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Formula Windsurfing Junior Youth & Masters European Championship - Euro Cup 2013
29 April - 05 May '13, Portugal, Praia da Vitoria, Ilha Terceira, Azores - Racing

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Masters : 05 | 09 | 11 | 13
Overall : 05 | 09 | 11 | 13

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Photos - day 1
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[04.05] Day 5 - live report
18:55 | Prize Giving dinner at 20.00 - a nice meal, some light refreshment (?!) , awards ceremony and a live band - a great finale from superb hosts.

[03.05] Day 4 - live report
15:32 | The organisers are providing a BBQ at 1600 and the chance to do some more sight seeing before a busy last day

[03.05] Day 3 summary
Another grey day dawned in Praia da Vitoria, on Terceira island in the Azores - unusual conditions for this time of year, but is that not the same everywhere?

[02.05] Day 3 - live report
14:29 | Racing resumes tomorrow at 12.00; full results very soon

[01.05] Day two - live report
20:23 | More photos and full results to follow soon. Skippers meeting tomorrow at 11.00; first warning signal at 12.00

[30.04] Day one - live report
21:45 | Pictures and some information. . Results soon.

[29.04] Live report
20:13 | Registration got underway today at the Azores European Cup. This is the first visit to the Azores for the international formula class... maybe for any international windsurfing class? Racing will start tomorrow afternoon - giving the chance for late registrations in the morning. Meantime, enjoy the intro video and photos - full coverage will commence from tomorrow.

[19.04] Windsurfers aim to connect all nine Azores Islands
A group of Portuguese windsurfers is aiming to connect all the Azores Islands, between Flores and Santa Maria.

[31.03] 2013 Azores European Formula Windsurfing Festival
10,000 euro prize fund for European Cup, special accommodation deals with four local Hotels, discounts with the TAP Portuguese Air transportation Company, free transfers between the Airport and the Race Office,...

[28.01] Azores European Festival - Travel and Accommodation information
The organisers of negotiated a good package for travel with TAP. This info and additional news about accommodation can be found here in PDF

30th April 2013 (18:38:21) - Anonym, wrote :
Equipment list ?

30th April 2013 (18:39:01) - Anonym, wrote :
Results, pictures?

30th April 2013 (19:00:38) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
you are going to have to wait for that .. yours truly is still in Lisbon ..

30th April 2013 (22:27:04) - Anonym, wrote :
Ok thank, looking forward

1st May 2013 (00:58:21) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
5 races completed today - Valenti Brault (FRA 823) leads from Miguel Martinho (POR 5) on a tie break. Third overall is Marco Begalli (ITA 415)

1st May 2013 (15:30:46) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
check out the live streaming

2nd May 2013 (11:47:50) - Anonym, wrote :

2nd May 2013 (12:58:41) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
follow the link

2nd May 2013 (18:11:16) - francesco zarbo, wrote :
11 races in 3 days. and a rest for the oldies ??

2nd May 2013 (20:03:59) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
we could have done 15 by now !

3rd May 2013 (00:22:32) - Chaveca (vchaveca at sapo dot pt), wrote :
Azores is a fantastic place for racing you have everyday wind, light medium and strong, but always wind.

5th May 2013 (02:38:19) - Anonym, wrote :
5 races at Kashy Fins windsurfing Festival!

23rd June 2013 (15:35:30) - Jung (bof at fesztivalvaros dot hu), wrote :
Liz is not just ANY page turner. Liz is the Heifetz, the Pavarotti, the vtlreabie Yo-Yo Ma of page turners. She is the kind of page turned who, if I was completely fumbling a difficult passage, would suddenly have an uncontrollable puking fit so as to draw attention away from my screwup. She also knows exactly how many pieces of sushi you might need at intermission. At least that's my experience; your mileage may vary One last bit of clothing advice for page turners: No dangly loose jackets. I once played a whole violin recital with silk caressing my left cheek at every turn. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it, but it was kind of distracting.