15-20 August '06 | Switzerland, Silvaplana

Formula International and Euro Cup

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The official website of the event is http://www.engadinwind.com .
The official website of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup series with more information is http://www.euro-cup.org/ .
Besides the reports and the results you will also find a live ticker on http://www.euro-cup.org.


19th of August 2006Prize giving


19th of August 2006Last day

19th of August 2006Arnon Dagan wins the marathon race and takes the triumph in Racing
Ross Williams wins the slalom at the Euro-Cup Silvaplana

19th of August 2006Last day

Final Result Racing: 1. Arnon Dagan (ISR-1) 7.80 points, 2, Ross Williams (GBR-83) 8.10 points, 3. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) 18.00 points

18th of August 2006Day 3. Slalom and Racing action at the Euro-Cup Silvaplana
Ross Williams takes the lead also in Slalom but Arnon Dagan attacks in Racing


18th of August 2006Day 3


18th of August 2006Slalom action...

18th of August 2006Day 3 - Day full of action...

17th of August 2006Two more races - Ross Williams dominates second day at the Euro-Cup Silvaplana


17th of August 2006Day 2

17th of August 2006

Day 2
AP over A. No more racing today...
Race 4 finish: GBR-83, ITA-456, NED-2, CRO-7, POL-13, GBR-56, SUI-8, SUI-322, NED-8, POL-320, GER-6, FRA-730,...
Race 3 finish: GBR-83, ARG-3, ISR-1, GBR-56, POL-18, ITA-415, LIT-13, GER-69, POL-13, NED-8, SUI-31,...

Live report on: www.euro-cup.org


17th of August 2006Day one

16th of August 2006Ross Williams takes the lead at the Euro-Cup Silvaplana

16th of August 2006

Day 1
We are finishing the competition for today. No more racing. For tomorrow the skippers meeting is set for 11:00 with the first possible start at 11:30.
Finish Race 2: GBR-83, ISR-1, POL-13, NED-8, ARG-3, NED-2, GBR-56, POL-25, ITA-120, ITA-456,...
Finish Race1: POL-13, GBR-83, ARG-3, ISR-1, NED-8, GER-69, SUI-31, GBR-56, POL-25, NED-2, ITA-120, BEL-7,..

Live report on www.euro-cup.org

15th of August 2006Racing and Slalom Champions come to the Euro-Cup Silvaplana