26 November - 02 December '07 | Brazil, Fortaleza

2007 World Championships


11th of December 2007FW Worlds 2008 - day 05

3rd of December 2007Video footage

Check out the video footage from the event. Five days, two camera crews working full time produced ten sweet clips.

2nd of December 2007Day 05 - reports

Thanks - it is important to acknowledge all those who have put a lot of effort into making this event a memorable championship:
Ferruccio Feitosa, Sport Secretary of Ceara State, Robert Bezerra, Director of Marina Park Hotel; Decio Sanford , Arrow Marketing; Teka Lenz, President Brazilian Windsurfing Assoc.
all the sponsors ; event and race office staff......
and, of course, all the competitors.


2nd of December 2007FW Worlds 2008 - day 04 in pro lens

1st of December 2007Day four summery

Antoine Albeau is the 2007 World Champion – but he did not have it all his own way today !


1st of December 2007FW Worlds 2008 - race 13


1st of December 2007FW Worlds 2008 - race 11

1st of December 2007Day 04 reports

15:31 | come back soon for full results and photos ;and another video clip from bogo later this evening. Tonight there is party at Futura Beach - no doubt some may save themselves for the last days racing - but i think most will be out to enjoy the evenings festivities.

30th of November 2007Summery of 3rd event day

Another great days racing, and 3 more wins for Antoine Albeau, (FRA192).


30th of November 2007FW Worlds 2008 - race 09, day 03


30th of November 2007FW Worlds 2008 - race 08, day 03


30th of November 2007Pro lens point of view on FW Worlds 2008

30th of November 20073rd day reports

Another three races scored in changeable conditions. Antoine Albeau dominated event winning all races today.

29th of November 20072nd day of FW Worlds

With a good wind forecast, and only three races scheduled for today, Race Director Bruno de Wannemaeker announced the first start for 12.30....


29th of November 2007FW Worlds 2008 - day 02

29th of November 2007Day 02 reports

Another three races and all won by Antoine Albeau.


28th of November 2007FW Worlds 2008 - race 03 and 04


28th of November 2007FW Worlds 2008 - race 01 and 02


28th of November 2007Day 01 - skippers meeting

28th of November 2007Day 01 reports

After four races the first five looks as flows : FRA-192, ARG-3, POL-10, FRA-421, AUS-0.


28th of November 2007Registration day in Fortaleza

27th of November 2007Registration finished

We have 71 competitors registered for Formula Worlds 2007 - see the list. Tomorrow skippers meeting at 10:30 and first possible start at 12:00 local time. Stay tuned.

26th of November 2007Steve Bodner Fortaleza report

With less than a week before the 2007 formula windsurfing world championships, 50+ international competitors lined up in Fortaleza for a 3 days of racing in 10-20 knots at the Brazilian Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix.

26th of November 2007Steve Allen won Brazilian Open

Brazilian Open finished and we starting with registration for the FW Worlds.


26th of November 2007First view from Fortaleza

25th of November 2007Another windy day in Fortaleza

Second day brought another four races with two discards. Unchangeable leader of Brazilian Championship is Steve Allen.

24th of November 2007Brazil/Fortaleza is warming up

Top guys are already here – Antoine Albeau, Steve Allen, Wilhelm Schumann and a lot more.

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formula | 28th November 2007 (17:04:31)

Go on ! Gonzalo, Steve Allen, Wojtek !!!! but Where is Ross Williams, our European Champion ?

Anonym | 28th November 2007 (17:31:04)

Comment to the post from 28th November 2007 (18:04:31) wrote by formula :


Anonym | 28th November 2007 (17:49:35)

what happened with Aontoine when he headed back to he beach?

formula | 28th November 2007 (17:53:33)

you're right, it was in 2006, and second in 2007 (i didn't notice this !) but so good results anyway (not only for european races) for a so good racer. Sorry for my mistake. Thanks Ceri for these championships, give us more videos !

dje | 28th November 2007 (18:00:14)

force f421
tiembe red pa moli
big up

dje | 28th November 2007 (18:00:59)

force f421
tiembe red pa moli
big up

Alain | 28th November 2007 (18:07:14)

Ross apparently stayed in Maui testing sails and the new Gaastra Vapor FW board. I don't know why he chose not to come to the FW Worlds.

