21-25 October '09 | Brazil, Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2009

Provisional results

1st of November 2009Jesper Vesterstroms report from The Formula Grand Prix in Brazil...

26th of October 2009Ross Williams (GBR83) wins 2009 Sao Paulo Grand Prix.....


26th of October 2009Day 05 photos


25th of October 2009Day 04 photos

25th of October 2009Final day. Ceri reports

14:55 | Prize giving in 15 minutes - return later for podium photos and gallery from today

14:00 | top 5 after 12 races - GBR83, BRA999, DEN111, ITA4, BRA3333

25th of October 2009Thrills and spills ........

Thrills and spills on day 4 of the 2009 Sao Paulo Grand Prix on the beautiful tropical island of Ilhabela.

24th of October 2009Day four. Ceri reports...

16:03 | full results will be posted very soon . Come back later for day report, photos and results after protests..

16.02 | Top 10 finishers race 8 - DEN111, BRA999, BRA2497, ARG3, BRA50, BRA3333, FRA74, GBR83, BRA177, BRA1811

16:00 | Top 10 finishers race 7 - DEN111,BRA50, GBR83, BRA999,ARG3, BRA2497, BRA3333, BRA4444, BRA74, BRA177

23rd of October 2009Day three. Ceri reports...

17:00 | still no change here - so racing is finished for today.


23rd of October 2009Day 2

23rd of October 2009Day 2 report

Day 2 of the 2009 Sao Paulo Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix began with a mega thunderstorm, lashings of rain, followed by a strong easterly wind gusting 30>35 knots!

22nd of October 2009Day two. Ceri reports ...

16:35 | my mistake - ross has best discard and is first , alberto second !!

21st of October 2009Day one. Ceri reports...

17:00 | no more racing for today.The wind has not improved and clearly will not before the last possible warning sinal at 18.00.
An opportunity for the competitors to relax this evening and explore a little of this paradise island. We have a good forecast for the coming days - plenty good racing to look forward to.

20th of October 2009Ceri reports..

13:22 | hi from sao paulo. I arrived earlier this morning, but i am still at the airport as i waited for Gonzalo to arrive from Buenos Aries. ...

19th of October 2009Wind Brasil 2009 starts this week on Ilhabela, Sao Paulo State...

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Anonym | 21st October 2009 (14:14:41)

more pictures from that beautiful place?
forecast for today?

Anonym | 21st October 2009 (14:20:43)

life ticker?

Anonym | 21st October 2009 (20:31:22)


ceri | 21st October 2009 (21:45:21)

we will have some photos soon - and a a gallery on Wind Brasil website

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (18:23:15)

what a small number of sailors? Brazil don´t have so much FW sailors? I suppose that FW had a big number of sailors in Brazil. 20 sailors in an international event it´s very bad for the class.

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (18:47:28)

wind race 4?

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (18:51:44)

where are the international sailors?? just a few of them

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (20:48:56)

15 sailors in the start line?!?!?! What an International Gran Prix!!!

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (21:33:06)

race 2 two people with 7th place...

ceri | 22nd October 2009 (23:57:05)

well spotted - the results have been corrected ; and also adjusted for protests

ceri | 22nd October 2009 (23:58:23)

you need to check the results on Wind Brasil website - they will be on fw website soon

ceri | 23rd October 2009 (00:04:54)

the sailors here are enjoying a great event in a fantastic venue. 4 races just off the beach in winds averaging 17/18 knots

ceri | 23rd October 2009 (11:15:27)

the photos from yesterday are now on the Windbrasil website

Anonym | 23rd October 2009 (11:22:53)

I've sailed in Ilhabela, this is a GREAT place, very beautiful and I'm sure the sailors are having a great time, too bad for who couldn't come. I wish I could be there.
Good sailing everybody.

Sonny Crocket | 23rd October 2009 (12:10:12)

reports from yesterday..big barbecue and there was a very suspicious moment between shrek and fiona..they are deffenetily together!!
last night i hope the cameras of the big brother got something..a lot of walking around after midnight...

Don Johnson | 23rd October 2009 (12:15:13)

MMM,, higly suspicious.. This calls for an investigation. The Miami vice team will look into this and come back with a verdict. We will be a like a mosquito on the wall and find the truth!!!...

Anonym | 23rd October 2009 (15:32:27)

Sonny Crocket, Do you work for TMZ channel? You don't have nothing better to do wirh your life?
Go sailing.

Anonym | 23rd October 2009 (16:44:14)


Anonym | 23rd October 2009 (16:53:09)

what´s happening???

ceri | 23rd October 2009 (18:21:24)

sorry about reports - no wind , and time soon flys past when you get into meetings and conversations with people

anonym animal | 23rd October 2009 (20:13:35)

why ITA is using SIMMER SAILS?

anonym animal | 23rd October 2009 (20:14:05)

why ITA 4 is using SIMMER SAILS?

ITA-4 Alberto Menegatti | 23rd October 2009 (20:25:47)

I'm racing all year on Simmer Sails, they work very good in all conditions. From light to strong wind. From 9,9 to 10,9 to 11,8.
Menage to get my best results with 4th in the Worlds and i'm really fast also here. Very happy on the sails. Coming strong with a new line in 2010. Alberto Menegatti

Anonym | 23rd October 2009 (23:22:58)

How did Paulo get redress in race2?

stojan | 24th October 2009 (10:19:08)

Forza Alberto. Show time....
What fin are you using here?
All the best,

ceri | 24th October 2009 (14:06:21)

paulo won rule 10 protest

ceri | 24th October 2009 (14:07:55)

looking forward to a great days racing -

Anonym | 24th October 2009 (17:07:38)

good one BRA50!

