21-27 March '10 | Argentina, Mendoza

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19th of April 2010Formula Windsurfing 2010 Worlds summary

Marta Hlavaty got here 3rd FW World Champion title in a row.


28th of March 2010Final day

27th of March 2010Thrilling race brings 2010 worlds to an end ....

The Governor of Mendoza joined the Race Officer, Antonio Lamadrid, on the starting boat for the last race of the 2010 Worlds on Lake Potrerillos.

26th of March 2010Final day - live report

13:38 | Race 15 - NED52, GBR83, POL126, ISR1, POL11,FRA192, AUS0, BRA50, POL10, PO5

OCS - BRA3333, ARG3

TOP 5 OVERALL - FRA192, BRA3333, GBR83, NED52, POL11

12:50 | Race 15 for men is underway..

12:25 | postponement is down -

11:55 | the arrival at the race site was delayed due to an accident on the one and only main road to the lake from Mendoza. We are postponed at the moment - but the wind is already here, not long now!

11:52 | welcome to the last day - one race, and an important one for many competitors.


26th of March 2010Day five

26th of March 2010The highs and lows of competition....

Congratualtions to Antoine Albeau (FRA192) and Marta Hlavaty (POL111) - 2010 Formula Windsurfing World Champions.
Antoine sealed his 3rd formula world title with a first place in race 14. Marta dominated this years championship by winning all but two of the 14 races to date.


26th of March 2010Day 4

26th of March 2010Day five - live report


14:20 | top 10 in race 14 - FRA192, GBR83, AUS0, POL126, ITA4, POL10, BRA3333, POL11, ARG3, fra86

25th of March 2010Albeau and Hlavaty move closer to the title .....

Clear skies over Lake Potrerillos once again greeted the competitors arriving at the event site - a sure sign that the wind would kick in at midday!

25th of March 2010Day four - live report

15:19 | No more racing today for men - full results as soon as possible

15:15 | first finishers in race 12 - FRA192, BRA3333, USA34, ISR1, POL126, ITA4, GBR83, AUS0, POR5, BRA50


24th of March 2010Miss Bikini contest


24th of March 2010Day 3

24th of March 2010Huge crowds of spectators turned up at the lake to watch day 3 action.....

The governor of mendoza must have declared a national holiday judging by the number of spectators that arrived at the event site to watch the days action !

23rd of March 2010Day three - live report

16.15 | 50,000 people reported as watching from around the lake

15:45 | race 9 - NED52, ITA4, BRA3333, FRA192, POL126, POL11, GBR83, BRA50, NED13, POL10


23rd of March 2010Day two

23rd of March 2010Day 2 - 4 good races and a new leader ...

A near perfect score today - 3 first and 1 second- propelled Antoine Albeau (FRA192) to the top of the score board.

22nd of March 2010Day two - live report

17:25 | Top Ten after 6 races - FRA192, GBR83, BRA3333, POL11, AUS0, FRA531, POL126, NED52, ARG3, ITA4; Top 3 women - POL111, FRA59, USA3


22nd of March 2010Day one

22nd of March 2010Challenging conditions on day one .....

You cannot fault the committment of the organisers for trying to ensure a perfect start to the championship; but sometimes the wind god just cannot play by the rules !


22nd of March 2010Registration day

22nd of March 2010Day one - live report

16:47 | top 3 women after 2 races - POL111, FRA59, NED19/USA3

16:43 | no more racing today - after 2 races top5 men - AUS0, BRA3333, GBR83, ARG3, FRA531..

21st of March 2010Registration day

09:05 | Many competitors have enjoyed a week of training, in good conditions, prior to the start of the event. We are hoping for a memorable championship.

09:02 | Registration day here at the 2010 worlds. There will be an opening ceremony at the event site at 4.00 pm. The organisers have done a fantastic job preparing the race village - all the tents, portacabins and equipment had to be brought out to the lake- less than a week ago there was nothing here!

19th of March 2010Marta Hlavaty POL-111 reports from Mendoza

Excess luggage, delayed flight, earthquake and great windsurfing conditions...


16th of March 2010FW World Championships are close

14th of March 2010Reminder for competitors going to Mendoza...

A couple of important reminders for competitors going to the Worlds in Mendioza. It is a local government bylaw that buoyancy aids must be worn at all times when afloat.
It was also agreed at the 2009 AGM, and reported many times, that sail identification must comply with the ISAF Windsurfing Competition Rules at major championships from 2010 onwards
Finally, if you still have to confirm your accommodation requirements contact Claudia at the nominated agency where she can advise on some good deals for shared room with breakfast.
Maui Viajes
E-mail Address(es): info(at)turismomaui.com

22nd of February 2010Reminder for competitors entering the worlds

the closing date for discounted entry fee for the Formula Worlds is March 1st. Enter online via IWA website.

