30 July - 02 August '09 | Poland, Leba

Allegro Cup - Grand Prix 2009

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Anonym | 31st July 2009 (07:18:20)


ceri | 31st July 2009 (09:03:29)

the list will be published today

Anonym | 2nd August 2009 (17:09:54)

watching the gear list I notice many new fin brands:Virus,Z2s,Boss.
How can I get some info about them?

Anonym | 2nd August 2009 (18:04:43)

I want info about those fins too. Anyone can help?

ceri | 2nd August 2009 (22:48:16)

i will try to get some info , comments, from all builders of fins. A "fin forum" ? it is great to see so much interest in the equipment. Not just fins - maybe some new board brands join the game next year. Another great event in Poland - 2 more european Gp's to follow and the 2 GP's in Brasil.
Seems to me there is plenty of life in formula !

Anonym | 3rd August 2009 (07:11:30)

Which new board brands that may be?

AHD back in the game and JP to start supporting AA??

Just some wild guesses :)

haha | 3rd August 2009 (09:05:33)

with 1,500 USD price for fin, sure others want to take piece of pie as well!

Jason | 3rd August 2009 (10:11:35)

Rumors about 8 Grand Prix events next year...

SWE73 | 3rd August 2009 (19:07:42)

Any website for the European Championships?

ceri | 3rd August 2009 (19:45:54)

the europeans event page will open up tomorrow

Anonym | 4th August 2009 (01:52:07)


Anonym | 4th August 2009 (03:06:23)

JP Formula would be nice, perhaps AA & MB would join the formula game again

Bogo | 6th August 2009 (09:22:02)

Comment to the post from 2nd August 2009 (18:09:54) wrote by Anonym :

For Virus fins please contact andrew (at) deemeed (dot) com

SeanAUS120 | 6th August 2009 (10:10:14)

hey Markus, I couldn't see your name in the Gold Fleet list ... is that a typo?


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