Anonym | 28th November 2007 (18:12:14)

come on gonzaloooo!!!!!!

yago | 28th November 2007 (18:48:40)

Wind around 14-17 knots?

all top guys sailing with 11m? are there some exceptions?


yordas | 28th November 2007 (18:52:22)

Neil Pryde 12.5 = Albeau; Fernando 11.8
Severne = 11.8
North = 11.8

yordas | 28th November 2007 (18:53:47)

Bien por FERNANDO ESP-71
Bien por Pablo ESP-16

formula | 28th November 2007 (19:00:37)

yes, good for esp-71 from the first race ! thanks for more details because the only results are not exciting (there's no webcam ?) - i know they have no time, but ... we are so far -

Ceri and Ross Fan\'s Club | 28th November 2007 (19:38:47)

Where's Ross ?

I tink he'll love this conditions.


BRA174 | 28th November 2007 (19:52:18)


Alain | 29th November 2007 (11:34:03)

Allez Antoine ! Allez Juju.
Tout l'ĂŠquipe d'AUTO-VITAL est derrière vous !

Anonym | 29th November 2007 (14:32:24)

nobody representing germany....how come??

PK | 29th November 2007 (15:04:15)

where is KP US-3 ? was a world champ in Brazil too..

it's a shame that mauisails is not properly represented

the 66 | 29th November 2007 (15:13:23)

fly fernando fly, is this my fin?

the 66 | 29th November 2007 (15:22:34)

Germany ??? Who is the fastest formula racer in Germany? If you check German rankings ---> G-16
Bernd Flessner, but I think too much costs, to less sponsoring and not enough coverage by the german magazins and medias . So better to stay at home...
I would like to go to Brasil, too but some people need to work seriously for life... ;-)

falco | 29th November 2007 (15:31:46)

Its the same problem in Belgium, Wolfgang and Pascal ( the 2 best formula sailers in Belgium )dont get enough sponsoring to cover the expences and they have to work or to study too.
They finance all the competitions they do without sponsoring: the only sponsoring they have is an extra discount on the equipment

lili | 29th November 2007 (15:43:59)

Allez Damien, tout le monde à BREST est avec toi.Vas-y à fond, on compte sur toi.....Gros bisous.Maman

MDL3MD | 29th November 2007 (16:15:52)

Vamos, vamos con los Españoles dando caña, adelante:
Fernando E-71
Pablo E-16

MDL3MD | 29th November 2007 (16:45:59)

Fernando con Hurricane fins???, al final funcionan.....

Anonym | 29th November 2007 (16:48:01)

Da-lhe Paulao!!!!!!! BRA-3333.
Quanto mais vento, melhor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRA174 | 29th November 2007 (17:13:19)


Anonym | 29th November 2007 (17:49:18)

Go twin go!!! Strong comp,strong men! Keep it up Marco

yago | 29th November 2007 (17:51:26)

Fernando is really flying, is showing good skills...

Angel, gracias por la info... y Pablo, k vela lleva, tambiĂŠn va con la vela grande? no decĂ­an k habĂ­a unos 14-18knt establecidos en el campo regata?
me parece muxo viento para k Fernando vaya con la 11,8...

the 66 | 29th November 2007 (18:59:35)

Bravo E-71, keep close to this top 5 and dont break my fin....
Greets from Tarifa, Andy

Fernando | 29th November 2007 (19:43:51)

venga E-71 a ver si te pones delante del Obelix!!

serĂĄ E-16 el nuevo Asterix??? Demuestra que sĂ­!!!

Come on guys! keep it up!

Szymon | 29th November 2007 (20:07:25)

No Bogo super szybko podawane relacje , wyniki i zdjecia gratuluje poprostu pelna profeska

john Hard | 29th November 2007 (22:09:22)

can you post the equipment list?

tom | 29th November 2007 (22:37:55)


the 66 | 29th November 2007 (23:06:59)

Only a few questions:

Why is there a Masters and Youth ranking too?
Didn't we had this Worldchampionships in Tallin/Estonia in the end of August 07?

