05-10 July '10 | Italy, Cagliari, Sardinia.

FW European Festival - FE, FW Youth & FW Masters European Championships

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Some photos:
Author: Johannes Kaju
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Author: Elena Jasiuniene
part 1
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Flicker gallery from Michela Vacca

10th of July 2010Prize Giving

10th of July 2010Final day - live report

15:57 | The prize giving will be at 17.00 hrs

15:55 | No more racing - the wind never arrived! Marco Begalli (master) and Jacek Piasecki (youth) are the 2010 European Champions

15:00 | everybody is ready to go to the water if the race committee calls them . one more race is everones wish !

14:30 | Time is running out -one hour left to drop AP if we are to get a final race !

12:30 | there is a light breeze -which is better than no breeze ! we remain on hold

11:38 | we are on hold, but still hopeful of wind before the last possible start - which is 16.00

9th of July 2010Day four - live report

18:10 | No racing today . We are hoping conditions improve tomorrow for the final day of these championships.

8th of July 2010Day three - live report

17:35 | After 5 races the leading sailors in each fleet are:
Youth -POL13, POL83, FRA32, POL44, POL23
Master - ITA415, ITA60, BRA5, ITA163, ITA5

7th of July 2010Day two
Ceri report

19:16 | First warning signal tomorrow is at 11.00

6th of July 2010Day one....
Ceri report

18:30 | no more racing today.First possible start tomorrow is 11.00.

4th of July 2010Registration day
Ceri report

21:02 | 55 competitors from 14 countries have registered. Tonight we have an opening ceremony followed by a pasta party. Full details of entry and plans for tomorrow will follow.

4th of July 2010Ceri report

21:51 | I have just arrived in Cagliari; a delayed flight meant going straight to the hotel and not the club. It is hot tonight , with a light breeze , though this afternoon it was windy! typical conditions at this time of year -and hopefully that will continue all week. Tomorrow is registration day; racing starts on Tuesday. Stay tuned for the news -as it happens.

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FRA418 | 6th July 2010 (12:30:22)

How are the winds and sea?

How is the racing going?

Wondering about GBR results...

francesco zarbo | 6th July 2010 (17:48:53)

sette otto forse nove nodi. campo di regata molto difficile e bucato. 55 tra master e youth sulla stessa linea di partenza. puglione primo europeo master dopo la prima prova ((il primo vero dei master è bra 5) poi delogu, marcone quarto, treggiari sesto, zarbo settimo, e a seguire tutti gli altri. se continua così c'è da faticare. ngli youth lo sbramo si è fatto un sonno ma ha margine per recuperare.

RICARDO BRA 8 | 7th July 2010 (03:59:03)

Vai la Mathias honra os Brazucas ai.

Gabriel Browne BRA 50 | 7th July 2010 (04:09:32)


RICARDO CONDE BRA8 | 7th July 2010 (17:11:18)

Tibor you´re my idol.
Sure I´ll be like you in the future

fabio melo | 8th July 2010 (16:02:32)

mp vei louco, cumedor de bosta!!!!

Gabriel Browne BRA 50 | 8th July 2010 (16:14:39)

MP MP MP MP MP !!!!!

boccia | 8th July 2010 (16:18:01)

MP acelera essa jaca rabujo...

RICARDO CONDE BRA8 | 8th July 2010 (17:03:15)


Angel Ania | 8th July 2010 (18:06:33)

OLE por Pablo ESP-16, en cuanto mejore ese hombro estarĂĄs arriba
Google traslator ajjajajaj
OLE por Pablo ESP-16, as you will be better that shoulder up

dfgf | 8th July 2010 (18:07:21)


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