29 April - 06 May '07 | Portugal, Portimao

2007 Portimao Grand Prix

Final results


Provisional results

5th of May 2007Final day

Press Release- final day

16:35 AP over A! End of the competition. We are lucky. 13 perfect races in perfect wind condition!
Check the final results!
At 19:00 (CET) we have the Closing Ceremony...


4th of May 2007Day 4 - racing!!!

4th of May 2007Day 4

Press Release day 4

Check the results after 13 races...
Gonzalo lost the last chance to win this regatta... falling to the water just before reaching the second up-wind mark!!!And THE WINNER IS STEVE ALLEN!!!
Last two races of tomorrow will decide of the other places on the podium..


3rd of May 2007Day 3

3rd of May 2007Day 3

Press release day 3
Another great competition day comes to an end. Gonzalo attacked Steve and was able to score two bullets. Unfortunately an equipment failure stopped his attack. But none the less the result list will be interesting before the two final days. For tomorrow we will again have Skippers meeting at 12:00 (13:00 CET)and the first possible start at 13:00(14:00 CET).
Check the results after 10 races...


2nd of May 2007Day 2 - racing

2nd of May 2007Day two...

Press Release

Steve on a safe lead after 7 races...

1st of May 2007Fabio Melo (BRA-74 )

Fabio Melo (BRA-74 ) - new star was born?!


1st of May 2007Day 1 ... action


1st of May 2007Day 1 ...

1st of May 2007Day one...

Please read the press release

18:30 | Two more perfect races in the wind 15 to 17 knots:
Race 3 finish: AUS-0, ARG-3, POL-25, BRA-74, ITA-456, NED-13, POL-16, ESP-71, BRA-999, EST-202
Race# 4 AUS-0, ARG-3, ITA-456, BRA-74, BRA-999, POR-5, NED-13, POL-320, POL-25


30th of April 2007Day 0

30th of April 2007Registration day

20:00 30 competitors registered... Check the list. In one hour we will have the official opening ceremony...

18:00 29 competitors from 11 countries registered already!
The wind has picked up! It is now constantly blowing with 15 to over 20 knots at the beach. gusts are reaching up to 25 knots. Several guys are on the water now to tune in their gear. Although thez all enjoy the wind after one week of low or even no wind conditions it is obvious that most of them have problems with the decision which equipment to register: one board, three sails and three fins seam to force everybody to decide where to leave a gap in the equipment portfolio...
10:00Good morning from sunny, warm and windy Portimao! Today is the inscription day here at the beach of Alvor. Club Overpower has agan prepared a perfect setup for a great event. Yesterday and overnight competitors arrived from everywhere in the World. A large group of competitors is making ist way from Santa Pola where the Formula Windsurfing European Championships ended on

The wind forecast for the next days is excellent. So finally we might get an event with nice wind and a lot of action on the water. Check out the forecast for Praia de Alvor yourself if you want!

29th of April 2007

It’s countdown time to the beginning of the Portimão Formula Grand Prix 2007, which will take place at Praia do Alvor, Portimão, from the 30th of April, till the 5th of May... Read the press release

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Anonym | 30th April 2007 (21:26:11)

let the show begin, give alllll your best guys!!!

Zoe | 1st May 2007 (20:46:00)

can we have ACTION fotos :D?

Nuno | 2nd May 2007 (00:29:55)

Where are the photos?

Zoe | 2nd May 2007 (15:31:32)

finally a nice competition with SUPER wind, keep going!

francesco | 2nd May 2007 (18:00:52)

FW remains the queen of windsurfing classes, like this race shows to everybody. It's time to dialogue between FW class and PWA.
the actual situation has to change.
Follow the italian rules.

ComandU BRA 25 | 7th May 2007 (19:02:05)

how can we donwload the videos?

Anonym | 8th May 2007 (12:05:17)

Can someone put them on U-Tube? then post the links

Zoe | 8th May 2007 (16:22:02)

good idea because i cannot watch them also :(

dorota | 9th May 2007 (08:23:49)

if you want to watch the movies you need to download real player and sometimes quick time pro too.

Anonym | 31st May 2007 (01:35:49)

Boa fabio bela colocaçao

Anonym | 31st May 2007 (01:36:16)

Essas fotos sao mto lokas

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