04-07 June '08 | Poland, Sopot

Sopot Grand Prix

12th of June 2008Steve Bodner GP Sopot

Superb regatta with 8 races over 4 days.

9th of June 2008Sopot GP report from Marta Hlavaty

Generally the organization and atmosphere were fantastic thanks to a great job organizersm sponsors and competitors.

7th of June 2008FWOD at Grand Prix Sopot

Sopot Grand Prix and as it stands Allison is leading the Formula women's fleet after eight races by 9 points to Marta Hlavaty

7th of June 2008Day 04 - reports

16:46 | Sorry , we lost internet connection. the wind failed to get above 5 knots .Racing is over for this event. It has been a great event - well organised , as you would expect from club SKZ Sopot. Tonight we have a prize giving on Sopot Pier, followed by a party. We look forward to returning to Sopot next year with the formula windsurfing world tour.

12:14 | sorry - but nothing to report at the moment. wind has actually dropped .

11:50 | We are on postponement at the moment. Conditions are simmilar to yesterday,although we have an earlier light breeze and a good forecast for this afternoon. Course will be the same as day 1 - outerloop-with the course just of the club. We hope to do 2 or 3 races back to back.

6th of June 2008Day 03 - reports

18:39 | 1st Youth -PLO23.... in womens division -AUS911, POL111, POL6

18:26 | overall results after 8 races- AUS0, ARG3, DEN111,
GBR83, POL25,POL16, BRA999 (1st Light), POL11, LAT23, POL10, EST202 (1st Master)

5th of June 2008Day 02 - reports

18:19 | Tonight we have a meal at the club for all competitors.
The gallery of photos has been updated.
Skippers meeting tomorrow at 11.00 - first possible start is 12.00

17:04 | No more racing today.
Leading sailors after 6 races- AUS0, DEN111, ARG3, POL25, GBR83, BRA999 (first light), POL16, POL11, LAT23, POL10.
1st master - EST 202 (14th )
1st youth - POL23 (17th)
Leading women - AUS911, POL111, POL6

4th of June 2008Day 01 - reports

18:31 | Tonight we have opening ceremony - cocktails and meet the sponsors- PKO JWESTYCJE (Investment), Neptune Park Developments , and the town of Sopot.

18:29 | After protest and redress for collision to ARG 3- leading sailors after 4 races: AUS0, ARG3, DEN111, POL25, BRA999(first lightweight), GBR83 (on tie break from) POL16 & POL10, ITA456, LAT23.
First woman AUS911 from POL111.

26th of May 2008Formula World Tour moves on to Sopot.....

The second leg of the World Tour takes place from 4th to 7th June, hosted by SKZ Sopot.

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Bart | 4th June 2008 (12:27:10)

....so who's registered and perhaps some pictures?? let us know. thanks. Bart

Anonym | 5th June 2008 (12:06:39)

So what going on?

Anonym | 5th June 2008 (13:27:52)

1 hr between posts and 6 minutes on the clock.. come on!

Polis | 6th June 2008 (05:41:31)

AUS-0 on kashy fins ?

what happened to ARG-3 ?
lost of form ?

Anonym | 6th June 2008 (10:38:34)

AUS-0 on Kashy ? Where did you see that ?

lily | 6th June 2008 (12:49:44)

since last year... Good results Steve !!!

Anonym | 6th June 2008 (14:35:52)

Is there someone using the R20 ??

Maybe Polanoswki ??

Anonym | 6th June 2008 (14:35:58)

Is there someone using the R20 ??

Maybe Polanoswki ??

Anonym | 6th June 2008 (20:44:54)

No he is not using Deboichet R20

BRA5 | 6th June 2008 (20:48:40)

yeah the barbecue guy use a couple of r20 to set the fire barbecue...it was pretty good actually...

BRA 5 | 6th June 2008 (21:12:00)


BRA 5 | 6th June 2008 (21:15:38)

BRA 5 didin't write the 2 posts above.
It is not fear to use my name to write bullshits.

Anonym | 7th June 2008 (00:13:38)

gonz was flying today!

Anonym | 7th June 2008 (00:14:24)

well done gonzalo

Polis | 7th June 2008 (02:36:24)

R20 is a useless fin ?

worst than Drake stock fin ?

Opel | 7th June 2008 (09:54:43)

Many say they are using deboichet, I guess they painted the deboichet Black to look like the Kashy fins, hahaha

Opel | 7th June 2008 (09:57:51)

Some Deboichet team riders are using black fins, we don't know if this is a new marketing strategy from Oriana (deboichet) or if maybe there was to much oil in the water making the fin stay with that color...

Polis | 7th June 2008 (12:31:50)

so is R20 in the top 3 ?

otherwise, i'm taking oriana for barbrque : )

Anonym | 7th June 2008 (12:43:56)

Post an equip list....

Anonym | 7th June 2008 (15:04:10)

Still no wind?

Anonym | 7th June 2008 (16:45:11)

Great racing Steve

Anonym | 8th June 2008 (13:59:54)

the only r20 that there was unfortunately was the on the new olimpic equipment...

JK | 9th June 2008 (08:33:16)

When are the results for the Formula Tour going to be posted? Portugal and Sopot?

francesco zarbo | 9th June 2008 (12:03:45)

Thomas Fauster yesterday won the italian open with R13 black 7 years old. Don't You think to give too importance to the fin ?? is it so important 1/4 knot of extra speed if You tack in 3 minutes ?

mr. spock | 9th June 2008 (14:51:12)

Comment to the post from 9th June 2008 (13:03:45) wrote by francesco zarbo :
where was the italian open? was thomas using the new F2

francesco zarbo | 9th June 2008 (16:46:42)

of course.
first tom, second bevero, third begalli. 4th the pitbull Giuseppe Pugliese from sardinia.-
nine races in 4 days . next year the event will be better published with invitation to everybody.

Anonym | 9th June 2008 (18:58:35)

What about the other Italian Top sailor??

Cucci and Menegatti???

Gedas | 10th June 2008 (15:44:04)

The finale results are differ from those on official event site and those on notice board right after the event was closed. 22 and 23; 30 and 31 positions.

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