03-08 August '09 | Poland, Sopot

2009 Sopot Formula Windsurfing European Championships

Final results

gold fleetMen silver fleetprizeWomen

Provisional results


12th of August 2009Closing ceremony

7th of August 2009Day five Ceri reports

18:40 | The prize giving ceremony will be tonight at 20.00 on the historic Sopot Pier. Come back later for photos. See you at the next event - Formula Worlds in Santa Pola, Spain

16:25 | AP over A - the wind has dropped, the average was 7knots. sometimes only 6 .
Congratulations to Grand Prix winner Steve Allen ; and to the 2 new European Champions - Przemyslaw Miarczynski (Pont) and Marta Hlavaty


7th of August 2009Europeans in Sopot - day 4

6th of August 2009Day four Ceri reports

17:35 | tonight the club are hosting a grill - and we will post some pictures of sailor activities whilst waiting the the beach today.

17:30 | AP over A . The wind has started to go down again. Throughout the day it slowly grew - but never peaked at enough to call the sailors on to the water.
The schedule is same for tomorrow. 10.00 for skippers meeting; 11.00 first warning signal.

6th of August 2009Day three Ceri reports

18:30 | No protest today - Gold fleet results will be unchanged. Skippers meeting tomorrow at 10.00 with first possible at 11.00


5th of August 2009More photos from 2nd event day in Sopot


5th of August 2009Europeans in Sopot - day two

5th of August 2009Day two Ceri reports

18:58 | details of gold and silver fleets now published.
The schedule tomorrow is skippers meeting at 10.00 and first warning signal at 11.00.
The forecast looks good for tomorrow- so it could be another very full day of racing. Photos and video of todays action to follow .


4th of August 2009First day of Europeans in Sopot

4th of August 2009First event day reports

19:25 | tonight we have a welcoming ceremony and some refreshments . Come back later for full results and photos from today .
Skippers meeting tomorrow at 10.00

4th of August 20092009 Sopot Europeans starts today...

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OTF | 5th August 2009 (00:26:11)

Den Dirk give all you have OTF

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (08:27:51)

hallo Ceri,have you had the chance to figurate out how get in touch with "new" fin makers?

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (08:34:27)

about Z-fins you can ask from Estonian (EST) guys.

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (08:41:24)

I guess he's Martin Ervin.Unfortunately I haven't his email...
More info will be welcome

ceri | 5th August 2009 (09:03:00)

after this event finishes we propose to work on the "fin directory"

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (09:06:35)

ok, understand. i will try to help you, if you send you e-mail address.

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (09:07:56)


Anonym | 5th August 2009 (09:17:24)

just spoke with mr.Z. He will contact You. have a nice day!

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (09:18:44)

thanks a lot.

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (09:59:08)

watching pics it seems there's a big crowd on the water over there.So many boats around the course area.Isn't it dangerous and/or troublesome for the guys?

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (11:22:29)

Who is Mister Z, Martin?

tyyp | 5th August 2009 (11:34:20)

I believe mr. Z is the guy who makes Z fins. And no he is not Martin Ervin.

Hardcore | 5th August 2009 (12:06:08)

Mister Z is an Estonian engineer and windsurfer, been working hard this season to make estonians faster. He is NOT Martin Ervin.

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (13:16:13)

ok,maybe I was unclear in the post earlier.I meant that Martin is a racer using the Z fins and probably he's the man to get in touch with mr Z.
hokuait@yahoo.it is my email address for being emailed from mr Z.

Anonym | 5th August 2009 (13:39:38)

don't worry. the guy named Z got your e-mail today and will contact you. if not today, then probably at the beginning of next week. tomorrow he is flying to sopot and will be back at home latest monday. just to let you know, Martin is a guy using Z-fins, testrider as well. he is not a producer.

FRANCESCO Z. | 5th August 2009 (14:46:56)


Anonym | 5th August 2009 (14:57:36)

what are the conditons doing. we would like reports on that too THANKS

slo 5 | 6th August 2009 (12:10:00)

finally nice photos!!!!

Anonym | 6th August 2009 (14:05:42)

About rating after Alegro Cup in Leba. All competitors get some rating points or just gold fleet? Because mine stay the same :) ?

Urmas | 6th August 2009 (14:10:02)

Z fin maker e-mail herkiz@hot.ee
He will arrive thursday night to Sopot.

