29 July - 03 August '08 | Poland, Leba

Allegro Cup - Formula European Championships

11th of August 2008Allegro.pl Cup - Video event report

Check out MauiSails video event report from FW Europeans in Leba. Interview with Dennis Littel NED-13, Marta Hlavaty POL-111 and Leszek Rutkowski POL-1.

8th of August 2008Leszek Rutkowski, POL-1 Łeba event report

For me this was one of the two key events this season(the World's is the other)....

7th of August 2008Marta Hlavaty POL-111 event report

FW Europeans Women gold medalist event report

6th of August 2008Allegro European Formula Championships- Poland '08 - Gonzalo Costa Hoevel reports


3rd of August 2008Prize giving ceremony


3rd of August 20085th day of competiton in Leba

3rd of August 2008Ceri report - final day

18:10 | what a fantastic last race - they finishe the race in 20 knots and a very bumpy sea !


2nd of August 2008Allegro.pl Cup - day four

2nd of August 2008Ceri report - Day 4

18:10 | no more racing today - some great racing in all fleets. The forecast looks good for tomorrow. First possible start is 11.00 and last possible start 18.00 -so we are hoping for 4 races tomorrow for all fleets


1st of August 2008Allegro.pl Cup - day three

1st of August 2008Ceri report - Day 3

17:27 | no more racing today .we waited until 18.30 for suitable conditions to restart race 7 -but it did not happen .
skipers meeting at 10.00 tomorrow.first start at 11.00


31st of July 2008Allegro.pl Cup - day two

31st of July 2008Ceri report - Day 2

17:54 | after 4 races - the leading sailors in mens fleet are NED13,ARG3,DEN111,GBR83,AUS0

30th of July 2008Ceri report - Day 1

18:18 | that is it for today ! the wind did not show . we are back tomorrow ar 10.00 for skippers meeting. Come back for some sailors reports from today , photos and equipment list

25th of July 20082008 Allegro Formula Windsurfing European Championships

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