The same we will have in 08, two times Worldchampionships for Women, in Portugal 09/08 and in Peru 12/08? Check Calender...

ita 9 | 30th November 2007 (07:04:27)

daje cavaliere nero!
Bravo marco!

Laurent 740 | 30th November 2007 (07:27:22)

Bravo Antoine....!!!!!!!!

al | 30th November 2007 (09:11:13)

Stå på Jesper og alle dansker!!! Vi følger med dere alle sammen.

ANO | 30th November 2007 (09:36:27)


Jansen | 30th November 2007 (10:09:54)

Kom saa drenge -vis dem at det er DEN-numrene der styrer ved Brasiliens kyster!!

Vi ved I kan !!!!!

Anonym | 30th November 2007 (10:33:51)

How many Brazilians does it take to launch a windsurfer?
2 to carry the rig down the ramp,
1 to carry the board down the ramp,
2 more to put the board and rig together,
3 additional to stand on the ramp telling everyone what to do and finally 1 actually use it.

(Im glad the event's not in Poland or it would actually take more!)

KEVIN | 30th November 2007 (10:37:44)


Anonym | 30th November 2007 (11:28:55)

its bullshit he takes 7.5

proud polish bloke | 30th November 2007 (11:30:46)

i wonder what nationality you represent anonym??
surely a limited one.

falco | 30th November 2007 (11:40:41)

@Kevin and Ano: its the average of r6 and r7 ( 15 )
before protests Michael had 72 points and after protests 7.5 : it seems to me he got a redress

Anonym | 30th November 2007 (11:46:06)

bring on the equipment list before its over!

BRA 220 | 30th November 2007 (11:51:42)

7.5 points, POL 16????????


BRA 220 | 30th November 2007 (11:51:48)

7.5 points, POL 16????????


ita 16 | 30th November 2007 (12:09:27)

before protests 72 points ok after protest 7.5 points ; 7.5 no is a result 7 points ok or 8 points
ok but 7.5 is not normal

cabetinho BRA400 | 30th November 2007 (12:22:37)


BRA 220 | 30th November 2007 (13:39:33)

ok, man!!

Anonym | 30th November 2007 (13:47:39)


cabetinho BRA400 | 30th November 2007 (13:59:39)

vamos paulao bra 3333, boa sorte, estamos torcendo muito!!!!

BRA174 | 30th November 2007 (14:08:03)


BRA174 | 30th November 2007 (14:15:24)


Anonym | 30th November 2007 (14:52:03)


yordas | 30th November 2007 (16:56:39)

Gabriel (BRA-50) 19/02/91 - Congratulations for your brilliant performance, despite beating ESP-16 !!

MaïtĂŠ | 30th November 2007 (20:42:39)

allez Juju, tu peux y arriver , ce n'est pas encore fini.
Dommage que tu n'es pas ta 9.8, elle doit te manquer.....
mais bagarre toi et gagne encore une place
les Iles du Nord (FWI) sont avec toi
bisous maman

formula | 30th November 2007 (21:11:37)

people should speak english. It would be more correct for everybody i think ...

formula bis | 30th November 2007 (21:39:25)

answer for "" FORMULA''
yes, it would be more correct to speak english, but everybody cannot speak englsih, ....
YET , it should be more correct to sign with your name and not with '' Formula''

gemello | 30th November 2007 (22:34:19)

Vai Marco,daglie er gas!!

ITA 872 | 1st December 2007 (09:59:24)

Forza Zio, puoi fare di meglio!

Anonym | 1st December 2007 (11:05:12)

another windy day is coming over there...

joss | 1st December 2007 (12:02:58)

pourquoi parler anglais et pas italien russe espagnol....... ce n est pas une question de correction ....on encourage nos coureur dans nos langues et souhaitons bonne chance à tous les autres

ita 16 | 1st December 2007 (12:11:13)

for formula speak italia , spanish , french please it should be correct for the world;

MCA | 1st December 2007 (14:40:29)

Allez encore 3 comme ça et c'est les vacances....

MCA | 1st December 2007 (14:40:46)

Allez encore 3 comme ça et c'est les vacances....

formula | 1st December 2007 (14:43:43)

You're right, Go on ! ... communicate with your close comunities. English for open-minded people, chinese for the future. I send emails for other stuff.
... and back to the world championship ... it's really more interesting
:( :(

formula | 1st December 2007 (14:44:29)

Does anybody have any information about Kashy fins ?
Never heard about this ... maybe some pictures ...

