26-31 August '08 | France, Bandol

European Festival - FE and FW Youth & Master

Provisional results

List of competitors


31st of August 2008Final day - event reports

16:06 | I am afraid that is it for this event - we do not have time to validate these championships. The prize giving will go ahead - but no european titles this year. The organisers have done everything expected of them ; unfortunately this championship will be remembered for lack of wind.

15:57 | the wind has increased a little ...are we going to get racing in at the last moment ?

15:30 | We are running out of time - we have only a light 3/4 knots . The race Committee have been sitting on the water hoping for an increase and ready to set a course .Last possible start is 16.55

11:49 | still waiting for wind -the morning light breeze has changed direction as predicted. now all it needs to do is build sufficiently for racing !!

09:30 | welcome to day 5 and d day! we had an earlier skippers meeting but as yet no wind. we have 8 knots forecast for around mid day from the south


30th of August 2008Some photos

29th of August 2008Event reports

19:38 | No racing today .
we have brought the skippers meeting forward to 09.00 tomorrow and first start at 10.00.
There is some hope of wind earlier in the day tomorrow - we really hope so .

28th of August 2008Event reports

18:50 | no luck today . AP over A - skippers meeting at 10.00 tomorrow , first possible start at 11.00.
Tonight sailors are invited to a BBQ at the club - and hopefull remain focused on the last 2 days .

28th of August 2008Event reports

19:41 | provisional results from race 1: fe junior : FRA873, FRA59, FRA496; FW Youth: FRA823, FRA41,ESP16; Master : BRA05, ITA251, ITA78

27th of August 2008Event reports

18:04 | no chance of racing today . AP over A. We keep our \\\\"fingers crossed\\\\" - ie hoping for better conditions tomorrow.

25th of August 2008Less than one week before the start of the FW Youth and Masters and FE European Championships ...

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fzarbolibero.it | 27th August 2008 (10:23:24)

qui non c'è vento.

fzarbolibero.it | 27th August 2008 (17:14:13)

cippa totale e chiacchere da circolo.
speriamo nel meteo.

slo 5 | 28th August 2008 (12:29:11)

forza fabrizio forza italia.....

Fernando | 28th August 2008 (12:58:07)

Hi guys,
What do yoy think about the future of Formula Experience Class? Is there any master racing in FE?
Good winds.

fzarbolibero.it | 28th August 2008 (13:31:39)

Comment to the post from 28th August 2008 (13:29:11) wrote by slo 5 :

hi stojan, after 14 days in bol with 25 knots, this situation is terrible. no wind no wind at all.

slo 5 | 29th August 2008 (08:49:50)

some photos?

POL-0 | 29th August 2008 (17:00:11)

Kalafior ciśnij!

zulu | 30th August 2008 (09:37:38)

Seems that the 1 race you guys did was a total joke....
If that's how a champioship looks like then there's no bright future ahead.
There should be a way of fighting against judges who have no idea what FW racing is all about.

Anonym | 31st August 2008 (21:35:07)

you're right race1 was a real joke and race1 means fortunately nothing

POL23 POL44 FRA111 GBR592 (in youth) ESP999 (in master) didn't do the entire race - missed a buoy- and should really work and think seriously about fair sailing , sportmanship and fair play !
it's longer to do the entire race than avoid some buoys and not fair for the rest of the crew

regards their behaviour it doesn't seem to be a problem for them to cheat

4 other racers didn't do the entire race too but recongnized their mistake

Leszek - POL 1 | 1st September 2008 (10:26:03)

hey how about you say who you are?? talking about sportsmanship it's not too brave to acuse people and not tell them your name... Is that fair?
From what I hear the protest was dismissed because some of the jury said they saw some of these guys doing the full course....
waiting for your response and your name, Leszek

neric | 2nd September 2008 (23:32:31)

Absolutly agree with Pol1!! (but I have got a small idea.....)

GBR 592 | 22nd September 2008 (13:19:50)

WE had a protest about not doing the right course and in the end the race office admitted they made a mistake and didnt mark down the right people at the marks, so apart from the ones that admitted they did the wrong course we all did the right one.

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