01-08 August '04 | Poland, Łeba

FW Era World Champioships


Live coverage from the event is available on www.windsurfingeracup.com

Video stream : tv.windsurfingeracup.com

9th of August 2004FW Worlds Race Report

FW Worlds Race Report - by Steve Allen

7th of August 2004

Dorota and Micah - FW World Champions 2004!!!!

7th of August 2004

We've got great racing in Łeba. Every race gives new lieder of the event…

7th of August 2004

We are preparing for last day of racing in Łeba. The wind is almost stable enough to put the races on.

6th of August 2004

Finally we had some good racing in Łeba, four races for both men fleets and the same for women fleet. Micah Buzianis and Dorota Staszewska are leading.

5th of August 2004

We've got races in Łeba at the moment...

4th of August 2004

Today in Łeba there was no races. For tomorrow there is a good forecast, we start at 09:30.

4th of August 2004

Sunny beatiful morning in Leba, but without wind. We hope the wind will pick up afternoon ... More info on www.windsurfingeracup.com

3rd of August 2004

We had one blue fleet race (finish : FRA-192, ISR-1, POL-10, CAN-1, NED-0 ), yellow and women was cancelled.

3rd of August 2004

104 men and 19 women registered for the event and ... waiting on the beach for the wind...
please come to www.windsurfingeracup.com for live coverage

2nd of August 2004

Registration is taking place in Łeba from the early morning, already 80 men and 14 women competitors registered.

1st of August 2004

Hello from Łeba, today we have registration. Most of the competitors are on the water and training. The wind is about 10-12 knots. The forecast for next few days is quite optimistic. Keep your fingers cross and stay tuned.

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Elke Kiehn | 2nd August 2004 (04:42:19)

Hi Ally - will be watching you from this side of the world and keeping all fingers crossed for strong winds......................
Good luck but most of all - enjoy!
Port Macquarie

Tammy | 2nd August 2004 (09:11:13)

Good luck my love!!!!


Anonym | 2nd August 2004 (11:18:09)

Fra421 good luck,keep cross my fingers for you!!!
your biggest fan ;-)

Anonym | 2nd August 2004 (13:45:38)


taty | 2nd August 2004 (14:15:42)

Hi there,

I want to wish KPR and Phil all the best..

RĂŠmi | 2nd August 2004 (14:47:37)

Allezz Moa,

Bon courrage et Gaz

ventalon | 2nd August 2004 (15:41:25)

Allez juju (Moa),le moral est le nerf de la guerre.Tu les auras.

ventalon | 2nd August 2004 (15:42:54)

Allez juju (Moa),le moral est le nerf de la guerre.Tu les auras.

Francesco | 2nd August 2004 (15:43:51)

In bocca al lupo a tutti gli Italiani in gara !!!

maria | 2nd August 2004 (19:45:11)

I hope Wojtek will B the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2day is his birthday& I wish him all the best especially during WINDSURFINGERACUP

Anonym | 2nd August 2004 (20:35:23)

Thank you at Bogo, for the great photos and information for everything, those at home to sit must!!!

judy | 2nd August 2004 (22:14:11)

go kick some butt
we are cheering you on

Reinhardt | 2nd August 2004 (22:14:14)

I'll keep my fingers cross for good winds and all racers - special greeting to the Team of Austria - hi Sebastian - hope you'll feel well - do your best!

Jonathan Bright | 3rd August 2004 (04:31:18)

Good luck Phil and KP! Show what the Gaastra team has to offer.

Watching from, Victoria, TX-USA.


Anonym | 3rd August 2004 (05:51:21)

I wish all the Swedish guys good luck. I hope that SWE13 will get in to the top5 position in the end.
HĂŠ is dominating the Swedish tour this year.
He have won 22 out of 27 races this year and is the Swedish Champion and the Nordic Champion.

david | 3rd August 2004 (08:50:03)

Hope all you guys (and girls) get more wind than is being forcast by windguru... looks like it might be a slow start..

mark jordan | 3rd August 2004 (08:51:17)

hi, allision , good luck and kick some but

borewicz | 3rd August 2004 (10:26:15)

chlopaki z leby przestancie pic bo nie wygracie tej pedaliady!!

janeczka | 3rd August 2004 (10:27:06)

trzymam kciuki za bogusia

kaziu | 3rd August 2004 (10:29:00)

hehe BIOS-----> Baniakowe Impreium Ojca Semiego kolak ja w ciebie wierze!!!!! kaziu.

patrick | 3rd August 2004 (12:26:18)

hy koolwigger rip them all

aloha je surfmaats brouwersdam

windstock | 3rd August 2004 (12:42:04)

if possible, could you attach radio mikes on some particpants as they come off the water, after a race, then step away and listen.
just an idea.

glad yer there Bogo and all.
Also large thanks for all the work that went into pulling this together to everyone

max | 3rd August 2004 (13:31:52)

BOGO don't be lazy,take fotos!

Bogo | 3rd August 2004 (15:35:55)

i'm not but i can't be in ten places in the same time, sorry. i try my best.

Kevin | 3rd August 2004 (19:20:36)

what means BFD?

Anonym | 3rd August 2004 (19:53:03)

bfd = black flack disqualification

over early at the start

Maurice | 3rd August 2004 (19:53:22)

Allez Moa,
17ème bon dĂŠbut.

