21-28 April '07 | Spain, Santa Pola

2007 FW Europeans

Final results

Light DivisionMasterMenWomenYouth

Provisional results

27th of April 2007Final day...

17:20 | Race 4 for blue has started

17:12 | Race 4 yellow-first finisher : POL16 ;GBR83;AUS0

17:08 | RaCE 2 for women- POL19 ;ARM1 Race 3 women - ARM 1 ;POL19 big fight another race soon !

16:54 | Yellow racng -race 4 -leading boards :POL16;GBR83;AUS0

16:48 | the internet connctio went down!! We tried race4 for yellow but abandoned after stat . Now they try for another start

16:08 | RAce 3 bluefleet is started

15:40 | first finisher yellow fleet-DEN111;NED2;AUS0;POR78;ESP16

15:39 | leeward mark AUS0 ;POL16 ;DEN111;NED2;

15:38 | NED 2 first to windward mark. The racing is right off the beach with start line parrallel to beach and in front of spectator seating .

15:34 | 20 minutes to blue fleet start -and possibly a valid camponship!

15:19 | First start yellow race 3 -general recall; now black flag start . Clean start -except GBR451

15:04 | Race 2 -blue fleet finish :ARG3 ;FRA421;BRA999;DEN288;POR5 yellow start in 5 minutes

14:47 | yellow race 1-GBR83;NED2;NED6;POL5;POL1;AUS0; blue fleet first to mark-ARG3

14:47 | yellow race 1-GBR83;NED2;NED6;POL5;POL1;AUS0; blue fleet first to mark-ARG3

14:35 | we have an average of 9/10 knots all over the course area.Yellow fleet are finishing ;blue and women start together soon I am sorry i do not have news of the first finishers !

14:03 | start for yellow ;blue fleet are going out

13:54 | AP down- yellow fleet going to the water

13:50 | at last the wind is picking up ; sailors are rigging and maybe we will be racing soon. The wind is side onshore in the right direction to give a possible thermic boost to the forecast 5/6 knots. At present the wind is7/8 knots . Lots of people visiting the beach today ; a big stage is prepared for the prize giving and a rock concert to finalise the championship.


27th of April 2007Day 4

26th of April 2007Day four

18:32 | No more racing today . Full credit to competitors, race commitee and event staff-who tried so hard to complete racing today.
Skippers meeting tomorrow at 10.00 first possible start 10.30


26th of April 2007Day 3

26th of April 2007Day three...

18:55 | Tomorrow we have skippers meeting at 07.30-first possible start at 08.00.
The wind is forecast to be best in the morning and late afternoon , so we will ty to maximise the chance for racing tomorrow.

25th of April 2007Community Spirit ..


25th of April 2007Day 2 - no wind day

25th of April 2007Day two...

No racing today . ! Come back later for a report on some interesting background activity to these championship


24th of April 2007Day 1 - action

24th of April 2007Day one...

Results for today are published -and some photos.
Schedule for tomorrow - 10.00 skippers meeting;first possible start 11.00.
Forecast is similar to today- but we hope a themal breeze will increase the prospect for more races...

23rd of April 2007Registration day...

15:07 | good afternoon from sunny and windy Santa Pola!
Although the wind is slightly cross/offshore -there is perfect flatwater formula racing conditions
Registration is interspersed with final practice and tuning .
Tonight is the openng ceremony and a dinner at the JM Marina Palace
Full details of competitor entry to follow soon.

21st of April 2007Practice and preparation day

15:15 | Welcome to Wndsurf Club Santa Pola -hosts of the 2007 Formula Windsurfing European Championships.
Everything is in place for the start of the championships; most of the 100(or more) competitors are here . Today is a practice and preparation day; registration is over one day -tomorrow ; followed by 5 days of racing.
It is clear that the organisers are taking their responsibilities very seriously and are determined to deliver a memorable championship.
They have a very well equipped race site - plenty of rigging space and secure storage; internet space , under cover , with free wi-fi; spectator seating area near the waters edge and launching area....and much more.
Visit the club website and use the webcam to view the race site

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bart | 24th April 2007 (12:13:45)

could we get some pictures?

JW | 24th April 2007 (12:16:28)

are a lot, maybe??

Bo Larsen | 24th April 2007 (15:12:46)

Could we also please get a picture of the race diagram ?

Adri | 24th April 2007 (15:16:11)

And the material list, like posted on most events. Thanks.

