water flood tide.
BRA333 dominated today's racing w/ 3 bullets and old man Phil Mcgain put in a solid performance w/ 1, 2, 3 (6) and sits in 2nd followed closely by Schurman w/ 7 points.
SF sailor Seth Besse broke into top 5 putting in best performance by local.
A few protest are pending- waiting for Wednesday's hearing after racing.
Up next wednesday is 2 more course races followed by a long distance race to Treasure island and back.
For results- see event info link above.
Photos: w w w picyourshot . com/event/2010-US-Windsurfing-Nationals

usa4 | 21st July 2010 (06:54:09)

more photos at w w w waterhound.smugmug . com/Windsurfing/2010-US-Windsurfing-National/13013014_Yw6Jr#942046339_mFMoa

usa4 | 21st July 2010 (17:03:45)

There's another live web cam to watch the racing from at the stfyc . com site. Look for the link to the right on the opening page.

Bart | 22nd July 2010 (04:16:49)

what happen with POR5?

usa4 | 22nd July 2010 (15:44:03)

POR5 injured with blown out calf and chest muscles.
Too bad as he was putting on a good performance!

Bart | 26th July 2010 (17:16:22)

could somebody post equipment list?

sean | 26th July 2010 (17:33:41)

Results for light weight?

USA-4 | 26th July 2010 (21:49:57)

There was no weight divisions- only overall!
Equipment list to come...

Josh | 27th July 2010 (05:58:37)

light weight would have been: 1. shurman 2. Bodner, 3. Sylvester

crad | 27th July 2010 (21:53:40)

what is the cutoff for lightweight? perhaps it should be 1. shurman, 2. Mirel, 3. Radkowski

Fw sailor | 28th July 2010 (05:34:00)

There was no weight divisions in this regatta.

Bart | 3rd August 2010 (17:40:53)

Hey, any chance for the equipment list?

FW | 26th September 2010 (12:46:33)

Does anyone sell formula JP?

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