Karla | 1st December 2007 (15:06:19)

Steve Allen! You are the BEST!!!
Aussie Aussie Aussie GO! GO! GO!

Anonym | 1st December 2007 (15:14:22)

Steve rules - keep it up mate:))))
No more drama with broken masts & U r 1st!!!

KEVIN | 1st December 2007 (15:16:57)


ITA 872 | 1st December 2007 (17:26:55)

Formula, here's my post translation : " Come on Zio (zio=uncle, nick of ITA415), you can do it better and better!" ;)
doesn' matter which your language is , enjoy this sport!!

the 66 | 1st December 2007 (17:32:16)

back to the scenes...
whats going on with fernando E-71

Anonym | 1st December 2007 (17:40:28)

YEAH!!! that's the way to GOOOOO MAN!
STEVE ALLEN - formula KING!!!

Anonym | 1st December 2007 (17:41:10)


Eric | 1st December 2007 (17:41:32)

Steve - well done !!

BRA 220 | 1st December 2007 (17:47:32)




FIN 312 | 1st December 2007 (17:49:45)

I have been racing for 20 years and I dont rember that anyboby had to drop a first place after 11 races!! Specially in world championchips!!Super fine job Antoine.

Anonym | 1st December 2007 (17:58:38)

Antoine - NEW world champion!!! Bravo!

Steve\'s cheerleaders team | 1st December 2007 (18:04:04)

Steve we love YOU!!! you are the best & the most handsome ;))))

shame you are married :(((

Anonym | 1st December 2007 (18:26:35)

Wojtek! Good job!

sophie hervĂŠ choupette ju cam\'s | 1st December 2007 (19:01:35)

Bravo!! Bravo!! Bravo!! C'est bon c'est bachĂŠ! T'es le meilleur slalomiste, le plus rapide et le meilleur formuliste du monde!!
Tes vacances vont être bien mĂŠritĂŠes !!

julio | 1st December 2007 (19:59:38)

Ai fabio congrats for the result man, top 10 world and you could have done better you know this, with all tha bad luck, still in top 10 I want to see you in the top of the list GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (01:21:32)

BRA3333 is a big surprise, congratulations! Who are his sponsors??

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (02:53:47)

looks like Shurminator took the light weight. Good going Shumi.

Polis | 2nd December 2007 (15:08:32)

POL-10 makes a comeback...but what happened to him since end of 2005 ??

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (15:47:21)

he broked his leg in wakeboarding, so he was away , but now he makes real comeback

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (16:13:18)

Steve! You are the best!

yo | 2nd December 2007 (16:15:39)


I think that title goes to A2

sxm family | 2nd December 2007 (16:25:25)

MALGRE LE MANQUE DE MATERIEL , PLUS LE MATERIEL CASSE , montre que tu peux finir dans le top 10;
allez champion fonce

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (16:48:30)

gonzalo argg 3 you are the best!

BRA 220 | 2nd December 2007 (17:11:21)

congratulations BRA3333, TOP 5 IN THE WORLD 2007!!!!!!

bartek | 2nd December 2007 (17:20:26)

job well done by polish team!!!!!!!!.........you guys rock!!!!.........wojtek, nice comback and hopefully we'll see you race more in 2008..........bogo, thanks for all the shots and updates.
all the best,

anonym | 2nd December 2007 (17:22:21)

why FRA421, sponsoring NP, run with only 2 sails:
10.7 and 11.8? IT IS NECESSARY FOR HIS LEIGHT TO HAVE THE 9.8..... THE RESULT WOULD NOT THE SAME, it is a great pity.....

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (17:28:50)

Valeu Paulão (BRA-3333)!! Agora ĂŠ o mundo....
Brasil ficou pequeno!!!!