Felix | 24th April 2007 (16:15:20)


please :-p

Anonym | 24th April 2007 (16:36:17)

Is the wind still down?

RĂŠmi | 24th April 2007 (16:42:54)

Super Juju,

La force Antillaise est bien là.

Pliss foss

lili | 24th April 2007 (17:35:58)

I can't belive that you don't have any pictures.Even from yestarday?

GWADA JER ET STEF | 24th April 2007 (17:37:39)


mari | 24th April 2007 (18:08:03)


Pascal BEL 7 | 24th April 2007 (20:04:43)

hmm... looking at the pictures I think the first day was a good day to train your "pumping-skills" :-)

keep it up guys!

good winds,

Don | 24th April 2007 (20:58:30)

wohooo blue grup keep goin guys!

Gila | 25th April 2007 (03:43:51)

Wojtek Brzozowski on non neil pryde sails ? how about board ?

Racer | 25th April 2007 (04:51:39)

How come AA not attending this year?

Kai | 26th April 2007 (11:49:01)

would you advice stuff competitors list?

Fee | 26th April 2007 (19:36:54)

no pictures of lazy sailors of day no.3?! :-p

ITA 622 | 26th April 2007 (22:08:11)


francesco | 27th April 2007 (08:19:07)

Albi, su...
rimetti gli altri al loro posto e non cadere nella black flag

GWADA JER ET STEF | 27th April 2007 (09:23:31)


joss | 27th April 2007 (11:32:46)

GO GO julien continue comme ça c est super

joss | 27th April 2007 (11:32:47)

GO GO julien continue comme ça c est super

Alejandro | 27th April 2007 (14:55:34)

Vamos Gonza, que pasa Santa Pola con el viento??? No hay fotos. Saludos de todos Chiche

Louis | 27th April 2007 (19:15:47)

I hope that for the worlds in Brazil we will have no problems of wind....

Anonym | 27th April 2007 (19:39:47)

Comment to the post from 27th April 2007 (20:15:47) wrote by Louis :

fabio | 27th April 2007 (20:53:43)

dont worry about wind in fortaleza.. we gonna have the best worlds ever!

Anonym | 27th April 2007 (21:58:42)

fotosssss :-)

tito | 27th April 2007 (22:32:17)

This area is normally good for wind this time of the year. The america's cup is happening in Valencia, just south of Santa Pola, and they are also getting hosed.

Remi | 28th April 2007 (17:06:03)

Yes Julien, Go Go tu y es presque

SXM FAMILY | 28th April 2007 (17:12:17)

bravo juju, plein de bonheur

Gila | 28th April 2007 (17:21:56)

updates pleaseeee

any TR3 on the course ?

mgm | 28th April 2007 (17:41:11)


GWADA JER ET STEF | 28th April 2007 (17:57:09)


momo FRA 59 | 28th April 2007 (18:03:43)

Yesss !!!
ça commence bien, super !!!
continue comme ça.

Remi | 28th April 2007 (18:09:59)

Au sommet de l'Europe Senior a 20 ans, une seul mot RESPECT. Momo et moi petons le Champagne avec ta mere demain soir.
Plis foss

jjdeboichet | 28th April 2007 (19:06:04)

bravo JUJU tu est grand
super debut de saison

mathias | 29th April 2007 (01:41:28)

congratulations wilhelm! U proved that is the best ones formula's windsurfers ever, considering your weight and high! Job well done!

Anonym | 29th April 2007 (03:56:16)

surrrrrrrrr surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr surrrrrrrrr!!!

Bosco | 29th April 2007 (08:18:49)

Bella Zio, sempre in alto!

loic55 | 29th April 2007 (11:56:22)

bravo Ju, superbe course, à bientĂ´t

tito | 29th April 2007 (15:05:24)

Bravo Pablo Ania!!!!!!!

Anonym | 29th April 2007 (18:38:10)

volver a santa polaaaa!!!! ....

M&M | 29th April 2007 (20:51:18)

Congratulations to WILHELM BRA-999.
the best now and ever.

i´m with u
1000 kisses(and BTLG)

Wilhelm schurmann | 30th April 2007 (01:39:12)

Thanks M&M ;-)

Alberto | 30th April 2007 (13:16:54)

Parabens Shurman, Primeiro leve e Vice campeao geral. Boa sorte la em Portugal

kakĂĄ PB | 30th April 2007 (13:33:37)

ParabĂŠns ae o loirim!!!!!

e boa sorte em portugal vilhelm e fabinho!!!!!

fala ai peixe!!!!

