20-24 March '09 | Argentina, Potrerillos, Mendoza

2009 South American Championships

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25th of March 2009Final Day…

A very hot day at the Potrerillos lake, temperature soared and a big crowd of people came down for the last day of the event, especially since today was a holiday in town...

24th of March 2009Day 3 ...

Winds filled in earlier today after a rainy and stormy night, first start for formula was at 12:00 with again most sailors going for 11s which seems to be the sail for Potrerillos.


23rd of March 2009Day 2

23rd of March 2009Day 2...

First possible start was at 11am, but the wind didn’t fill in until noon, so we had the first start around 12:30. Most sailors on 11s, winds around 10-15 knots on the first race.


22nd of March 2009Day 1 ... racing

22nd of March 2009Racing Day 1....

Weather forecast showed cloudy and light wind today, but in lake Potrerillos, any thing can happen… As we headed from Mendoza to lake Potrerillos, we could see no clouds which is a good sign. When we arrived, light winds started to build in from the correct direction, soon a 10 to 16 knot breeze filled in and everyone started to get ready.


21st of March 2009one day to go

21st of March 20091 day to go...

Lots of sailors out on the water today, the winds gusted strong in the morning but dropped in the afternoon. There was probably 50 + sailors sailing today on formula, techno class and race board.
Tomorrow first possible start at 1pm, everyone is anxious for the event to start and race.
The organization has been doing a great job and all the sailors are being treated super well.
Fotos are provided by Gabriel Palmioli, much more fotos can be seen on his website: http://www.windsurfargentino.com/


20th of March 2009Preparing for the south Americans...

Lots of sailors arrived today, from all over Argentina, specially Buenos Aires, and from south america there are the sailors from Chile, Peru, Colombia and more brazilians.
We had a press conference in the morning and soon after headed to Potrerillos lake for a perfect training day. Winds got close to 20 on the strongest gust and averaged 15. From yesterdays expereince of training with Gonzalo board speed seem to be similar, what will make the big difference is reading the shifts and gusts here, also super flat water.

19th of March 20092009 South American Championship.........

From the 20th >24th of March the Souh American Championship will be hosted by the Asociacion Mendocina de Windsurf (AMW) on Potrerillos Lake , near Mendoza, Argentina.