12-18 September '09 | Spain, Santa Pola

2009 FW Worlds in Santa Pola

30th of September 2009Impressions from 2009 Formula Windsurfing World Champs

Steve Bodner point of view

24th of September 2009

Check Sean O'Brien video from Worlds in Santa Pola

23rd of September 2009Champion story... Marta says..

Last week in Spain was really exciting for me. We came to Santa Pola with other Polish straight from RSX Olympic Class Worlds which were in Weymouth.

21st of September 2009Formula World Championships 2009 - girls point of view

A cliff hanger week of racing at the Formula Windsurfing World Championships.


19th of September 2009Final day ... morning

19th of September 2009Final day

17:55 | on the podium - women POL111,AUS911, FRA59;
men - AUS0, POL10, POL126

17:35 | we are waiting on end of protest time - and then prize giving tonight at 20.00hrs and a big party at the beach

17:17 | at the finish for race 12 women - POL111, POL19 , AUS911

17:16 | At mark 2 women race 12- POL19, POL111, AUS911

17:12 | Top Ten finishersin mens race - GBR83, ISR1, ESO7, POL126, AUS0, POL16.EST44, NED51, NED13, FRA86


18th of September 2009Even more photos from Santa Pola


18th of September 2009More photo from Santa Pola

18th of September 2009Day five

A great days racing - and perfectly set up for a grand finale. Titles hang in the balance - 3 or 4 races tomorrow can change a lot. Top 5 women after 11 races - AUS911, POL111, FRA59, POL19, ARM1. Only one point seperates Allison and Marta!
Top 10 men after 11 races - POL10, AUS0, POL126, ITA4, ISR1, GBR83, POL11, POL16, DEN111, BRA50

17th of September 2009Day four

18:40 | Never let it be said it does not blow in santa pola!
Apart from the start of race 6 for men - todays races were held in 25>30knots. The onshore direction ensured conditions challenged even the most experienced riders. Tomorrows forecast promises to offer good racing, perhaps not so close to the limit as today.

16th of September 2009Day three..

21:31 | correction - a change in 3rd position overall. A great win today for Agnieszka Pietrasik, POL19, moves her into a podium position.

18:55 | After only one race today, for women, there is no change in the overall positions.
Top 3 remain - POL111, AUS911, and FRA59. For the first day since we arrived the wind did not really materialise. The forecast looks promising for tomorrow - we hope to get back on schedule with the race programme.


16th of September 2009Thunderstorm over Santa Pola

15th of September 2009Day two...

18:47 | There is another storm approaching - the day started with a storm and ends with a storm; and in between plenty of drama on the race course, especially for the mens fleet. Come back soon to check provisional results after 5 races


14th of September 2009Day one

14th of September 2009Day one

19:16 | We were unlucky not to get a third race today and validate the championship on the first day. However this was definately a masterful display from reigning world champion , Wojtek Brzozowski, POL10- two bullets in convincing style. For sure he is not going to relinquish the title easily. In the womens fleet a win each for Marta Hlavaty (POL111) and Allison Shreeve (AUS911)

13th of September 2009Registration day and opening ceremony

16:23 | Tonight there will be a prize giving at the beach for the Spanish Championships ; followed by an opening ceremony for the Worlds.

12th of September 2009Ceri reports..

22:43 | live reports will start to flow from tomorrow morning. Although it is registration day for the Worlds , it is also the final racing day of the spanish championships. The organisers have done a fantastic job creating an event village - great facilities for the competitors; a viewing stand for spectators to watch the action, right at the shoreline; commentary from the control tower & live transmission to a big screen on the main stage. Lots of background activity to keep the public interested.

Photos are already posted - daily- on the event website . visit via the event logo at the top of the home page of fw website

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Anonym | 13th September 2009 (19:48:50)

Entry and equipment lists? Forecasts?? THANKS

anonymous | 13th September 2009 (22:51:02)

check windguru.cz
santa pola
for windfore cast

Tuesday looks good

ceri | 13th September 2009 (22:52:37)

this will all be posted tomorrow - we have accepted some late entries because of delayed flights, equipment hold ups ... but skippers meeting is at 12.00 with first possible start at 13.00

Anonym | 14th September 2009 (13:51:18)

is it possible better zoom from the webcam to the shore?Action is so far...
With a so good event organization I'd expected a streaming video of racing.

loic | 14th September 2009 (18:29:01)

Let's go Damien, The french team is back you.