LUCIANO BARRETO | 30th April 2007 (14:22:06)


LUCIANO BARRETO | 30th April 2007 (15:18:58)


yordas | 30th April 2007 (16:24:09)

Bravo Pablo Ania!!!!!!!
1º severne ;)

Anonym | 30th April 2007 (18:50:02)

what you feel, qhen you make windsurf??

Anonym | 30th April 2007 (19:42:56)

you feel freedom, adrenaline, speed, ecstasy and much more...

Neves BRA221 | 1st May 2007 (12:33:33)

Valeu Wilhelm! Quem acompanha teu trabalho desde a decada de 90 sabe do seu esforço. Voce mereçe muito mais e o caminha jå esta aberto.
PARABÉNS E Bons Ventos ai em Portugal.

xica | 1st May 2007 (14:02:25)

I was in Santa pola, and what I saw was a spectacle:-) though sometimes wind was absent jejeje. When return to españa ?Kisses

Valintino | 18th May 2007 (05:03:54)

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

lk | 11th September 2009 (18:08:44)

Just so people know a bit of what is happening, Most of the FW sailors are already here in Santa Pola for the worlds, Today 15-25 knots of wind and everyone out training. The Spanish championship is happening at the moment and will go until sunday. Miguel Martinho POR 5 is leading, second is Fernando Martinez and third Pablo Ania. The Worlds starts on Monday.

Anonym | 11th September 2009 (20:17:50)

Thanks, I was begining to wonder, send more info when you can. Photos anyone?

lk (999) | 12th September 2009 (09:35:07)

Good morning, no wind at this time, usually the wind picks up around 1pm, so everyone just relaxing.

ceri | 12th September 2009 (11:48:06)

event page and live ticker will be opened today

ceri | 12th September 2009 (11:48:16)

event page and live ticker will be opened today

ceri | 12th September 2009 (11:59:56)

the organisers have done a fantastic job creating an "event village".

Creawn | 9th October 2009 (13:35:44)

Privet ya Avvakum.

Bob | 11th January 2010 (11:00:03)

Has someone already ride the new JP Formula and perhaps some fin advises?

Anonym | 11th January 2010 (12:03:34)

Have a look at what's being used with the Mike's lab... same board!

zebxilson4 | 3rd May 2010 (00:56:06)

Stop hack the program!!!

balimymn | 14th July 2010 (10:15:08)

Whether there are analogues?

Drakjaiva | 27th August 2010 (21:55:12)

пердуперденция купить

PEter | 29th August 2010 (01:16:47)

Hey somebody could tell me whats the best formula board?? PD, Starboards, JP?? thx..planing to buy now...

Anonym | 29th August 2010 (07:07:51)

haha, good question . If starboard riders are answering then they say starboard, if jp riders answer then they say jp. But actually you have to find yourself the one. Boards are so different and racing styles, fins, sails are so different that you have to test it by yourself :)

starboard rider | 29th August 2010 (07:43:55)

my friend is using JP and is kicking my ass so I think exocet is the best so you should buy gaastra

PEter | 30th August 2010 (00:20:11)

how clever!! you are telling my that is impossible that someone would give an honest answer to this..???? Maybe somebody will..so if you don't have a clew just don't answer..

Anonym | 30th August 2010 (08:58:18)

Peter, Anonym is right, depends on serveral factors such as style, weight, fins, conditions, beginner or Pro etc. If you are <75 kg try LWR or Gaastra. >75 try Gaastra, Exo, HWR, JP...but as a general start. Myself 75 kg is using Gaastra, Exo and SB160 at the moment...and I still cant say what board is the best.

PEter | 30th August 2010 (14:24:29)

OK, I am 83 kgs aprox, i've been racing for a long time, i am thinking of buying some nps or norths, what do you recomend??
did you try the new starboards anonym..?