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (18:12:45)

FELICITACIONES GON ARG 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (18:15:27)

Felicitaciones Gonzalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peru Beach presente

Anonym | 2nd December 2007 (18:16:41)

BRAVO ARG 3!!!!!!!!!!
Tus fans del rio

SXM FAMILY | 2nd December 2007 (18:39:38)

BRAVO JUJU, UNE PLACE de 7 dans ces conditions c'est super.
PAS L' EQUIPEMENT NECESSAIRE, cette voile 9.8 qui t'a tant manquĂŠ, tu t'en sors avec tous les honneurs, quand on sait qu'à 2 reprises tu as eu des problèmes de matos(2 places de 72 pour du matos( c'est excessif à ce niveau) juju tu as 21 ans , tu es le futur champion, ne l'oublies pas, tu avais ta place sur ce podium.

BRA 220 | 2nd December 2007 (18:39:54)




cabetinho bra400-upwind | 2nd December 2007 (19:41:24)

valeu muito Paulão, parabens, agora vc tem o destaque e vai ter o reconhecimento que merece, pela Severnne e Starboard; torcemos e rezamos muito por você e tb pelos demias brazucas- valeu Schurmann, campeão leve na porrada...

Polis | 3rd December 2007 (06:33:01)

is AA using the new RS Racing 2008 model ?

where is the gear list ?

Anonym | 3rd December 2007 (13:32:06)

felicitaciones gonzalo arg 3!!!!!!!
te lo merecias!!

Anonym | 3rd December 2007 (13:33:59)

bravo gonza!!

Tedd | 3rd December 2007 (13:44:25)

Great going shurminator, light weight world champion.

jocelyn et eric | 3rd December 2007 (18:21:02)

Bravo Antoine! t'es juste le meilleur , chapeau, ton exploit raisonnait de Diamond head à Rivedoux dimanche et tout les planchistes rĂŠtais et rochelais avaient une pensĂŠe pour toi!

Jon | 3rd December 2007 (20:34:48)

Pol10 and Antoine registered NP racing 12.5
Whats that about, there is no such sail. Or where they old RS6

Jon | 3rd December 2007 (20:34:59)

Pol10 and Antoine registered NP racing 12.5
Whats that about, there is no such sail. Or where they old RS6

Hou | 3rd December 2007 (21:27:30)

I think it is a RS6 in the new colurs

Anonym | 4th December 2007 (01:30:13)

Its the very Old RS6 and Antoine is on a proto RS Racing

Anonym | 4th December 2007 (03:08:23)

BRA 3333????????

Anonym | 4th December 2007 (09:37:32)

i thought proto sails were not allowed in FW class?

Anonym | 4th December 2007 (13:19:22)

BRA 3333 is Paulo dos Reis, also known as Paulão. He is 4x brazilian formula windsurfing champion and, in my opinion, the best formula windsurfer in Brazil.
Unfortunately he is not part of international teams of any brand, so his support is limited. If he would have the chance to participate on the formula windsurfing events abroad I'm sure he would be top 3! The guy is great.

Polis | 4th December 2007 (16:15:06)

can AUS-0 seek redress since AA is not using a production sails ?

Polis | 4th December 2007 (16:15:08)

can AUS-0 seek redress since AA is not using a production sails ?

Tod | 4th December 2007 (16:48:07)

custom sails are aloud in formula.

LX | 4th December 2007 (17:09:08)

Great reporting, the live update was great...

sails | 4th December 2007 (17:53:25)

FW decided a few years ago to toss out the production sail rule, as it was unworkable. And Steve A. being part of the Gaastra R&D effort probably was on protos as well, or at least on sails that were heavily tweaked and modified - that's his job.

bart | 4th December 2007 (18:36:25)

quite few riders were using kashy fins.....do they have a web site or sales rep?

sails | 4th December 2007 (19:35:42)

No rep for kashy, you have to get in touch with him directly. about 2 years waiting list to get the fns.

Anonym | 4th December 2007 (23:32:51)

we must vote for a default fin for formula.

Anonym | 4th December 2007 (23:57:58)

I am sorry to mention this but Wilhelm is not light weight world champion..there is not such world title...i´ve seen that in starboard as well they promote him as the light weight world champion...he was the first light weight guy in the world championships...that finished 11th on the overall...congrats to him...he is an amazing racer.
congrats to Gabriel Brown aswell for being the first youth in the event but certainly this doesnt give him the Youth World Championsips title...which North and F2 are not claiming at all...