Anonym | 6th August 2009 (16:02:12)

blue?? Guessed they were gold and silver...

ceri | 6th August 2009 (16:22:32)

my mistake - Silver

SeanAUS120 | 7th August 2009 (13:04:12)

Yeah, silver. Just ask NED6...

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (14:28:05)

next year fw master worlds will be in Cagliari.True?

ceri | 7th August 2009 (15:06:14)

no - Europeans is in Cagliari

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (15:08:37)

ok,cool as well!
So where Worlds (masters and youth)?

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (15:28:38)

fw is more lively than ever.Rumors talk about 2 new designs from Starboard,2 from Gaastra,1 from JP,1 from Patrik,1 from Drops,something from F2 and probably some more....
Hope next year race trend get higher in Italy...

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (15:29:28)

where is the european and world for senior in 2010

ceri | 7th August 2009 (15:31:12)

worlds youth /masters - provisionally BRA.
Worlds ARG ; Europeans tbc

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (15:32:12)

starboard comes with two boards, for sure,
They did so several years back with a board for lighter sailors and heavier sailors and all dompetitors sailed the most volumed board, guess same will happen again. One is 81,5 OFO other is 78 OFO first with slightly more tailrocker then current board (upto 3 mm) and other board upto 5 mme more tailrocker. New constructio also and new cut outs which make for a rail with a longer waterline.........

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (15:44:21)

I agree,probably the biggest part of sailors will use the bigger one even if next year designs are different than the older model you're referring to.
It's not only a volume issue (like in the 159/136 if I right remember) but tail width and rocker are slightly different.In my opinion the smaller one is an evolution of the 160 and the bigger one is an evo of the 161....
Really hope that any brand designer has thought at fins problem.I'd like to come back at boards which work ALSO with other fins than Kashy (nothing with it).It's only a price/availability/access issue and think that many people has given up from Fw worl also for this problem.
We'll see....

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (15:45:42)

Dates for worlds senior?

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (16:48:43)

2010 boards
2 Starboard Formula
JP Formula

Anonym | 7th August 2009 (16:49:43)

Best fin will work best on any board, Don't think it is possibel to build a board that will work better with a deb R13 then with a Kashy. Not even equally. Only real solution will be that more finbuilders make great products so that prices will be normalised again. Other option would be to get a standard fin that everyone needs to use what so ever.. but that is a route I personally would not like. Btw I have no Kasy but sail with other fins knowing is is good but not best....

francesco | 7th August 2009 (20:03:03)

Comment to the post from 6th August 2009 (13:10:00) wrote by slo 5 : stojan we have to stop working that way. How sounds santa pola ?

Anonym | 8th August 2009 (13:00:43)

Fins are kiling FW, if the boards and sails can only be production, why to keep the fins at the same level, shoud be only production fins, the best atlete as to win not because the equipment.
I´m now out of FW, and most of other sailors are disapoint .

Anonym | 8th August 2009 (13:58:17)

Formula Experience is the future.....

ceri | 8th August 2009 (15:22:17)

hi - only the boards are production - most sailors have production sails , they are so good now.
Fins - more brands are available and they are improving all the time ; good competition is best way to keep price down with losing performance.

Anonym | 8th August 2009 (17:10:46)

Price down? I don't think Us$ 1,500.00 for a fin is keep the price down.
I LOVE FW, but now I sail in FE class because I don't even have to bother about fins.
Sorry Ceri, FW was better before this fin war.

ceri | 8th August 2009 (17:35:53)

we are only just beginning to see more manufactuers of good fins. I am pleased to hear you are still racing formula.

anonymous | 8th August 2009 (19:07:38)

the fin war keeps away new riders from FW and not so moneytary fitted riders quit and change to Slalom...

Formula should be reduced to 1-2 sails, 1 board and 1 fin.
Fins should have serialnumbers and the specs should be shown on the blade... As well stuff should be available for everybody in official shops or websites and the prices should not exceed to like 500 Euros for fins, 1000 Euros for a 11.0 sail, masts&booms less than 750 Euro official retail price.

Formula will die, if nothing changes in the near future..

al | 8th August 2009 (20:17:07)

And in freestyle, slalom and the other disiplins? is it so bad that there are options in FW to?

Anonym | 8th August 2009 (21:03:48)

The sails are not restrictive for the formula class.
Alot of the top guys use the circuit for their r&d to finalize the prototypes for the next season.
Same thing with fins- always getting faster and better with each season. If you limit things we will be back in the stage of no development and no evolution of the gear. That's not what this class is about.- its about progress! There are plenty of fin choices with F4, Ifju and other euro formula fins. If you dont like them, MAKE YOUR OWN!

rafa | 8th August 2009 (23:01:30)

Fins kiling FW? Mmm, don´t think so... FW is now as popular as ever, you do not need to spend 1.500 for a fin, there are plenty of other makers right one with very competitive fins and cheaper prices. Fin development is actually what makes FW more interesting! This is high-performace windsurfing at its best, let´s keep it this way!