Anonym again | 30th August 2010 (16:02:33)

what fins do you use ?

fw sailor | 30th August 2010 (17:17:23)

PEter- there's a lot of good gear on the market now.
I think with enough tuning, you can make any of the gear in the last 2 years go extremely well. Watch what other top sailors in your area are riding and match their set up. Change accordingly for your size and ride!

rafa | 30th August 2010 (22:35:54)

Phil McGain has just won the US Nationals with a ST 158, a board from 2004... Any 2010 FW board out there would perfectly work. It is the rider who makes the difference!

to rafa | 31st August 2010 (14:03:52)

or Paulo dos Reis won the US Nationals in SF 2010?

sean | 1st September 2010 (01:04:33)

Paulo won the Formula, Shurman won the Slalom and Phil one the overall

? | 1st September 2010 (08:57:14)

is SB 158 a slalom board?

Anonym | 1st September 2010 (18:25:37)

Nope, SB 158 is a Formula Board.

Anonym | 4th September 2010 (03:20:50)

If Phil McGain didn't win the formula neither the slalom, how he won "overall"?

john | 4th September 2010 (11:14:17)

lol .Do you make windsurf???

sean | 6th September 2010 (03:13:19)

Phil second slalom, second formula and first long distance.

mickeystoney | 6th September 2010 (12:20:15)

Hi everyone! Im not sure "event.php?id=111" is the right place for this question but moderators can move it :) (sorry)
I recently discovered a web site with ads of nu skin products and I can sure say it looks to good to be true... The ads claimed that the galvanic spa device can get you rid of acne and basically all skin problems plus removes wrinkles! Im a little bit sceptical and I dont want to throw $450 so I would really appreciate some reviews... does it really work?! and if yes how exactly? people trying to sell it please dont reply.

racer | 8th September 2010 (07:52:14)

ceri, anything about Europeans this year?

john | 11th September 2010 (08:56:26)

Europeans is possible in cadiz in november!

Anonym | 11th September 2010 (17:36:19)


ceri | 12th September 2010 (19:57:17)

news this week

antonie | 18th September 2010 (09:39:25)

?&#191;??&#191; news?&#191;?

racer | 19th September 2010 (15:59:23)

ceri, week is ending. no news

FRA418 | 21st September 2010 (16:13:02)

I am not a good FW racer but I enjoy the swimming, blasting and racing.

On National event in UK, France, or Belgium it seems there is between 10 to 20 racers now a days. The people doing those events are mainly amateurs (95% I believe). I feel like it would have been good to have a bigger event in this part of the world to look forward too for these sailors. Amateur are filling in for these small but national events, the class needs to consider those people because numbers are really not much at those (and reducing in UK). There is no easy solution but if the sport cannot be professional, it should still be amateur. Because if it is none perhaps amateur number might reduce further so that it could become hard for it to be professional again. I am not sure about this but I think it needs to be taken more in consideration. Numbers are not very high at the small event and we basically race often against the same person throughout the year (in my case). Hopefully the financial situation will improve and big events can happen again but this has to be considered I feel in case the financial situation continues.

Anonym | 27th September 2010 (08:46:29)

when is the final date to announce when this year europeans will be ???

ceri | 27th September 2010 (11:06:31)

a newsitem was published on the 19th. The first option for ESP at beginning of November was cancelled . We are looking towards a venue at end of november

joFRA873 | 27th September 2010 (17:18:42)

and why not inside the New year race Cadiz end of december?

racer | 28th September 2010 (09:10:18)

maybe we should make an exception once and have Europeans without prize money instead of not having them at all this year? (or there is another problem???)

ceri | 28th September 2010 (12:03:26)

all options are being explored to ensure we have a europeans this year

Unknown | 28th October 2010 (17:51:03)

Unknown message

Anonym | 28th October 2010 (19:41:09)

Biel tĂĄ foda heiiiiiiim!!!!!!!! valeu BIBIIIIIIIIIIIII

bnr3dfqw | 5th November 2010 (06:33:57)

Hack again?!

fra-418 | 5th November 2010 (16:46:49)

There was 30 FW at the french open!!! But only 11 at the british one.

It feels like this area of europe needs a bigger event if possible.

SeanAUS120 | 8th November 2010 (22:31:47)

Sounds like its time France put their hand up for a GP...

ceri | 9th November 2010 (13:47:06)

we are discussing this possibility with a couple of french clubs...

sipassique | 10th November 2010 (01:46:34)


Unknown | 17th November 2010 (20:51:49)

Unknown message

Unknown | 1st December 2010 (12:08:52)

Unknown message

NICKNAME | 26th February 2013 (02:42:13)

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sosyNeofowfar | 5th June 2013 (14:50:13)

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