Anonym | 5th December 2007 (01:15:31)

Anonym , if you say so who are you? to say that looser.

Anonym | 5th December 2007 (03:23:50)


Murray | 5th December 2007 (06:08:48)

You should read again, since I guess you got it wrong, this is what starboard has on their site:
"Congratulations to Antoine Albeau for winning the 2007 Formula World Championship, and to Wilhelm Schurmann for winning the 2007 Formula World Championship lightweight division"
As you can see, it says " lightweight division" so they are actualy promoting shurman on what he won, the light weight division. Last year it was the same for the guy who won in Korea, I thing it was Por 5. About the youth, everyone knows that the world championship for that was in Estonia.

THE FACT | 5th December 2007 (13:42:56)

The FACT is that NO other light weight was infront of Wilhelm and NO other youth was infront of Gabriel and this worlds was one of the most difficult ones.... people said the level was outstanding... (not for Antoine heheheheh seemed easy for him) and there was plenty of wind to show the skills.

novete | 5th December 2007 (18:02:29)

you, that don't write your name, should be happy for Wilhelm and Gabriel, instead of worried about titles...are you jealous?

Kostas | 5th December 2007 (19:07:23)

great video clips on the website! Is there any drawing with the route that athletes were supposed to cover for each race? just curious...

greg | 5th December 2007 (19:40:09)

try on the starboard site, news, formula worlds, there you can see the course diagram for each day, there should be something also here in the formula web page.

DK/AB | 6th December 2007 (13:27:10)

Hey Fabio, Nice going in the racing at both the Brazilians and in the Worlds. Keep training and I'm sure we will see more podiums for you.
Thanks for having us.

RS-Racing | 6th December 2007 (18:40:30)

Whats thats about. if NP biggest sail is 11.8 is it ok to produce 12.5 prototypes to some guys?. Then Albeau is going to win everthing because no one has got a big enough sail ?? Strange.
BTW what sail sizes where mostly used?

Excocet | 6th December 2007 (18:42:16)

Where there any new excocets on the beach during or after the competition. And what about the new Gaastra board. Heard rumors that they would train after the competetion to see how they work?

Jon | 6th December 2007 (18:45:40)

Did see some strange pictures of fins that looked like kashy but where deboichet. Does he have something new to match the Kachy concept.
The equipment list didnt reveal anything about the models, what about the deboichet guys was it 19 or 17 they used ?

Anonym | 6th December 2007 (20:19:51)

There were a couple of fins of similar outline to Kashy but none I saw from Deboichet. Antoine, and Julien were using some Deb's and obviously they were very fast...

Defaulter | 6th December 2007 (20:26:01)

Want to kill formula, put everyone on "defalult" stock fins built by one factory. One guy will buy 10 and keep the best, the next will buy one or 2 and never go fast... Which board will these fins be designed for? What about lightweights or different boards requiring different fins??? Default fins==> the END!

Anonym | 6th December 2007 (23:03:44)

Today the same guy are buying 10 custom fins and keeping the best.

Kostas | 7th December 2007 (05:51:25)

don't you think they should introduce a limit in the number and type of the fins that an athlete can use, etc, like the way they do for the sails and boards?

Steve | 7th December 2007 (08:14:13)

Kostas - fins are limited the same as sails. Competitors can only register one board / 3 sails / 3 fins for each event.

Kostas | 7th December 2007 (08:25:33)

oh, ok, sorry didn't know. obviously I never raced in international level, eeh!!lol

Anonym | 8th December 2007 (22:49:33)

like i said before, formula should have a limit in the number and type of the fins, that an athlete can use, like Kostas quote.
And you know why? formula is becoming a 'rich fun'. There many exemples of sailors that are not doing better, because they dont have $$$ conditions to buy 3,5 or even, 10 KASHYS.

Anonym | 9th December 2007 (20:39:57)

With Formula- the rules are pretty simple: 1 board, 3 rigs and 3 fins. You cant stop someone from buying 10 fins and registering the 3 best at a regatta.
If a person doesn't have the money to buy 3 fins he will get by with the best that he can with 2 or even 1.
You're always going to be competing in life with people with more money than you- get used to it and use what you have the most efficiently that you can!