WARIATH | 3rd August 2004 (21:01:20)

Powodzenia chłopaki i dziewczyny, dajcie z siebie wszystko żebyście potem nie mówili że "znów nie zrobiliście czegoś w tym odcinku" tzn na mistrzostwach ;)

Menegatti Alberto | 3rd August 2004 (21:34:19)

I just think that BRA999 is slow us a dog..............

wilhelm schurmann BRA999 slow as a dog | 3rd August 2004 (21:45:59)

I think Menegatti has to change sports and go play ping pong......... by the way, there are some dogs that are faster than baby bear (you will know what I am talking about menegatti). hehehe

Devons girlfriend | 4th August 2004 (11:41:42)

A special message to bogo:


first of all thanks for your effort but your security service system must be a really polnish one : one meter is too near to devon!!! can i help you with some swiss bodyguards? the rule is : no girls at all, from no distance at all!!!!!!!!! im sure you understand my concerns in this delicate case!!

p.s for the next time: please dont lead devon into any temptations avoid any embarrassing photos from him.

Thanks in advance

best regards


gennis | 4th August 2004 (12:19:31)

hey sepp, alles gute! bis nun seh ich dich ja noch nicht auf der liste die reingekommen sind *fg*
Hau rein und geh mit der Welle :)))
Packst du schon!!

gennis | 4th August 2004 (12:20:29)

den an das Preisgeld :)
und an mich!!

Anonym | 4th August 2004 (12:56:50)

Hey Allison, I like the new colors of your website.
Go hard and good luck

Reinhardt | 4th August 2004 (14:24:28)

Hi Seb - hau rein, wenns endlich losgeht!! Hang loose!! RG

Anonym | 5th August 2004 (16:02:53)

C'est bien,continue de grignoter. Si tu as faim, tu vas tous les croquer.Bon appetit.

Tommi | 5th August 2004 (20:09:15)

Tsemppiä Suomen joukkue! Toivotaan että saatte kunnon keliä, älkää antako periksi. terv FIN-202

vincent/ventalon | 6th August 2004 (08:11:10)

vas-y juju, bouffe les tous !!! tout st GĂŠly souffle dans ta voile

Anonyma | 6th August 2004 (08:43:54)

bogo,more pics, please!!!
julien,(Fra421) gogogo, you are the champion!!
bonne chance!!

Anonym | 6th August 2004 (14:24:21)

US 3 race in both group??????

TON SPONSOR DE PERE | 6th August 2004 (15:31:41)

Allez JUJU,bouffe des nouilles, affine tes reglages serre les dents, et FONCE. Tu les auras.

? | 6th August 2004 (15:47:03)

why ITA8 is not ITA89 ?

pol-147 | 6th August 2004 (17:26:06)

Vive la Pologne , allez Les Polonais!!!!!

Portugal | 6th August 2004 (20:04:45)

Hi jimmy lever how is kadafi tail eheheh
give me four eheheh

TON SPONSOR DE PERE | 6th August 2004 (20:10:19)

Dis moi JUJU, fais moi une belle parabole en cloche plutot qu'une exponentielle.

Anonym | 6th August 2004 (20:24:03)

bambi !!!!!!!!! go home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hemingway | 7th August 2004 (12:52:45)

Micah, I hope I see you back in Hungary as a Worldchampion. GO!!!

Maurice | 7th August 2004 (13:39:22)

Allez MOA, Plus qu'une manche pour conserver ta place dans la gold. Allez GAZ GAZ
rĂŠpĂŠtĂŠ man pa tend

cina | 7th August 2004 (22:36:24)

Wojtek what happend?????!!!! Hoped to see you as a Champion:( but still for me you're the best!!!

Micah congratulations, you earn it!!

Hemingway | 8th August 2004 (11:38:28)

Micah, YES, you will come to Hungary as a world champ!!! So i will pay your highway ticket that time... haha. Good luck on Canary. Congratulation! Nowhere can be on better place this gold!

??? | 8th August 2004 (12:41:50)

Bogo,czy to juz koniec zdjec ma erze?

mary | 8th August 2004 (16:41:46)

Wojtus.MISTRZU, chce tylko powiedziec, ze i tak jestes the best.Napewno kazdy czekal na medal,ale co to za wyrzuty do cholery od niektorych????????Jestes zajebisty i wogole No1!!!!!!!!!!
A piaty wyscig.......KLASA!
Ogolnie GRATULUJE!!!!!!!!!

kobieta z Polski | 9th August 2004 (08:24:45)

brawo DOROTKA.gratulacje

??? | 9th August 2004 (08:28:40)

Bogo-srednio sie popisales w tym roku

Spritz | 9th August 2004 (16:58:21)

Bogo zrobil co trzeba...
A moze BBdesign byl by lepszy?? hm... NIE!!!

alphonse | 9th August 2004 (18:42:14)

bravo à tous il se sont bien batu sur l eau mais les soirĂŠes etait encore plus folle j en suis certaint on veut plus de photos connaissant la pologne est les polonaises et les ridueurs sont là le jours mais ils rident aussi la nuit qui a les bonnes adresse???

kj | 9th August 2004 (20:23:06)

Biedny Bogo w czasie całych mistrzostw był po prostu chory (przez jeden dzien stracił nawet głos). Pakował w siebie całe worki medycznych świnstw, co musiało się odbić się na jego formie (artystycznej oczywiscie!)

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