24-30 November '08 | Brazil, Fortaleza

Fortaleaza/Brazil GP

1st of December 2008Wind Brasil 2008 .....


1st of December 2008Prize giving

30th of November 2008Race Report - Day 5

30th of November 2008Daily report... final day

17:45 | Congratulations to-all the sailors who participated in this exciting regatta, to the organisers Arrow Marketing and their race committee for a well run event; and to the sponsors of the GP including Marina Park, Fortaleza city and Ceara state.


29th of November 2008Day 4

29th of November 2008Race Report - Day 4

28th of November 2008Daily report...

18:55 | the leading sailors after 13 races - ARG3 (19pts), BRA50 (31pts) GBR83 (32pts) BRA3333 (32pts) , BRA999 (34pts) .
A lot could change tomorrow !!
first warning signal atr 12.00

28th of November 2008Race Report - Day3

28th of November 2008Daily report...

18:33 | No more racing today - come back later for daily summary, and photos. Full results are on line now on the event website - www.windbrasil.com

27th of November 2008Race Report - Day 2

26th of November 2008Daily report...

20:00 | come back later for full report , results and photos.
leading 5 sailors after 7 races - ARG3, BRA3333, BRA50; BRA74, GBR83.

26th of November 2008Race Report - Day1

Three races were scheduled for today; with a wind forecast of between 20 > 25 knots....

25th of November 2008Daily report...

19.30 | i made an error with results ! 3rd place Ross , one point ahead of Gonzalo. Paulo sneaks it ahead of Gabriel on the tie break - ie better position in last race. The wind throughout was strong , occasionally gusting to 31/32 knots ; and shifty.
Briefing tomorrow at 10.30 ; first possible start at 12.00. Come back soon for results , photos and day report.

18:45 | unofficial results after 3 races, with no discard - 1st Paulo Dos Reis on tie break from Gabriel Browne ; 3rd Gonzalo Costa Hoevel,4th Ross Williams, 5th Willhelm Schurmann.

25th of November 2008Registration day...

22:03 | Registration is over - the top 6 brazilian sailors from the world ranking have signed on : joining Schurmann are Fabio and Victor Melo, Gabriel Browne, Paulo Dos Reis, and Matthias Pinheiro.
Skippers meeting is at 10.30 tomorrow , with first possible start at 12.00

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Anonym | 25th November 2008 (21:52:11)

....so who/how many has registered?

Anonym | 26th November 2008 (15:41:29)

Hey, where is the registration list?
How many and what they are using???

Anonym | 26th November 2008 (17:06:58)

Go brazilians...

Anonym | 27th November 2008 (17:53:25)

any news about gear list?

Anonym | 27th November 2008 (18:10:40)

gonza gonza gonza!!!!!!!

Anonym | 27th November 2008 (20:18:59)

only 17 registered sailors? Isnt that a low number for a GP event?

Anonym | 27th November 2008 (20:34:26)

its the economy...

Anonym | 27th November 2008 (22:37:13)

go gonzo go gonzo!

francesco zarbo | 29th November 2008 (21:38:43)


Anonym | 30th November 2008 (18:50:04)

Ceri can you please post equipment list!!!

Anonym | 1st December 2008 (07:34:33)

When SB don't win, they don't show....

Anonym | 3rd December 2008 (13:31:07)

Maybe they did not have to register their gear...

Anonym | 8th December 2008 (10:57:11)

Can someone from the formula class organization please post the equipment list for the last grand prix-
Ceri- you've been asked several times without a response!!

ceri | 8th December 2008 (13:36:58)

what is your email address- i will send you a copy

spit | 8th December 2008 (15:19:56)

send me also a copy
best regards

Anonym | 16th December 2008 (23:57:02)

If you can send a copy, why not put on the site?!?!
Very strange attitude....

Anonym | 17th December 2008 (16:21:24)

No copy has been sent yet...still waiting!
Ceri- hop to it!

ceri | 17th December 2008 (22:33:31)

everyone who has emailed me will get the info

Kostas | 22nd December 2008 (19:55:46)

Equipment list please?!

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