20th of January 2010Mendoza Worlds remiander...

A reminder to all competitors intending to enter the Worlds in Argentina - the travel agency ( see NoR) can help with all your travel arrangements. There is an excess baggage deal with Aerolinas Argentinas; special arrangements are provided by the organisers to take you from the city to the lake each day. You can also find out more about the event amwindsurf.com.ar and Mendoza it self turismo.mendoza.gov.ar

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ceri | 14th March 2010 (16:02:05)

a reminder to competitors - a buoyancy aid is mandatory on the lake according to local government laws.

Anonym | 15th March 2010 (16:53:41)

What about the consistency of sail numbers at this years worlds? Will we see the rc enforce the rules or let it slide again?

Arnon Dagan ISR-1 | 16th March 2010 (21:44:11)

Let it slide again. Stupid rule anyway. If the race officer can see the numbers then its fine if he dosent see them you get kicked out thats it! like all ways.
The worlds this year is way to soon in the year. Sails are late new boards are not in time lots of mess and things to arrange dont have time for the stupid numbers as well. You want the same things go sail on big techno or rsx!

JW | 17th March 2010 (16:22:03)

It is a bit early in the year for a worlds, I agree with Arnon BUT this is what it is so how do you cope? Sail with new gear you just have received and not yet dialed in or do you bring what you are accustmmed to?

SWE73 | 17th March 2010 (18:37:17)

What about the European Championships? Will there be a championship or not?

Anonym | 17th March 2010 (20:41:24)

Comment to the post from 16th March 2010 (22:44:11) wrote by Arnon Dagan ISR-1 :
As a professional windsurfer, isnt it your job to be prepared?
Regardless if you think the new rule is stupid, you've known about this rule change since last September when the agm minutes were posted.

The guys who dont have the white backgrounds have a serious advantage vs those that choose to comply with the rule. On the starting line its easier for the RC to see the white background vs that of black numbers on a NP or technora sail.

JW | 17th March 2010 (21:16:28)

What are the expected windconditions on this site? Is it a moutain lake? Is it like Silvaplana?

PaulM | 17th March 2010 (21:50:45)

Wouldn't like to predict the wind but I've been in the area trying to paraglide and I can tell you it's been ***** wet this year.

Anonym | 21st March 2010 (18:46:03)

No online info? No races information? Ceri, are you there to make your reports? What´s happening!!!

Bart | 21st March 2010 (19:13:28)

......yeah!!! let us know what's happening......

Mat | 21st March 2010 (19:36:13)

I am wondering which Protosail is this from Neilpryde shown on the photos - the white one ?

Anybody some infos ?


Anonym | 21st March 2010 (19:54:46)

it's a big occasion a world championship at the beginning of the season. many guys will be interested to know the gear used by albi, arnon, paulo, steve and the other top racers.

Sieger | 21st March 2010 (21:07:47)

Dennis, Femke and Casper go for it.

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (01:01:24)

We won't get equipment registration until after the event is over.

ceri | 22nd March 2010 (02:38:54)

you will get equipment list tomorrow

neric | 22nd March 2010 (08:13:38)

A orange or black fins under the FRA192 board?

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (11:51:44)

there will be live ticker today? (really hope so!!)

Mathias bra5 | 22nd March 2010 (17:54:11)

Filhote de anum...CCC deve ta na estratosfera. Caralho paulao..que aplicada!!

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (17:56:36)

Rsrsrs, k d vc La Matias ??? Vamo q vamo Paulo !!!

francesco zarbo | 22nd March 2010 (18:07:00)

dai albi, coraggio. solo secondo... puoi solo migliorare

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (18:12:56)

Comment to the post from 22nd March 2010 (09:13:38) wrote by neric :
A black fin painted in orange.. kkkk

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (19:19:13)

dai gino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (19:34:18)

stupid italian this forum is in English

minkia-style | 22nd March 2010 (19:56:54)

f....k you man!
Is it enough english??!!

francesco zarbo | 22nd March 2010 (20:05:42)

Stupid anonym learn italian ( or other languages too, if Italian for You is too difficult) and respect the others. Now we will put our posts in latin to remind You the importance of Rome.
"Tu regere imperio populo romane memento.
hae tibi erunt artes, parcere subiectis et debellare superbos" ( Virgilio , Eneide ). ok?

silent bob | 22nd March 2010 (20:27:58)

chłopaki ciśnijcie!!!

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (20:37:40)

stop fighting you puussies!
lets wind surfing.