William | 14th September 2009 (19:06:54)

Le BOUCHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michel (exocet) | 14th September 2009 (21:30:37)

Il marche à quoi le Damien?

hola | 14th September 2009 (23:35:07)

are there results available?

Anonym | 15th September 2009 (02:20:28)

Ceri THX for the provisional result!!!!!

Anonym | 15th September 2009 (09:17:15)

we need a bigger startline.....

lili le guen | 15th September 2009 (14:03:46)

super journÊe que celle d'hier Damien, continues, comme ça, fonce, c'est gÊniale.

Anonym | 15th September 2009 (14:38:05)

Nice Going Arnon!!! Keep it up

Janis | 15th September 2009 (14:59:53)

could you please give us top 10 or top 6 results for men at your reports

zarbo | 15th September 2009 (16:16:15)

good job to ceri and to the staff.
do you prefer twice in spain or once in Italy?

fra | 15th September 2009 (17:28:03)

VAI ALBERTO GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 15th September 2009 (17:28:04)


Anonym | 15th September 2009 (17:31:08)


kees & Marleen | 15th September 2009 (17:54:21)

Well done Dennis!!!!

Anonym | 15th September 2009 (20:56:52)

I heard Allison cut her leg open with a fin and has 10 stitches but is still racing!

ravenna punk | 15th September 2009 (21:57:01)

vai pasquini domani togli il copripinna

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (09:05:33)

NED-13 blog:
Had really good races today.got a 3rd,2nd and another 3rd.but because of weird protest i got dsq instead of the 3rd.very pissed about that!

Provisional results after 5 doesn't show that.
Who's right?

Nothing personal Dennis!

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (09:10:04)

AGM: Any info about dates/venues for the next Masters Worlds/Europeans?

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (09:26:27)

should be in Cagliari.No idea about date.

ceri | 16th September 2009 (10:42:33)

europeans in cagliari - early july; worlds in Maragogi, Brasil in october. full details will be added to international calendar soon

Koen | 16th September 2009 (11:04:43)

Go Dennis, Go.
Let us hope you can stick to that 12m,....

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (13:29:20)

testa testa testa e un po' di palle

Polis | 16th September 2009 (14:21:22)

so who is getting the new LWR and HWR ?

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (14:54:04)

who is in the jury?

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (14:58:15)

who are the next girls in race 5?

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (15:18:27)

Nobody can use LWR or HWR in this championship, they are legal only in 2010 for international events.

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (15:28:32)

HWR and LWR is in Santa Pola for presentation

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (16:48:00)

Santa Pola in showing a great potential and so far everything looks great but in my opinion top level FW events of North Emisphere need to be raced in around summer when thermic wind is more frequent.

Bart | 16th September 2009 (18:27:05)

"After only one race today, for women, there is no change in the overall positions. Top 3 remain - POL111, AUS911, and FRA59." - that's not true, POL19 is on third now

ceri | 16th September 2009 (20:30:11)

quite right - apologies to Agnieska

Anonym | 16th September 2009 (22:38:39)

Despite tacking right infront of NED 13 at the mark, AUS 0 came out of the protest room ontop. Goes to show, even if you think you're in the right, the protest room is a dangeroous place to be!
Even ARG 3 got tossed on a call he thought was all his.

NED-818 | 17th September 2009 (07:36:24)

Mmmm..... if you can't beat them on the water, you have to do it at the protestroom. :(

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (09:00:51)

I know there is another honest witness sportive enough to tell the jury what he saw, but the jury does not want to listen. Bad case!!!

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (09:55:31)

So for now, forget what happend and focus on today. No one can change the past.. deal with it and transfer this negative energy in positive results. Hope you can. Toi toi Dennis!!!

ceri | 17th September 2009 (10:14:50)

For sure - focus on the next races.
Regarding the Jury - they can only judge a case on the facts found. This they have done correctly.

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (12:00:16)

riders photo??
Is it for some gay magazine??
Go racing pleaze!!