Anonym | 10th December 2007 (00:03:07)

good point, second anonym.

Anonym | 10th December 2007 (21:02:49)

So what fin(s) did Antoine use? Anybody know?

Anonym | 10th December 2007 (21:27:20)

Yes, second anonym must be rich.

Stock fins for everybody = closer gap between the rich-10-fins' purchaser and the guy who is going race with the fin provided free of charge with his board

Anonym | 10th December 2007 (21:31:18)

nobody wants to sail that &^%$ even on freeride boards most everyone buys somethings else and puts the 'stock fin' in the junk pile...

Anonym | 10th December 2007 (22:53:11)

Im not rich but given the choice would rather not sail a one design class like the rsx when there exist something better. Nobody's forcing you to sail in this evolving class- you could stick with a stagnent class like the kona or the rsx and find your thrills there.
The formula designs- especially boards have rapidly evolved over the past 5 years but is really starting to reach a plateau.The fins although are now just reaching a new level- perhaps in a few years we will see them level out as well. This is the nature of the class!

Anonym | 11th December 2007 (00:02:01)

I know that Antoine still uses deboichet. With strong winds uses the old R13

Anonym | 11th December 2007 (22:45:13)

"This is the nature of the class"?
What you mean? year by year the fins and the whole 'equipament' will be more important then the sailor. That's the concept of formula? I dont think so.

Anonym | 12th December 2007 (13:30:21)

Actually as can be seen in the equipment list that the equipment is leveling off. Notice that Both the *brd and F2 brands had 06 and 07 boards spread evenly through the results, also many riders using last years sails too. And as the previous posters said Antoine is using an "old R13" and "fins will level out as well"... Yes equipment is important, but knowing how to use it, skill and training is much more important....

Anonym | 12th December 2007 (13:57:47)

antoine was using for light wind a fin that loked like kashy as was fra421 and pol 16.
But nice to see old gear is stil fast, it is manly the guy, that does well

Anonym | 12th December 2007 (14:31:09)

got a photo?

Anonym | 12th December 2007 (17:12:43)

hey guys, do you really think that antoine r13's, is a custom fin? Hahaha. Only antoine owns a r13 like that one.
But i'm not telling you that antoine isn't the best sailor today, because he really is.

Kostas | 12th December 2007 (19:18:26)

if it's only the fin which makes this huge difference in performance between sailors, then it seems that it's worth investing some good money on it. Otherwise, everyone can have a top class sail, mast, boom, board - but from the above discussion sounds that the FIN is a very critical factor, if not the main one, in athletes gear....

SeanAUS120 | 13th December 2007 (05:22:22)

That fin you are referring to that Polan and a few others used is most likely an R20 prototype. think they are still developing them so we'll have to wait till next summer ...

SeanAUS120 | 13th December 2007 (05:23:27)

That fin you are referring to that Polan and a few others used is most likely an R20 prototype. think they are still developing them so we'll have to wait till next summer ...

nmey | 16th December 2007 (08:59:10)

hey guys.does anybody khnows if is there any kind of mast which i can use with my NEIL PRYDE 10.7.My N/P mast is broken and i am looking for another brand for less money

falco | 16th December 2007 (12:58:52)

I still have a brand new 530 X 9 ultra for sale
where are you from???

falco | 16th December 2007 (12:59:04)

I still have a brand new 530 X 9 ultra for sale
where are you from???

nmey | 17th December 2007 (22:29:44)

Hello my friend.i am from Greece.Can you tell me the price of your must?

falco | 18th December 2007 (10:41:43)

I am from Belgium price 450 €

Polis | 22nd December 2007 (11:54:26)

Comment to the post from 16th December 2007 (09:59:10) wrote by nmey :

u can try MaverX mast, same specs as X9.
u can check out at star-board forum page, someone claims it is good and cheaper.

Anonym | 26th December 2007 (01:36:53)

u can also use a north sails 550.

Dave K | 30th December 2007 (13:43:05)

Hi Guy from Worlds
I lost a harness and an NP 9.8 RS Racing bag at worlds.
My harness has VA9 on it and my bag had no personal writings on it. If you found either please post back. Thanks
Dave K

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