GALLICJEUSZ | 22nd March 2010 (21:39:47)


silent bob | 22nd March 2010 (22:15:44)

weszłeś ty na bojeeee?

Anonym | 22nd March 2010 (23:39:34)

whats with all the DNC's in race 1 for the mens fleet?

ceri | 23rd March 2010 (11:45:33)

very strong wind - some racers were unprepared ; some do not have enough equipment suitable for full range of conditions

friend | 23rd March 2010 (14:27:29)

what's happening today??

silent bob | 23rd March 2010 (14:28:49)

awsome reporting. not mention about crazy quality photos... worlds

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (15:13:10)

it seems that the new JP formula is performing strong - 5,6 & 11 yesterday

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (15:18:37)

don't think so as Antoine and Micah are top dogs.They should be ahead...

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (15:41:15)

Antoine in 5th?? Last time in Fortaleza he lost 14 points in 15 races. He has already 18 points after only 2 races. Strong performance indeed!

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (15:41:30)

Micah and Antoine have been out of the formula tour for the last 2 years up until 2 months ago

Aurelien | 23rd March 2010 (15:43:30)


Alain | 23rd March 2010 (15:49:48)

Today, Antoine is 2nd in the 3rd race, getting back in form maybe, or Anonym would you say he was just lucky?

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (15:58:16)

Alain,take it easy,of course he was lucky!!!
Just kidding!

minkia-style | 23rd March 2010 (15:59:29)

minkia minkia!!

Alain | 23rd March 2010 (16:57:14)

Antoine was even luckier in race 4 Ha ha ha!

Steve | 23rd March 2010 (17:06:06)

Good to see Ross Williams going well on formula kit again!

les crocos | 23rd March 2010 (17:28:42)

tu tiens la grande forme,ne lache rien
tous avec toi

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (17:28:52)

Where is Kevin Pritchard???????? HE use to be Formula World Champion?????????He is loosing out on early season training and slacking doing nothing in Maui. While others are getting their money worth in other events and getting back in track with Formula.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (17:32:06)

taking some pics

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (17:32:30)

You don´t follow Kevin very much, do you? He has been out of Formula racing for 4-5 years now...

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (17:37:06)

I know that you Moron. That is why I am asking he need to get back in to prove himself again. He is missing out on the action formula is getting.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (17:38:41)

Antoine was out also for about 3 years. Look at him now. Kevin sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

francesco zarbo | 23rd March 2010 (17:58:06)

PWA has to open to Formula windsurfing!!!
How many occasions are we loosing with this stupid division ?

lili le guen | 23rd March 2010 (17:58:23)

C'est bien Damien, continue comme ça.

Thierry Postec | 23rd March 2010 (18:13:19)

allez Damien , allez Damien !!

Alain | 23rd March 2010 (18:18:55)

Equipment list published, Antoine is NOT on Deboichet fins this time.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (18:29:47)

Deboichet is out of Formula, he is now doing SUP paddles. hahahahahaha Lame!!!!

WD | 23rd March 2010 (19:04:58)

JP has just started to increase substantially it's FW production process ;-)

Alain | 23rd March 2010 (19:13:20)

You bet, the orders are flowing in. Now, the competitive advantage of the inset clew design that some sails are using, over cut out sails, is not yet clear. But still, this is a long championship, so changes are possible. Antoine didn't look good yesterday, what a change today. Same can happen with other sailors.

Peter | 23rd March 2010 (19:13:48)

Any idea about FRA192 sail size used in the races so far ?

Polis | 23rd March 2010 (19:14:28)

AA can win anything, even on a SUP in this championship.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (19:28:35)

allez Farrah , allez Farrah !!

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (19:36:34)

porra esse albeau eh pica memo !

FRA 972 | 23rd March 2010 (19:57:06)

Allez Morane .Tout le CNV est derrière toi.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (20:18:11)

Albeau veio looooco shit eater.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (21:18:27)

Has somebody checked AA board if it is production or semicustom?

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (22:24:52)

If Antoine's board is a proto then Micah need to get in shape or maybe drop the achor he is dragging.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (22:24:59)

If Antoine's board is a proto then Micah need to get in shape or maybe drop the achor he is dragging.

Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (22:27:15)

Got the photos up, maybe a video also. i want to see what is going on.
you guys need to get in the webcast deal. Maybe Race in demand. So we can see the racing live of after.

Afd 103 | 23rd March 2010 (22:30:16)


Anonym | 23rd March 2010 (23:43:51)

where are those photos???

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (06:13:56)

why are you guys talking about "Proto"? I hear that Albeaus Board is a custom board from ML... - is that according the rules?

fzarbo | 24th March 2010 (08:21:10)

antoine can win putting a fin to the door of my house , that's a proto from "bragante serramenti".

