08-13 July '13 | Croatia, Viganj


16th of January 2014Get warmed up for 2014

Check out the official video from the 2013 Worlds in Viganj, Croatia.


14th of July 2013Podium & the winner

13th of July 2013Final day - report

23:25 | Top 3 - Casper Bouman, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel and Steve Allen. Full results will follow tomorrow
23:25 | great prize giving - and party nows in full swing!
18:03 | NED52 - the new world champion - Casper Bouman

12th of July 2013Day 4 - report

20:28 | Skippers meeting tomorrow at 1100 - first possible warning signal at 1200
20:28 | Casper Bouman leads the gold fleet from Gonzalo and Steve

10th of July 2013Day 3 - report

16:02 | results after 4 races are published on the event website

10th of July 2013Day two - live report

21:28 | full results will follow soon- racing resumes tomorrow with first possible warning signal at 1200

9th of July 2013Live report

19:00 | no more racing today - we wait for the RO decision re first possible start tomorrow .
Results as soon as possible - check also the event facebook page for regular updates.


8th of July 2013Opening Ceremony

8th of July 2013Almost a record entry for 2013 Worlds ....

121 competitors registered today - representing 26 countries from europe and south america + australia.
This is a wonderful location for formula - good thermic wind conditions, no swell, but a difficult chop!
We have late registration early tomorrow morning - with the possibility of a few more competitors and a record entry.
Meanwhile tonight we were treated to a well staged and interesting opening ceremony - someting different to kick of this championships .
Check out Sean O'Briens photos from the opening venue.

6th of July 2013FW Ranking 2012-2013

Valentin Brault still on top of the 2012/2013 FW Ranking


Please read information from the Jury:

1st of July 20132013 AGM Agenda is published ...

This years Annual General Meeting can look forward to a good attendance, since the venue looks to have attracted a (potential) record entry.
It may be the first visit to Croatia for an IFWC Worlds, but if you are not booked in now you may be asking yourself - Why Not !?
The Agenda is long, even without many submissions to vote on, because there are some important "discussion" items that will help drive future class policy.
Agenda & proposals
Voting Paper

22nd of May 201350% discount on the ferry transfer.

GOOD NEWS. All the competitors of the worlds will have 50% discount on the ferry boat from Ancona to Split, Bari to Dubrovnik. Download booking form and email it to beaufortv@yahoo.com

26th of February 20132013 FW Worlds confirmed for Viganj, Croatia

Club Bofor, Viganj, will host the 2013 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' Formula Windsurfing World Championship, sponsored by NORT d.o.o, from 8th to 13th July.

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Anonym | 6th July 2013 (09:55:12)


Luca | 8th July 2013 (16:24:02)

Hi Ceri,
What happens to live report ?

ceri | 8th July 2013 (21:53:40)

apologies - just too busy - try to do better tomorrow.
we have 121 competitors from 26 countries registered today - maybe some larte entries tomorrow

ceri | 8th July 2013 (21:54:42)

fantasatic opening ceremonmy tonight - i think we will have a great event here in Viganj, Croatia

Anonym | 9th July 2013 (11:09:14)

updates please

Anonym | 9th July 2013 (12:04:39)

Please update!!!!

Harry | 9th July 2013 (12:06:39)

First Start??

Harry | 9th July 2013 (12:10:14)

Germany Needs Info!

Anonym | 9th July 2013 (12:24:58)

how about simple stuff... like
current wind
who is in the two separate starts today and if the fleets will be re-arranged before the gold/silver split

new gear on the beach?

more pictures...

Anonym | 9th July 2013 (12:25:35)


Dave K | 9th July 2013 (13:28:24)

What is the closest Wind guru site or is there a better weather site? Also is there a web cam?

Harry | 9th July 2013 (14:40:10)

live report time is not right please correct

Anonym | 9th July 2013 (15:45:29)

Live report? Do you see it?

I cant see anything....

Great Job Ceri

Dave K | 9th July 2013 (16:18:30)

Race 1 group yellow top 5: 1. Casper bouman (ned), 2. Janis preiss (lat), 3. Michael polankwski (pol), 4. Miguel martinho (por), 5. Hubert mokrzycki (pol)

From Facebook...

ceri | 9th July 2013 (17:09:46)

equipment list will be published tomorrow

Anonym | 9th July 2013 (17:12:33)

Great job Ceri

ceri | 9th July 2013 (18:03:30)

thank you

Windsurfing tour | 9th July 2013 (18:45:48)

We back on track, great work

ITA-6 | 10th July 2013 (07:53:33)

Fanchautern non tornare al lago se non entri nel GOLD!!!!