Anonym | 25th October 2009 (18:50:32)

Why the two races in Brazil are so far from each other? I mean, Ilhabela finished today, a month before the next stop in Fortaleza. They could do the next stop next week, not in the end of november.

Anonym | 26th October 2009 (13:30:52)

Funny things about the coverage: No photos from the last fay, no photos from the prize give and no video from the last day either, they just forget about that and move on...

Anonym | 26th October 2009 (15:33:32)

Can you publish equipment list?

ceri | 26th October 2009 (16:17:36)

last day coverage - the photos are on the Wind Brasil (event website ) as they have been all week. The link for FW will be up today.

ceri | 26th October 2009 (16:21:33)

you cannot have events without organisers , organisers need sponsors, venues and dates can then be set.

ceri | 26th October 2009 (16:24:19)

many thanks to Decio and Teka - Arrow Marketing and BRA windsurfing association- for their organisation of the event; the municipality and state for their suppport of the event. We will be back next year.

ceri | 26th October 2009 (16:28:29)

equipment list will follow

Anonym | 26th October 2009 (19:04:47)

HI Ceri, in morlima com have excelent video reports with english subtitles.

ceri | 26th October 2009 (19:14:46)

ok - will get a link added to event page

Anonym | 27th October 2009 (10:28:29)

nice going shurminator

Anonym | 27th October 2009 (23:06:52)

ISAF fw boards list??

Anonym | 28th October 2009 (17:25:49)

GP equipment list post?

Anonym | 31st October 2009 (05:59:09)

equipment 2010-2011


Anonym | 2nd November 2009 (16:21:23)


Anonym | 3rd November 2009 (16:03:30)

The dog ate it ;)

ceri | 4th November 2009 (12:50:46)

i have not got a dog - so cannot use that excuse !!

Anonym | 5th November 2009 (17:21:10)

whats the excuse then...the events been over for 2 weeks!

Anonym | 5th November 2009 (18:02:07)

Everybody used one board, 3 fins and 3 sails. That's the equipment list. Some Starboards, some F2, some Gaastra boards. North Sails, Neil Pryde, Gaastra, Kashy, Ifju. That's it.

Anonym | 5th November 2009 (18:03:02)

Almost forgot, Simmer Sails too.

Anonym | 6th November 2009 (20:58:46)

don't masturb yourself on the equipment list.
It is embarassing.
top five can win with a door of a house, if include it in the isaf list!

Anonym | 8th November 2009 (04:04:57)

Thats BS, come on just post the list. Also what about fixing the italian event link

Anonym | 8th November 2009 (20:40:35)

no one is "masturbing" themselves about a list, only following through on what Ceri said he would post almost 3 weeks ago. For some of us who are not able to travel to Brazil, seeing what equipment sailors use, its very valuable!

Anonym | 9th November 2009 (17:28:21)

I hear there were lots of Z fins used in this event.

neric | 9th November 2009 (23:05:10)

Ceri: something new about the European FW 2010 ?

Anonym | 10th November 2009 (00:36:57)

We can't find any info about Z Fins anywhere in the net. Seens like they don't want to sell fins....

ceri | 10th November 2009 (13:51:48)

Sorry - no news yet on the Europeans. I hope to have it by end of November

neric | 10th November 2009 (16:38:13)

OK thank's Ceri

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, ARG3 | 17th November 2009 (23:31:37)

somebody from europe going to fortaleza???

Anonym | 18th November 2009 (14:07:47)

Sonny Crocket comes i heared together with Jack Custard :)

Anonym | 18th November 2009 (14:43:54)

Don Jonson already training hard, coming back to FW even if he got slammed few times...

Anonym | 18th November 2009 (21:57:41)

Nope, only smart guys come to Brazil, they like wind, sun, bautiful girls, a good race. Just the same who raced in Ilhabela and Camocim last weekend.

Anonym | 20th November 2009 (13:22:00)

steve allen is coming to kick your asses.....

Anonym | 20th November 2009 (21:19:32)

let him come ;) we are all ready!!

Anonym | 21st November 2009 (14:58:54)

It is not Steves conditions, it is straight forward racing. So faster no so good racers have bigger chances to beat him. Pol 10 is proberly gonna be hard to beat if it is not really light or really strong, where he is not as good, as in medium conditions.

Anonym | 21st November 2009 (16:58:05)

Oh yes, not Steve's conditions, that's why he got the 2nd place when the worlds were in Fortaleza, really not Steve's conditions???

Anonym | 22nd November 2009 (11:13:23)

Can we get the eqipment list before the end of the regatta or is this not part of Formula Windsurfing?????????????????

Don Johnson | 22nd November 2009 (21:44:16)

No slamming going on here anymore!!... though rumors on the local brazilian gaz station corner say that BRA999 went flying..!.And also that Mr. Top threeeeee is coming up with a part. 2 of his award winning dancing movie.

Anonym | 23rd November 2009 (05:56:34)

cer1- still waiting on the last equipment list form SP grand prix?!!!
whats the hold up!

Jack Johnson | 23rd November 2009 (19:05:19)

Some rumors are going around about a party that was insane on Saturday, were all the girls had to wear white, any pictures from that?

Steve Miller | 23rd November 2009 (23:16:17)

For sureeeeeee... to be published at the event preview soon...

Sarah Hebert | 23rd November 2009 (23:17:21)

That party was amazing, so much fun i had.
To bad Little Tiger didnt attact me as hoped...

Waiting for the next opportunity...

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