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (12:45:54)

Who is that guy DEN11??? he is very hansome

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (13:51:51)

Comment to the post from 17th September 2009 (13:45:54) wrote by Anonym :
He he he ;-)

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (13:54:00)

Go kasper DEN11

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (15:09:15)

Ceri,according with provisional result after 5 and your live ticker report I can't understand provisional results you write.
How can Steve be in 3rd if he was out of top 10 in race 6?

ceri | 17th September 2009 (15:25:03)

these are the overall results posted by the scorer

me | 17th September 2009 (16:24:56)

will they keep on racing 2day? or not?

Mattias SWE73 | 17th September 2009 (17:24:27)

What kind of courses is in use during the Championship?
Can someone put up a coursediagram?

zarbo | 17th September 2009 (17:34:44)


ceri | 17th September 2009 (17:42:08)

see the sailing instructions - published day one

Jon | 17th September 2009 (19:01:15)

C'est bien Sarah....

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (20:01:56)

forza gino!!!!

Anonym | 17th September 2009 (22:07:33)

@ Pawel

can you tell us why you've registered both the rsr 11,8 and the rs6 11,6?
Where's the difference?What condition you use one or other?


SeanAUS120 | 17th September 2009 (22:43:29)

"17th September 2009 (13:45:54) - Anonym, wrote :
Who is that guy DEN11??? he is very hansome"

I can tell you right now he's in the room next to me and he snores like a m**********.

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (08:42:57)

haaahahahahahaha...... okay thanks for the info SeanAUS120

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (10:29:26)

when will Keith Atkinson come back, he's so handsome also

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (11:46:44)

You don't snore Sean ;)? I think you are the cutest...

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (12:19:33)

Sean!! Have u gained some weight?? No longer lightweight and flying in the strongest conditions.. Full throttle!!

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (13:55:00)

Is this a formula windsurfing site or a gay contest site? ahahahahahahahahahaha.

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (14:04:37)

Any news form the AGM?

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (14:05:55)

sorry? women do also check the site!!!

ceri | 18th September 2009 (14:13:16)

agm report later today

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (16:11:06)

please,provisional results after 10!!!

ceri | 18th September 2009 (16:15:11)

unfotrunately i do not have them - if only...

ceri | 18th September 2009 (16:35:33)

now published

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (16:43:12)


is it planned some more top level Fw event for 2009?

FRA418 | 18th September 2009 (17:13:40)

Any around: uk, north france, belgium, hollande?

ceri | 18th September 2009 (17:14:48)

2 grand prix in Brasil - NoR's next week

bart | 18th September 2009 (17:30:11)

after how many races third discard kicks in?

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (17:30:41)


Anonym | 18th September 2009 (18:40:04)

The resultes woman11 are not correct. In race Allison was 2nd and Marta got a DNF

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (18:40:36)

Race 6

ceri | 18th September 2009 (18:46:39)

which results are you looking at ? check overall after 11

SeanAUS120 | 18th September 2009 (18:55:30)

Hmmm, if it really is some girls writing these comments, I think its only appropriate you put your name (and/or phone number down) ... just to make sure its not Kurosh or something ... haha.

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (20:04:09)

have you seen that Arnon weird sail??
It seems an old Art Blade with the clew hole into the sail.
How does it work,man?

Anonym | 18th September 2009 (23:32:56)

I know he is using the 2010 Vapor, I've seen a picture.

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (01:59:23)

Very weird sail, with the boom clew atached in a hole in the sail.

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (08:52:38)

Ceri,AGM report?

ceri | 19th September 2009 (09:26:32)

first the committee members present must approve the minutes. That is now one - report later today.

kj | 19th September 2009 (14:13:02)

AGM 2009 minutes just published in Class ONB section of the formula website

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (14:16:25)

what's the link,please?

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (14:38:07)

ok,now right direction.
Put the marks in the water ang go for racing!

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (15:06:08)

according with the wind have you scheduled 1 or 2 men races before call an end?

fra-418 | 19th September 2009 (15:09:54)

Dear anonyme... Perhaps you should reduce your amount of cafeine intake.