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (08:30:23)

ML shaped the new JP formula board and it is not proto but serial one

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (09:15:43)

from the photos I can see that AA was using old RSR 12.5

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (11:10:35)

That is it 10 photos you huys are lame.

ceri | 24th March 2010 (12:09:24)

you are not following the linkfrom "News and photos" - there is a daily gallery attached to the day report

mister | 24th March 2010 (12:51:54)

hallo Ceri,would you please comunicate what's the current condition while racing?Would be great even if you could say something about the sail size around in those moments.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (13:39:12)

Is not the sail, is the sailor that win races. AA, MB and other out of this world sailors have something more than the rest and always will be on top.
AA, Robert Scheidt, Torben Grael, Ben Ainsle can pratice two or three weeks before any race and still winning the championship.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (13:41:02)

Proto boards are not allowed in Formula Races.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (14:42:29)

how about that proto sail Micah is using, and not wining?

nonym | 24th March 2010 (14:43:58)

how about that proto sail Micah is using, and not wining?

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (15:30:59)

who amongst the top to are using stock sails?

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (15:38:13)

No problem with proto sails, just proto/custom boards are not allowed, read the rules. MB is not winning, not the sail. Give that sail to AA and you'll see it winning races.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (15:39:13)

Paulo dos Reis is using stock sails.

Polis | 24th March 2010 (15:42:30)

we mortals, are interested to know the sail sizes of the top sailors. someone from racesite should update the world. if u want formula to popularize, better promote it in anyway !!!

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (15:45:41)

What is all the argument. AA is winning and that is it. He is a windsurfing machine like Bjorn used to be.
Maybe we should test for steroids and Drugs in Windsurfing.
The guy that need to be formula windsurfing is Kevin Pritchard he is rack up there in slalom and he is not doing formula, Kevin! get out of bed and get in the water. Taking picture is getting you no where!!!

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (15:56:32)

talking re Antoine , yes probaly is easier to put a serial sticker on any proto!!!!!! and make it llok like a serial board.....
Ceri has to measure his board and compare it to other Jp's at the event!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (16:13:58)

Antoines board is a JP production, get over it! If it were custom it would be built by Mike Zajieck and would be so accurate that it was within mm of every other hull! It would have a real tuttle box that never fails and fits the fins perfectly, It would be lighter and stiffer too...

Antoine is winning because he dominates!

The 12.5 sail is probably the same one he used in Brazil to dominate the worlds in 2007! Back then he rode Deb fins, now he has registered Kashy and IFJU.

All others will have a tough time to catch him!

ceri | 24th March 2010 (16:21:11)

For sure most of the riders are on production sails - in top 5: Paulo, Ross, Pawel,for sure

Viking | 24th March 2010 (16:21:13)

AA wins because he is the best, there is no other explanation. Did you really expected something different from this contest????

Polis | 24th March 2010 (16:22:09)

US-3 should be more all round, good for his pay check.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (16:26:29)

Even if he was using a Custom board MZ register his boards so no argument there. Either a JP production or a MZ Actual custom will be register.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (16:46:57)

CERI-can you please verify if AA is on a genuine JP board?, is there any way to do so?

sergiok | 24th March 2010 (16:51:11)

I had a chat 2 months ago with one of the local racers that up until now used Mike's Lab but using new JP now, he was impressed with quality and how light the JP board was, actually me too ( I have a custom shaped fw my ML), so the only issue would be if JP is durable over long run, otherwise they made a really good board. No reason fo AA to risk over unregistered board.
I think with the current batch of boards/sails any brand can win, so it's the rider ...

ceri | 24th March 2010 (17:05:15)

custom boards are not allowed - only production boards registered with ISAF

waterman | 24th March 2010 (17:09:03)

I've seen BRA3333 this year racing, he will win it, for sure.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (17:18:19)

So what is a MZ L10 is made by hand but just in one specific size. He sells so many of those that he can register as he produces the minimum requeired.

oiaaaa | 24th March 2010 (17:35:35)

Paulao dando uma aplicada

bra 174 | 24th March 2010 (17:53:19)

vamo que vamo Paulo !!!

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (18:02:19)

Pol111 reports that some of the Polish guys have broken their mast and sails...

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (18:22:16)

Only 3 POL people in the race two of the in NEilpryde one in MauiSails. POL111 rides for MauiSails and she is the reporter so I guess is all neilpryde goods.

