11-16 October '10 | Brazil, Araruama, Rio Janeiro

World Festival - FE, FW Youth & FW Masters World Championships

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21st of October 2010Day 4 and podiums


16th of October 2010Day 3

16th of October 2010Final day - Ceri report

16:35 | BRA5 clinches the masters title with one race left .
race 15 will start in 5 minutes.


16th of October 2010Day 2/3 photos


15th of October 2010Rest day visit to Rio

15th of October 2010Short report

In the Formula Youth fleet Gabriel Browne (BRA50 ) confirmed the 2010 title with 3 first places...

15th of October 2010Ceri report

17:36 | Leading the overall FW fleet - Paulo dos Reis (BRA3333) - aheaqd of BRA50, POL013 , BRA5, and GBR451

14th of October 2010Ceri report

16:10 | That last race was finished in winds of 30 knots .


13th of October 2010Day 1

13th of October 2010Ceri report

10:24 | There will be no racing today. A reserve day was planned in the schedule for tomorrow. However with a good forecast for the last 3 days - and no wind today-the reserve day was brought forward. It looks like a good decision. Many of the racers and relatives have taken a tour into Rio, an opportunity not to be missed

12th of October 2010Ceri report

19:33 | Top 5 masters after 4 races - GBR451, BRA5, ITA7, BRA8, FIN312; Top 5 youth - BRA50, POL013, POL23, FRA873, BRA767

11th of October 2010Ceri report

12:35 | Registration is well underway at the Youth & Masters Worlds. The sky is overcast - unusually ! - but the forecast is good for the week - wind and sun

10th of October 2010Ceri report

18:17 | Unfortunately the wind gods did not co-operate today! RO Bruno de Wannemaeker made an attempt to start racing afternoon initial postponement - but before the race could start the vwind dropped and did not return. However, 4 good races yesterday, and a useful warm up for the Worlds stating on Tuesday.
Tomorrow is registration day - with a practice race in the afternoon.
Tune in tomorrow when reporting will continue from Upwind Base 1.

9th of October 2010Ceri report

12:47 | FW is an \"invitational\" class at the BRA FE championships. After 4 races on Saturday BRA3333, Paulo Dos Reis is leadinf from BRA50 and BRA5.

16:58 | Today is practice day for the competitors arriving early for the Youth & Masters Worlds. The organiser, Upwind, have two locations to operate the club - Base 1 and Base 2. The two centres are less than 10 minutes apart -by road. The Worlds will take place from base 1 - base 2 is the venue this weekend for the Brasilian FE Championships. FW competitors are also invited to join the event - and therefore have two training options to prepare themselves.

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Anonym | 11th October 2010 (08:05:34)

any chance for results ? and any news about europeans?

francesco zarbo | 11th October 2010 (10:29:31)

good job

ceri | 11th October 2010 (17:04:13)

results will flow tomorrow - when we start racing !

Anonym | 12th October 2010 (11:47:46)

What is happening?

racer | 12th October 2010 (17:38:56)

what about pol83?

Kuba | 12th October 2010 (18:10:58)

Pol 83 ma anginę i póki co jest w koziej dupie...

francesco zarbo | 13th October 2010 (11:09:01)

maci, vai a prenderti mathias e xavier!! eh..

luis ITa-6 | 13th October 2010 (16:34:36)

hi Massimo,per la prima giornata sono contento,
dei ,ti auguro ogni giorno un scalino piu alto.

Gianni Franchini | 13th October 2010 (20:55:31)

Vai geometra !!

racer | 14th October 2010 (07:55:53)

why there is no info about conditions? about what was happening there?

formulafan | 14th October 2010 (09:06:35)

Only 20 racers taking part divided in 3 classes and again separated to light and heavy weight at the worlds? I think there is not a light- and heavy weight class rule for Youth and Junior, or I´m wrong? All in all its a joke - 20 riders at the worlds...

May be the officials should think about the place, the costs for the trip and if its not possible to do 1 event for the worlds (seniors, masters, youth, juniors, female/male) per year. That will lower the total costs for a lot of associations. No spanish racers in Brazil, no dutch, no portugese even... and for them its quiet cheap to fly over to Rio...

Anonym | 14th October 2010 (11:27:33)

May be the officials should think that FW is almost dead for youngs and youth.

Anonym | 14th October 2010 (13:55:16)

I,d would certainly go if I had a better financial situation. Nice to follow on internet.Keep up the good work!

Anonym | 14th October 2010 (18:03:01)

The Equipment list shown is completely useless fin wise when no correct info about fin type is included, i.e Virus 70, Virus 70, Virus 70 - 3 identical fins ?? No way! Let's have more realistic and informational info available, otherwise just leave out the useless info.

Anonym | 14th October 2010 (20:50:35)

Who cares about that fin thing?

Anonym | 15th October 2010 (13:21:46)

everyone that cares about going fast my friend...

anna | 15th October 2010 (18:14:46)

Maybe some fresh pictures? There is too little information. More please! Kisses for Jacek, Arek, Hania i Milena.

johannes | 15th October 2010 (19:14:44)

Comment to the post from 14th October 2010 (12:27:33) wrote by Anonym : I'm sure FW is more fun than RSX for youngs and youth. kids in my group like more planing not pumping if they can choose... I prefer message for my students "windsurf must make your mind happy not be like suffering... but parents, coaches,politics, business people have allways better viewpoint for next generation... I just hope to bring in to the FW open some new youngster in next year.

ceri | 15th October 2010 (21:11:50)

that is the kind of positive response that i like to hear - keeps us all motivated to keep working for the class

anna | 16th October 2010 (05:12:45)


francesco zarbo | 16th October 2010 (21:14:15)

congratulation matthias, xavier and massimo.

anna | 17th October 2010 (15:53:45)

And? Where is the end? Is everybody gone? Poland greets Brazil!

joFRA873 | 18th October 2010 (09:36:43)

Thanks Ceri for the live and congratulations to the winners
jofra873's dad

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