ITA-6 | 10th July 2013 (07:54:24)

Oskar.................cosĂŠ successo?

Anonym | 10th July 2013 (14:18:57)

R competitors headed out?
What size sails?

sui-76 | 10th July 2013 (14:21:35)

does every single result of the first rounds double-count for the gold and silver fleet racings after?

ceri | 10th July 2013 (14:44:24)

no - the result for qualifying round is carried forward as one race - a further 11 races (max) in final round

ceri | 10th July 2013 (14:46:44)

you can follow the racing on the official facebook page for the event - provided coutesy of title sponsor -Eset NOD32 Antivirus

Luca | 10th July 2013 (18:02:49)

Hi Ceri
Besides having a facebook page from the organizers , i think this site , as the main site from FW in the world , should have more data , such as live ticker , fotos , videos . We should focus pwa site and try to do something similar

ceri | 10th July 2013 (20:21:05)

we did not manage to complete the qualification series - one race for blue group short of finishing qualification

ceri | 11th July 2013 (14:55:27)

i cannot get regular internet to update the live ticker - but go to the event facebook page to follow the news

ceri | 11th July 2013 (14:57:39)

The overall results after 4 races in the qualification series are published on the event website

ceri | 12th July 2013 (06:47:04)

Racing continues today with the gold group racing 2 back to back races, followed by silver group.First possible warning signal at 1200

ap | 16th July 2013 (01:03:42)

Any news about 2014 WORLDS and EUROPEANS ?

SeanAUS120 | 16th July 2013 (10:20:32)

2014 Worlds are in Azores, Portugal. Around April/May I think ... Ceri will confirm.

ap | 16th July 2013 (12:26:04)

Thanks Sean.

Anonym | 16th July 2013 (17:50:14)

0.5 meter chop to 5 meters swell....

ceri | 16th July 2013 (19:17:11)

Confirmed for 28th april to 4th May.
I hope to finalise the europeans soon

Anonym | 18th July 2013 (17:56:49)

Will this site be updated so in the future people can go here to see what happened in 2013 right now it is pretty weak...

al | 21st July 2013 (19:38:54)

Early worlds nxt year. We have icy water and winter in the north side of the clode at this time. Not for us nxt year, sorry,,,

ceri | 21st July 2013 (20:58:55)

Its not icy in the Azores! it should be a welcome opportunity for you . Cheap to get there - why not spend an extra week away - training - take a break from the icy blasts of the North Pole

al | 22nd July 2013 (13:00:25)

Yes, but world's without any time on water is not good for many of us. In november to april, we have frozen water allmost all over and it's very hard to compete in the worlds without any TOW and regattas in front. But it will for sure be a fine place to go for 90% of the FW sailor's


gre-969 | 22nd July 2013 (20:23:07)

Come to Greece for special training session in April, with race course set up everyday !!
get in contact with info@formula-windsurfing-association.gr for details. in April the temperature is about 20C. / 12-22 knots wind speed.

ceri | 23rd July 2013 (11:42:45)

i think the idea of some off season training camps is a great idea

vasco | 24th July 2013 (01:19:59)

Hello all, that time is the best time is Azores, the best time of wind, near of the summer the wind goes down. Regarding this year Masters European in 15 races on the schedule we made 12 races is very good. Don´t forget is the Worlds Championship, and if this championship is the Australia or New Zealand or some country in the south hemisferi, and worlds also will be in our winter. Azores is better because is very cheap come to azores is a European, also if you want you could come one week ealier to trainne, and for sure your will have wind everyday. Como next year to azores is a paradise, nature and windsurfing.

al | 24th July 2013 (08:34:13)

Hi. Tank you all for greate offer's to trainingcamps in front of the world's 014! Something to think abaout.

vasco | 29th July 2013 (01:37:39)

Hello all, regarding the Azores Worlds in 2014, the LOA allready had a meeting and we will prepare everything one week ealier, for all you guys that want to traine in Formula one week before the Worlds, with the same conditions of travel and accomodation´s that you will have during the week of the Worlds, also we have everyday the course on the water and a boat for all you guys traine. Near the event and in the NOR we will explain everything. Best Rgerads

Christian Nybø | 8th August 2013 (17:27:33)

Are dates set for Worlds 2014?

ceri | 11th August 2013 (07:09:51)

yes - 28th April to 4th May

Christian Nybo | 12th August 2013 (12:28:40)

Ceri wrote:
> 2014 FW Worlds are 28th April to 4th May

Thanks, Ceri.

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