US500 | 24th March 2010 (18:36:26)

Comment to the post from 24th March 2010 (18:18:19) wrote by Anonym :
MZ L10...these boards are made by hand by Mike Zajicek in Berkley California and they are registered with ISAF and are race legal. He also designed the JP board. Without a doubt the L10 is the strongest formula board out there and very fast in all conditions.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (18:41:45)

At one of the early mid winters where fomula class was represented. Ceri was there and he measured several MZ (ML) boards. He noted that he had never seen such accurate reproductions of the baseline design in all his measurement history. To that Mike said (and I paraphrase) " I should not have done them so accurately, now I'll have to maintain that standard".

I'm pretty sure that he has maintained that standard and even improved it.

Mark | 24th March 2010 (19:01:22)

Casper (NED-52), go, go, go!

waterman | 24th March 2010 (19:01:32)

Huge performance of BRA333, he'll win it!

waterman | 24th March 2010 (19:01:48)

Huge performance of BRA3333, he'll win it!

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (19:11:55)

I'll win it. Period!!!

H.N | 24th March 2010 (19:12:15)

What about the Gaastra boys.Why dont they use Technora??????????????

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (19:19:22)


Koen BEL-2 | 24th March 2010 (20:43:02)

Nice going Casper , keep it going !!!

Benke | 24th March 2010 (21:00:33)

Strange, Albeau is winning against the 85 kg guys when the are powered up on 9 kilo boards.
The new rs evo seems to have a little to much freeleach for fast uppwind.

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (21:59:48)

the new what ?...re cut and resawn in argentina 4 times...full custom sail buddy

mic | 24th March 2010 (22:06:49)

any video?

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (22:28:57)

Again you guys should have video on demand or webcast.

Wouter | 24th March 2010 (23:22:16)

Casper DOMILOCKS the competition!

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (00:55:05)

Antoine is just amazing... i wish we could see him competing with Naish/Dunckerbeck ... he is just flying... BTW 168 seems to be a good choice for heavy riders :-)

neric | 25th March 2010 (07:36:51)

Thanks Ceri for the live
..et chapeau Antoine ;)

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (12:03:39)

where are the photos of the crowed?? It is all a lie.

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (12:43:31)

Comment to the post from 25th March 2010 (13:03:39) wrote by Anonym :
Too many Anonym arseholes in this forum...

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (13:28:43)

Photos are realy bad quality, no focus not good light.

waterman | 25th March 2010 (13:31:11)

miss bikini rules!!

PUR069 | 25th March 2010 (13:32:25)

We need better photos and a few videos. Come on I am sure someone has them.
We love this sport but the communication and exposure is a bit soft right now.

PUR069 | 25th March 2010 (13:51:00)

The Bikini Contest is more like a Prime Rib offering.

XL | 25th March 2010 (14:19:17)

that's the idea!! For relaxing and stressout!!

XL | 25th March 2010 (14:21:49)

Somebody know email of Raul Marquez who's competing in that world? ARG-15
Alguien sabe el correo de Raul Marquez quien compite alli? ARG-15

friend | 25th March 2010 (14:52:49)

ita4 you're only thought is for pussy??!!
c'mon brother!!

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (15:18:49)

Incredible with such a lousy coverage of a World Championship ! Lousy pictures, hardly any info in English, even the equipment list sucks, can't use it for anything else than knowing what board, list of fins is a laugh. Sad...

Mark | 25th March 2010 (15:31:14)

Miss bikini rulez :-)

Hang loose, be happy that you can follow the competition this close, years back this was even not possible.

Keep up the good work!

friend | 25th March 2010 (15:39:24)

meant "your"

Polis | 25th March 2010 (15:51:59)

world championship but pictures and coverage seems to be like local championship standard.

ant | 25th March 2010 (15:58:49)

how many races are today sceduled?

gbr 666 | 25th March 2010 (16:09:54)

because those things the formula experience class is growing, every equipament is the same !

mex 83 | 25th March 2010 (16:11:09)

no customs equipaments !!! no us$ 1000 fins !!!

waterman | 25th March 2010 (16:17:38)

working and checking this website the whole day. I wish I was there windsurfing too!!

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (16:18:15)

good job Paulão, how many races ll be 3 discards ?

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (16:32:02)

the same thing here !!! im wearing my harnesses in front of computer !!! rsrsrs

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (16:33:20)

i think also formula experience can be a good thing...

waterman | 25th March 2010 (16:36:20)

good one, BRA174, hehehe.

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (16:52:21)

@mex83 if you dont want custom fins, race in the FE class but dont tell me how much I can spend on a fin! I dont tell you that you cant build a better fin in your garage. Development and innovation go hand in hand

mex 83 | 25th March 2010 (17:00:58)

i respect ur point of view, but im just looking for a one design class = equipaments and less expensive, the pros could sail too

francesco zarbo | 25th March 2010 (17:04:33)

FW racers opposed to reduce the gear .
if the athletes prefer 3 sails and 3 fins ...

