12-18 August '13 | Latvia, Liepaja


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17th of August 2013Exciting finale to the Liepaja Formula European Championships

Four more races, to complete a full 15 race championship series, brought the Formula Windsurfing Europeans to a dramatic closure in Liepaja, Latvia.

17th of August 2013Live reports day 5

16:02 | Overall TOP 15 after 15 races: AUS-0, NED-52, ISR-1, POL-16, DEN-24, LAT-23, POL-23, FRA-531, POL-48, EST-24, FRA-1642, FRA-823, POL-555, LTU-14, EST-2

16th of August 20134 more race on day 4 of Liepaja Formula Europeans

4 more races and four different winners - it leaves it all to play for on the final day, with a strong wind forecast for most of the day.

15th of August 2013Live report day 4

15:23 | well done to Betti Vainkula (EST212) started and finished every race - and currently in 46th overall

15:22 | current 1st master - Steve Allen; 1st grandmaster Ansis Dale; 1st youth Christian Justesen; 1st light Sebastian Kornum

15:21 | tomorrows skippers meeting is at 0900- first possible warning signal at 1000

14th of August 2013Live report day 3

15:15 | Top 10 after 7 races - AUS0, NED52, ISR1, POL16, DEN24, LAT23, FRA531, POL23, POL48, EST24

15:05 | Skippers meeting at 1000 tomorrow; first possible warning signal at 1100

14th of August 2013Today was a day for slalom - 2 eliminations completed....

Despite an attempt to start racing at 1100 the wind was just too light, and straight onshore, to enable the big boards and sails to get off the beach. Over night the onshore breeze made sure there were plenty of waves to greet the sailors as they arrived at the beach, it was always going to be a difficult day for formula.

13th of August 2013Live report day 2

17:10 | Top ten after 2 rounds - AUS0, ISR1, LAT23, POL23, POL16, FRA823, FIN2, EST2, NED52, LAT48

13th of August 2013Dramatic first day of racing at the Leipaja Europeans ....

Everything that could happen did happen on the first day of racing at the European Championships; but Steve Allen will be well satisfied with his first place in the overall ranking after 2 bullets in today's three "back to back" races.

13th of August 2013Live report

19:06 | First warning signal tomorrow at 10.00

19:05 | Top 10 after 3 races - AUS0, NED52, POL16, DEN24, ISR1, FRA531, FRA823, LAT13, POL23, LAT0

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Anonym | 13th August 2013 (18:39:31)

gear registrations??

ceri | 13th August 2013 (18:51:31)

coming soon...

ceri | 15th August 2013 (11:17:39)

nice racing today - course will be a little longer for the final 2 races today

ltu1001 | 16th August 2013 (11:44:30)

Where are the results after 9 races?

ceri | 16th August 2013 (13:00:11)

hopefully published soon- but after 11 ready very soon..

ltu1001 | 16th August 2013 (14:34:54)

It takes very long time for the results to get uploaded.. :(

Sdds | 16th August 2013 (14:47:47)


ceri | 17th August 2013 (20:45:51)

yes ..

Anonym | 19th August 2013 (17:49:15)

Any pictures around from the last day of fw racing in big sea?

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