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (15:23:35)

no coffee,no drugs.

sedzia | 19th September 2009 (15:26:34)

What time you can run the last possible race?

ceri | 19th September 2009 (15:37:44)

last warning signal at 17.00 hrs

sedzia | 19th September 2009 (15:42:21)


Anonym | 19th September 2009 (16:07:34)


Anonym | 19th September 2009 (16:27:13)

So... Who is new vhampion?
At Woman: Allsion and Marta both 13Point and 5Wins!?

ceri | 19th September 2009 (16:31:08)

Steve and Marta are 2009 Champions

sedzia | 19th September 2009 (16:47:46)


Kasper | 19th September 2009 (16:50:31)

dobra robota dziewczyny i chłopaki.... niewiele zabrakło....

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (19:05:56)

ale jednak zabraklo! ze Stevem nie latwo wygrac! Bravo Mistrzu!

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (19:07:57)

Steve as always the best!!!! Congrats mate!!!

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (19:09:52)

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!!!!

Pascal ARNAUD | 19th September 2009 (20:20:38)

Bravo Morane .Toute la Martinique te dis Bravo.

Anonym | 19th September 2009 (21:27:38)

Now, who cares about the ranking? LOL

Anonym | 20th September 2009 (10:15:49)

^ idiot ^

Anonym | 20th September 2009 (18:27:54)

Is Allison with Gaastra now? Well done Allison top effort!

Margit AUT88 | 21st September 2009 (09:30:27)

Congratulations to Steve and Marta! And of course to Allison - sooo close... and Morane, tough girl!! and all the girls. I felt so sorry that I could'nt be there :-((
Does anybody know where next years Worlds take place?

Anonym | 21st September 2009 (19:33:11)

Is it just me thinking that it is insane to race with razor sharp fins? Sending a formula racer to the hospital with a fin cut has become a normal occurrence at regattas. Fortunately, the cuts I am aware of are those where the racers have cut themselves on their own fins, but it is a matter of time before a port-starboard collision results in a competitor being cut by another person's fin. That will not be pretty. A cut to the neck or inner thigh could be fatal. Has there been head to head testing of a slightly less sharp Kashy fin versus the standard Kashy, and if so, what were the results?

Anonym | 21st September 2009 (20:28:38)

Actually the cut sutained by allison was on a Virus fin see her video

Anonym | 21st September 2009 (21:09:55)

dosnt metter if he cutted heself with a kashy, virus, or a deboichet. All he saying is that those formula fins shouldnt be that razor.

Anonym | 21st September 2009 (21:33:57)

next years worlds will be in Argentina in march 2010

Koen | 22nd September 2009 (09:43:42)

it is the trailing edge that is sharp on the Fins, not the leading edge, so little risk at collisions

Anonym | 22nd September 2009 (22:13:47)

sharp trailing edge = fast YAH : )
blunt trailing edge = slow : (


FRA418 | 23rd September 2009 (11:00:55)

We need some sort of ice hockey protective gear I believe.

FRA418 | 23rd September 2009 (18:56:31)

This was a joke, anyway it's true I bought some football shearguards after two crashes on the mast and a bad injury. Not tried them out yet ..,

Allisonaus911 | 24th September 2009 (09:05:37)

Formula Windsurfing is an extreme sport! Every year the gear gets faster, more efficient, less draggy etc. It is our choice to push the limits to be the best, therefore I see no problem in having sharp fins. It was a split second decision to turn the board in the water because I didn't hear the whistle for the finish, which resulted in the back of the fin cutting my leg. Good news is stitches are out tomorrow!

I'm sure if there was a race collision there would be minimal damage as the leading edge would probably hit the other person which isn't as sharp as the trailing edge. Every sport has an element of risk, which makes it exciting, I'd rather go fast and have fun then be stuck on old or slow gear.

Anonym | 25th September 2009 (11:24:21)

Does anybody know what new formulaboards wil be available next year? Uptill now it is:
- Starboard 2x,
- Exocet 1 and nothing further I know.
- F2 continues with its Z board with new stripingcolours I think?

What is the final date to get formula boards approved for 2010 and 2011??

ceri | 25th September 2009 (11:42:53)

for sure there are other boards in the process of being registered - including 2 new players. The closing date for registration with ISAF is 30th September. The list on ISAF website will be updated around mid october. We will carry a full report on this website.