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (17:07:44)

fins have reach that $1000 mark beacuse everyone wants the Kashy fins and he has no time for it anymore. So to get him to work in you fin you need to spend not $1000 but $1700 in a fin.
There are a lot more fins out there that can perform a good as Kashy but the pros are like sheeps they follow each other to the end of the road.

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (17:13:47)

pqp Paulão, carai....

mex 83 | 25th March 2010 (17:29:04)

yeap, but those $ 1700 fins havent any warante, so if u re not prfessional is better go to FE... i had one kashy and the shit has broken before one year, Kashy did nothing, other fins like ifju or Z are rounding $ 700, and for FE is just $ 100, the best thing is that everyone uses the same equipament , if u prefer to stay in the end of the road u ll never take the pros

Alain | 25th March 2010 (17:31:17)

OK, 3rd discard with Race 11. Provisional ranking is now by my own estimates (tbc):
FRA192 - 13 points
BRA333 - 30
NED52 - 32
POL11 - 32
GBR83 - 36
AUS0 - 46

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (17:31:57)

i agree with Mex 83, better than the price from the hole equipment is that FE is everything Original, no more different equipos !!!

Alain | 25th March 2010 (17:32:22)

Real dog fight between Paulo, Casper, Pawel and Ross for the podium positions, still very open.

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (17:41:23)

FE is great to keep the cost down for one design racing but no one is forcing you to buy a $1700 fin to sail in the formula class.

If you want pro level sailors in your one design class, go Olympic

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (17:44:57)

FRA192 - 13 points
BRA333 - 30
NED52 - 32
pol 11 - 32
ned 52 - 35
aus 0 - 45
gbr 83 - 46

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (17:54:07)

Max races this competition?

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (17:58:15)

for Paulao isnt dog fight is it horse fight !

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (18:10:32)

Any more discards with 15 races or not?

Alain | 25th March 2010 (18:21:26)

Bra174, according to Ceri: "race 12 is underway - top 5 after 11 races : FRA192, BRA3333, POL11, NED52, GBR83" so my computation is maybe closer to the mark than yours, although I got it wrong between POL11 and NED52 (probably some rule about equal points and discards that Ceri knows better than me).

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (18:23:32)

I think that at least for ned 52 and gbr 83 the points listed by bra 174 are wrong (until race 11). I think Alain got it right.

anonym | 25th March 2010 (18:24:37)

I'm very desapointed THE BEST ANTOINE ALBEAU
have any photo

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (18:27:56)

lets wait for Ceri Results !!! i dont know about the discards !!! still with my harness in front of computer !

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (18:28:25)

is ned52 tyred ?

Koen B-2 | 25th March 2010 (18:33:27)

You can always want better coverage, but there are pictures and results are there in time.

FW is not formula 1 with huge $$$$ budgets.

Regarding the critisisme on FW racing gear: FW= 1 board, 3sails.

In slalom they have now 3 boards and 6 sails and I hear nobody complaining.

In bicycle racing, every body, (incl non pro's) are riding around with bikes of 5000-6000 $ and nobody complaining,......

my 2ct

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (18:37:30)

and 8 $1000 fins

anonym | 25th March 2010 (18:47:26)

AA is a professional. Never he will put on risk his carrer. Even now that he hasesn't any pressure to win an envet, becouse he's coming back.
Paulo has been an outstanding performance, but won't be this time. Antoine is dominating the event and very probably will win with less race to run than the others.
Pawell show one more time that he is one of the best formula races. He deserves this.
Great event ever. The guys from Mendoza has done an extraordianry job! They plented a seed years ago and now is time to reap the rewards. Congratulations everybody.

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (18:57:03)

it seems the best formula championship ever, great tecnic level !!!

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:00:06)

hey anonym, i see guys on Ifjiu fins that are $750 fins.... not $1700..and they extremely competitive....

waterman | 25th March 2010 (19:07:38)

FRA192 will not win it, he is afraid of BRA3333.

Alain | 25th March 2010 (19:13:25)

Mendoza seems a really nice place, nice breeze every day, already 12 races run and more to go, whoever make up the top 10 will be great sailors, no discussion.

Antoine is in a class of his own. I am impressed by Paulo who is doing a very solid season: winning or on the podium at every major event this year so far, congrats!

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:13:50)


bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (19:30:10)


Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:33:19)

z fins are perfect.
price is correct and product is the best.

waterman | 25th March 2010 (19:33:26)

well, it looks like Antoine wil not hold the pressure tomorrou and Paulo will win it, it's written.