Anonym | 9th August 2009 (00:38:44)

Totally agree with the last 2 posts.

We see far too many riders complaining about price of equipment (fins mostly) who should better spend more TOW first before spending money in fins etc!!

Anonym | 9th August 2009 (03:39:23)

I don't think FW will die. I I don't want it to die. But for sure it will be limited to a few sailors. Why weekend sailors can race FW? To compete with PRO sailors who make R&D for manufacturers? I hope that amateurs sailors who want to compete, choose FE. Why race in FW with so difference in equipment? FW is a development class for PRO sailors or the ones who like to spent a lot of money and don't matter to finish a championship from the middle to the bottom of the fleet....

Anonym | 9th August 2009 (06:09:25)

It could be worse!
You could be racing in the rsx class were its not only a shitty fin slowing you down but a 19kg board and 2 cam sail!

Anonym | 10th August 2009 (08:05:11)

facts are that latest boards are very critical regarding fin choice and model.I totally agree that a good fin will make always the difference but now there's no match between a good and an average fin.
Starting from the point of view that nothing is really cheap and that FW would have been an easy racing format I guess that you don't have limit fin price or something just move away the problem and help it making board less fin sensitive.
Yesterday I've raced a multiclass regatta (together with rsx and raceboard) in 9 kns. PLEASE!!!!!!!!
If racing would be that I've stopped my windsurf.

Anonym | 10th August 2009 (16:38:21)

Many people don't realise it take longer to make a custom fin then any other piece of formula equipment.

Anonym | 10th August 2009 (16:59:25)

Ok- I understand the argument that some people find formula fins expensive and somewhat prohibitive because of production but whats the difference between an expensive rig and an expensive fin?
Nobody is asking NP to lower their prices despite being the most expensive. They demand a premium because they are that good!
Look at the fate of FOW class. How well did that go over?

Anonym | 10th August 2009 (18:22:20)

It's very funny talk about others fins, when you look to first 10 or 20 sailors and everybody uses the same fins.
You can find diferent boards, sails etc , but fins ???.
Ask Steve if we can win in this days with a deboichet r13 :-). I now is answer very well.
Formula as to choose is way, being only for 20 guys like PWA or be a class for everybody that love the sport.
Dont make any sence to restrict the production boards for 2 years and keeping fins like now.
Is like one thing pushing to right and other to the left.
Open everything and only pros will compete or close everything and have lots of people racing

Anonym | 10th August 2009 (23:03:23)

The 3 events in Poland certainly didn't show reflect signs that the class is dying.
Maybe 20 pros and the rest amateurs!

Anonym | 10th August 2009 (23:18:57)

They keep the board for 2 years so we can afford for a GOOD fin instead a board, so we buy a board one year and a fin the other year L.O.L.

Anonym | 11th August 2009 (07:36:53)

At least 5 different brands among top 20 in Europeans. Adding top 3 girls we have two more brands

fzarbolibero.it | 11th August 2009 (08:46:37)


haha | 11th August 2009 (13:28:00)

ha, ha! either in community college or harvard they teach the supply and demand law! It also applies also to fins. and seems it is perfectly works also with FW fins now. buy cheaper and better fins from other supplieres now!

Anomym | 11th August 2009 (19:05:01)


Anomym | 11th August 2009 (19:06:25)

550 EUROS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 13th August 2009 (09:50:47)

someone know the price of z2 fins?

Anonym | 13th August 2009 (10:03:15)


Anonym | 13th August 2009 (10:08:27)

they are similar to kashy?

Anonym | 15th August 2009 (11:34:48)


fzarbo | 17th August 2009 (10:25:43)

after seven days of test of z2 fin in croatia: modern and performing fin. the difference depends by Your traning level. Mr. ha ha sucks and continue to buy a kashy.
Ask martin ervin if he wins only for the fin, that's a z2 fin

Anonym | 17th August 2009 (14:03:32)

before it was not enough wind now its not enough money WTF

Anonym | 19th August 2009 (14:46:00)

how does the Z2 fin compare to the kashy on performance?
are they being used or tested by any of the top pro guys?

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