06-10 May '08 | Portugal, Sines

2008 Sines-Portugal Windsurfing Grand Prix

Final results


Provisional results

11th of May 2008Final day
Wilhelm report


10th of May 2008Day 4

10th of May 2008Final day...

18:50 | 2 rounds of slalom: steve and wojtek each won a round. Slalom overall results -1st AUS0; 2nd ARG3; 3rd POL10. Prize giving at the beach tonight at 19;00 local time

13:41 | so the top five here in Sines Formula: ARG 3; AUS0, DEN111, BRA999 (first light) POL16.. first master-ITA415; first youth GBR32

13:24 | that is thelast race for formula . one hour on the beach - then into slalom. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG3) wins the first world tour event ,here at the Sines-Portugal Grand Prix.

13:22 | at the finish - BRA999,AUS0, ITA456, POL11, POL10... something happened to gonzalo!

13:18 | at second windward -POL10,ARG3,AUS0,ITA456

09:12 | after 1 lap- big lead for ARG3, ...AUS0, POL10, BRA999

13:09 | atfirst windward -ARG3, POL10, DEN111,BRA999

13;00 | 4 minutes to start ofrace11

12:55 | Wind is average 15 knots, with ocasional gusts to 19/20

12:46 | 20 minute race for the winner - one more race to complete this formula series , and give competitors a 3rd discard

12:39 | oops -mistakes in last report ! at the finish -ARG3 , POL25, POL11,AUS0, DEN111

12:34 | 2nd windward-ARG3,AUS0, POL10, POL25, DEN111

12:25 | after 1 lap -ARG 3 ; AUS0 who overtook DEN111 before the mark..POL10

12:16 | clear start...

12:11 | AP down onthe committee boat , Claudio Alessandrello (RO) will start race 10 in 6 minutes

12:00 | Last night the competitors were treated to a fantastic dinner at a beach side restaurant. Steve Allen,on behalf of the sailors, thanked Isabel and Jose Guimaraes(Overpower Club) for their hospitality- and their usual, efficient organisation

11:55 | good morning from Sines. good wind again this morning ! the plan is 2 formula races followed by 2 slalom rounds. wind is averaging 15 knots -and could build to 20 knots this afternoon

9th of May 2008Day 4

19:15 | After 9 races- 1st Arg 3 ..8pts; 2nd AUS0...16pts; 3rd DEN111 ..24pts; 4th POL16 ..26pts; 5th BRA999 ..31pts.

8th of May 2008

Day 3
Willhelm report

8th of May 2008Day 3

18:20 | We finished the day with 3 rounds of slalom -you will find a report on IFCA website soon .


7th of May 2008Gallery 3


7th of May 2008Gallery 2


7th of May 2008Gallery 1

7th of May 2008Day two

19:30 | The wind did not improve during the rest of the day. However there is an excellent forecast for tomorrow. We have skippers meeting at 10 -first possble start at 11.

7th of May 2008Day one
Willhelm report...

6th of May 2008Day one.
Ceri's report

19:00 | No more racing today. The wind stayed around 5/6 knots, and not from stable direction .We now prepare for the opening ceremony at the beach.
Skippersmeetin tomorrowat 10.00 . first start 11.00

1st of May 2008

General Rules for GP Tour 2008

General Rules for GP Tour 2008

24th of April 2008Sines, Portugal Grand Prix coming closer

Less than 2 weeks to the start of the 2008 World Tour with the Portugal Grand Prix.

24th of April 2008Transfer to Sines

Overpower needs your flight details to organize transfer from the airport to Sines.

7th of April 2008Sines GP NoR now published......

The Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix series goes global.

4th of April 2008Overpower and Portugal join the Grand Prix world tour

The 2008 Grand Prix world tour will now kick off in Sines, Portugal.

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Anonym | 5th May 2008 (15:45:07)

Web cam?
Sailing today?
Registration and equipment lists?

Andy | 6th May 2008 (12:02:50)

what the hell is going on with that GP event? No infos, no entry lists since days, no pics, nada !??????
Is there anybody at Sines? Or again a postponed event of Overpower?

Anonym | 6th May 2008 (14:35:17)

What were the winds for the first race and sail sizes?

Anonym | 6th May 2008 (14:38:31)

What is the relationship between the time you are posting and local time?

BRA220 | 6th May 2008 (18:06:30)

go go go go go go...

fabim, wilhelm and mathias!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greg | 6th May 2008 (23:40:35)

winds around 7-10 knots

Anonym | 7th May 2008 (08:14:51)

how fast gonzo is going......

Anonym | 7th May 2008 (10:03:13)

very fast

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (01:12:57)

whistle and the wind will come!!!!!

Anonym | 9th May 2008 (07:52:07)

what was the condition while slalom and what board Steve has used?

Anonym | 9th May 2008 (10:34:38)

hey! what's wrong? where are the results, reports, etc... it has never been so bad and slow!

Anonym | 9th May 2008 (12:29:33)

Is Jesper out of the hospital? Will he compete today?

Anonym | 9th May 2008 (14:10:48)

Whats wrong with jesper????

Anonym | 9th May 2008 (14:44:13)

Jesper has a virus

Anonym | 9th May 2008 (17:52:24)

Hey Comanduu, I got your message, will reply, hopefully soon.

ComandUUUU - BRA 25 | 9th May 2008 (18:38:01)


Polis | 10th May 2008 (13:30:27)

What board is ARG-3 using ? 162 ?
how about fins ?

Anonym | 10th May 2008 (13:33:22)

F2 and Kashy

BRA 220 | 10th May 2008 (13:41:17)

Congratulations Gonzalo, Fabinho, Mathias and principally Wilhelm 4th generally and First Light again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valeuuuuuu galeraaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Anonym | 10th May 2008 (14:57:29)

good job Steve!!!

Anonym | 10th May 2008 (15:09:32)

is there any salom today?

Anonym | 10th May 2008 (19:19:03)

congbratulations gonz!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 10th May 2008 (19:19:40)

good gjob gonzalo!

Anonym | 10th May 2008 (19:23:34)

why Fabio is not fast as usual?Stuff problems?

Fins | 10th May 2008 (23:53:45)

Top 4 with kashy fins... Gonzalo, Steve, Jesper, Shurman

Anonym | 11th May 2008 (00:36:49)

Steve is using Kashy?!? Isn't he sponsored by deboichet??

Anonym | 11th May 2008 (07:14:37)

if the kashy is faster than the deb- that would be reason to use it!

Anonym | 12th May 2008 (18:53:16)

steve is not sponsored by deboichet

Anonym | 12th May 2008 (19:26:40)

well done gonzalo

SeanAUS120 | 14th May 2008 (14:57:22)

Ceri, great coverage of the event on the Overpower site, congrats to you and OP! The videos on SailTV are really good also.

Good to see people are focusing more on the coverage of the events, I think if FW can be covering events like the PWA does, there's great leverage for the sailors to promote themselves and help attract more sponsors... which in turn means there will be more of us able to do the full tours in the future!

Sorry I missed it. Hoping to get to Sopot but if not I'll be ready for the Euros in Leba.

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