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (19:35:02)


bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (19:35:41)


Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:36:24)


Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:36:43)


Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:37:17)

suck pol 11 !!!

sailor | 25th March 2010 (19:39:05)

will we have a medal race?

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:51:05)

no metal race in the fw championships rules :(

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (19:52:33)

What happened to Gonzolo with his mast foot breaking.
Not his usual self this regatta?

anonym | 25th March 2010 (20:11:19)

since np...hard times for gonzolo

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (20:19:03)

Hi Ceri, please update the equipment list so all competitors are listed.

bra 174 | 25th March 2010 (20:23:57)

Paulo application !!!! by Matias... rsrsrs

les Crocos | 25th March 2010 (20:27:13)

toujours au top!
continue ainsi on est avec toi!
bon vent mec!!!
les Gourhant.

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (20:35:11)

the guys that left np for severn dont look too hot either...a step backwards??

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (20:44:46)

To much testosteron here! Keep it positive guys :-)

Anonym | 25th March 2010 (21:30:26)

Looks like everyone is having difficulties in this cup.
Antoine killed everyone. He probably brought from France a slow Killing poison and had every one drink it.

Fernando | 25th March 2010 (21:50:52)

Paulão is the best. First year with good gear and allready doing great!

ceri | 25th March 2010 (22:46:37)

it is great to see so many comments on this forum - wether you are for or against fw it arouses great passion . Long may it continue.

EduRickRodriRob | 25th March 2010 (23:03:06)

Good job paulo ! Perfect performance.

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (01:53:49)

Suck him Fernando

Koen BEL-2 | 26th March 2010 (05:31:39)

Bad luck for Casper NED-52 with his broken strap . We will see him more at the top. This time he had borrowed a board from Dennis, some sails from Pieter and a fin from Dirk.

Offcourse mega respect for AA, He sure is still the best, no doubt. Also some others doing really well and some doing rather bad, at least worse then expected.

Now those final 3 races, ......

bra 174 | 26th March 2010 (12:19:52)

last day today ? boa sorte Paulão !!!

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (12:55:50)

Antoine > All the others.
Will be always like that.

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (16:05:57)


Anonym | 26th March 2010 (16:10:59)

Antoine: The biggest guy in the fleet.
Paulão: The fittest guy in the fleet.
No surprises.
But NOBODY deserves more than Paulão, 1st or 2nd is a BIG WIN to him, dedication, faith, talent and support, that's what you need to win and Paulão has a lot of each.

bra 174 | 26th March 2010 (16:12:48)

na verdade mais 3, vao deixar a final para amanha !

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (16:15:26)

Have you noticed that with the worlds early this year, the racing season is almost over and we are just in march? The europeans is the last and the only big championship left.

ceri | 26th March 2010 (16:19:44)

We have allegro cup and brasilian grand prix events to come; plus some big regional series events like baltic cup- lots more racing this year!

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (16:20:39)

Nobody comes to brasilian GP, only few guys came last year, sadly. Too expensive.

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (16:29:26)

Comment to the post from 26th March 2010 (17:10:59) wrote by Anonym :

Do you mean biggest guy being heaviest?

ceri | 26th March 2010 (16:29:55)

maybe with so many events early in the year it will encourage more to come to brasil

bra 174 | 26th March 2010 (16:34:44)

we ve the GP s also ! ll ve more discards ? in wicht race ?

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (16:44:38)

Biggest = Strongest. He's BIG dude.

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (17:01:55)

vai gino, almeno una vincila

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (17:47:29)

xavier , merry me!

Sacul | 26th March 2010 (17:58:31)

Congrats AA

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (18:06:18)

so it seems enforcing the sail numbers was a big joke and the class is not taking it seriously. Sailors are using black backgrounds with white number, black numbers on monofilm, wtf??

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (18:17:43)

perfetto,AA great Jop,after one year not racing in Formula and now World champion.ciao from Italy Ita-6

sailor | 26th March 2010 (18:19:37)

Congrats BRA3333!

nathalie | 26th March 2010 (19:02:41)

bravo! Morane
nous sommes fières de toi, bigs bisous
mam et dady

FRA 972 | 26th March 2010 (19:10:46)

Bravo Morane .On fete ca à ton retour au Club Nautique.

anonym | 26th March 2010 (19:46:48)

has Jesper finished the fuel?

JC | 26th March 2010 (20:41:56)

Good job Farrah! Have a safe trip back and see you on the Bay soon.....

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (21:33:45)

does anybody know what happent to Jesper DEN111?