Anonym | 25th September 2009 (12:09:21)

2 new players: JP and???

Anonym | 25th September 2009 (16:08:43)

anyone knows of any teasers somewhere on the net?

Anonym | 25th September 2009 (18:32:39)

JP and CarbonArt....

But, how about GS-VAPOR? New shape?

Chiseesswef | 27th September 2009 (03:37:51)

Hello! Base klooper in place of my english jer, buti plumb nice re say gJ$)Kd!!!.

Anonym | 27th September 2009 (17:19:26)

what's the spot of 2010 Worlds?

any news about the new JP and Gaastra boards?
when the official release?
rumors talk also about Drops new board.

Anonym | 27th September 2009 (17:21:44)

who's JP fw board designer?

Anonym | 27th September 2009 (18:55:02)

Mike Zajieck - with Micah and Antoine??

Sue | 27th September 2009 (19:02:17)

Any Ideas of dates for the Allegro cup and Polish National 2010

ceri | 27th September 2009 (20:10:08)

check provisional calendar ; newsitem and NoR for ARG Worlds very soon

Jack | 2nd October 2009 (14:59:48)

hallo Ceri,right now all the new boards registration forms should be in at ISAF.
When would be possible read the details?
You've talked about "a special" in the web.Any more news?


ceri | 2nd October 2009 (20:39:51)

The Registration process is controlled by ISAF technical staff - expect to see the new list very soon.

GRE-737 | 4th October 2009 (10:34:44)

I've never seen photos with so many racers on the start line such as those in this world's FW Champ...must have been a nightmare for everyone to figure his way out from the pack...

SLO-666 | 4th October 2009 (22:37:16)

Patrik Diethelm is new formula on market....

moonsonia | 5th October 2009 (03:03:38)

Hello Penitential klooper regardless of my english jer, buti precisely nice re counter .

anonymous | 6th October 2009 (15:13:06)

...it wasn´t so difficult to find the way through the pack, even starting from port.
My point of view, a complete start (no gold and silver fleet) makes the race more interesting for the guys less than 30th place...
Great job of the organizers, may some points to argue with the race director, all in all a perfect WC

Anonym | 15th October 2009 (13:35:11)

What about the boardlist ceri???

ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :

The Registration process is controlled by ISAF technical staff - expect to see the new list very soon.

Anonym | 15th October 2009 (17:12:10)

hey Ceri,
if I right remember you've written that you would have posted a couple of lines about the new models mid october.

ceri | 16th October 2009 (12:10:06)

i think we should wait for ISAF to publish the list- preparations for ISAF conference and swine flu have been responsible for delay ..

pypesteme | 17th October 2009 (18:51:12)

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Muppet | 17th October 2009 (20:27:13)

Comment to the post from 17th October 2009 (19:51:12) wrote by pypesteme :

snobtuff | 18th October 2009 (19:50:02)


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Can anyone be kind to tell me how?

thanks a lot

pol13 | 18th October 2009 (22:20:57)

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Anonym | 20th October 2009 (01:26:11)

Comment to the post from 18th October 2009 (20:50:02) wrote by snobtuff :

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (03:06:22)

little tiger.... wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (09:56:33)

worlds 2011?

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (09:58:22)


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Can anyone be kind to tell me how?

thanks a lot

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (09:58:46)

18th October 2009 (23:20:57) - pol13 (biuro at geco-invest dot pl), wrote :

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Anonym | 20th October 2009 (09:59:59)

worlds 2011?

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (10:00:22)


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thanks a lot

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (10:00:54)

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Anonym | 20th October 2009 (10:01:48)

I've never seen photos with so many racers on the start line such as those in this world's FW Champ...must have been a nightmare for everyone to figure his way out from the pack...

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (10:02:24)

check provisional calendar ; newsitem and NoR for ARG Worlds very soon

Anonym | 20th October 2009 (17:18:27)

The 2010 FE and FW Youth/Master World Championship won't be in Maragogi. The correct place is ARARUAMA, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Anonym | 11th March 2010 (13:33:34)

Anonym | 11th March 2010 (13:36:33)


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