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (21:40:02)

What are the circumstances regarding Capers redress in race 14?
Can you post the jury's outcome, photo of the notice board??

ceri | 26th March 2010 (21:59:02)

startline incident with POL25; POL25 took penalty, Casper got redress

Anonym | 26th March 2010 (22:05:49)

Tomorrow still one race to go?

ceri | 26th March 2010 (22:11:35)

of course - 15 race series -3rd place in men still in the balance! Everyone will race tomorrow !

Anonym | 27th March 2010 (12:05:07)

Comment to the post from 24th March 2010 (22:59:48) wrote by Anonym :
How do you know Albeau's sail was re-sawn in Argentina? There are a few guys that repair sails there and they wouldn't dare...

MT | 27th March 2010 (12:05:43)

what about the europeans where and when?

ceri | 27th March 2010 (12:38:38)

still looking to finalise a venue for Europeans since it was necessary to cancel Portugal.

Anonym | 27th March 2010 (16:31:09)

Vive France !!!!! Vive Brazil !!!

Afd 103 | 27th March 2010 (16:48:10)


Anonym | 27th March 2010 (16:52:35)

super goed casper gefeliciteerd

Anonym | 27th March 2010 (16:53:08)

super goed casper gefeliciteerd

Mark | 27th March 2010 (18:04:37)

Casper, gefeliciteerd, een erg sterke entry in de Formula!

Mark | 27th March 2010 (18:07:47)

Hetzelfde voor Femke!

Afd 103 | 27th March 2010 (20:36:45)

Mooi constant gevaren FEMKE Het zit niet altijd mee DENNIS volgende keer beter.

Anonym | 28th March 2010 (11:54:25)

jesper had mid life crisis

Neric | 29th March 2010 (14:49:24)

After a so great fight, now Ceri you have to work hard to finalize a venue for the European. An idea?Leba?

ceri | 29th March 2010 (18:01:37)

two or three possibilities are being followed

fra-418 | 29th March 2010 (23:29:06)

At lechiagathe in brittany... same as Leba beach in small. Life crisis too here.

fra-418 | 30th March 2010 (11:46:44)


fra-418 | 30th March 2010 (12:03:15)

it is a fun remake of alerte a Malibu... one need to put double v double v double v then dot in front to watch it.

863 | 31st March 2010 (11:45:06)

speaking of sail numbers - where can I find the rules for the right size and placement of numbers for formula sails

guido | 31st March 2010 (16:59:31)

National letters and sail numbers shall comply with RRS Appendix
G.1.2 for craft less than 3.5m in length and RRS Appendix B 2.4

Jon | 3rd April 2010 (07:38:18)

Whats with the camera man, seldom have I seen such bad quality pictures ??

And whats up with Den-111, used to be top 5 ??

Fw sailor | 3rd April 2010 (21:39:29)

sailnumbers don't seem to matter, just look at the current world champion... Black background with white numbers.
What a joke!

bart | 5th April 2010 (22:02:07)

when can we expect to see an updated ranking?

Bogo | 10th April 2010 (08:27:22)

The worse event from media point stand of view. The photo guy should put even more credits on his photos so no one can use them anywhere - terrible. How you want to promote the sport and venue with such pour media support.

Anonym | 11th April 2010 (18:44:55)

No price money for europeans??

Anonym | 12th April 2010 (20:25:38)

the event has not been finalised yet - hopefully soon

Aurelien | 14th April 2010 (13:24:48)

Sorry, I made a mistake.
The french event is from the 16th until the 18th of April

Aurelien | 14th April 2010 (13:26:47)

If some guys and girls are close to the north of France, the 1st event of the french formula windsurfing championship takes place in Dunkerque, from the 17th until the 19th of April.
15-20 knots, sideshore wind expected.

Aurelien | 14th April 2010 (13:29:48)

To have informations, go on the website of the OGSVOILE, it's the organizer

Dave Kashy | 15th April 2010 (05:12:44)

The Kashy Fins Formula Windsurfing Festival is on line and people are registering in both Formula and FE classes! I'm stoked

Dave Kashy | 15th April 2010 (05:14:03)

3w dot kashyfins dot com

thomas | 17th April 2010 (17:01:34)

for sale:kashy k78-8 xs 4.5 degrees best condition rarely used for detailed information please contact:
endlichmeins1 at gmx dot de

thomas | 24th April 2010 (15:39:20)


Anonym | 25th April 2010 (00:25:42)

where is the new raking???

Anonym | 25th April 2010 (20:46:39)

Put that fin on ebay!!

Anonym | 28th April 2010 (23:41:37)

check out 3w waterhound dot com for the latest windsurfing kitesurfing and SUP news!!

univeatubbire | 19th February 2011 (01:41:05)

hi, new to the site, thanks.

ticilosEo | 20th February 2011 (23:54:03)

thanks for this nice post 111213

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