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2012 Formula Windsurfing European Championship
16-20 May '12, Germany, Westerland, Sylt - Racing

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Day 01
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The real news

[21.05] DWC Summer Opening Sylt 2012 - Final day

[20.05] Day 5 reports + video
Thats it - no more racing. Ross Williams GBR83 takes the European Title.

[19.05] Day 4 report - Rollei Summer Opening Sylt....
Despite a favourable forecast, and a first warning signal at 08.30, it was not possible to add any more racing to the 7 races completed yesterday.

[19.05] Day 4 reports + video
16:55 | no more racing today. First possible start tomorrow at 10.00.

[18.05] Day 3 reports + video
20:07 | We have brought forward the start tomorrow. First possible warning signa at 08.30.

19:14 | At the finish - GBR83, AUS0, NED13, ISR1, NED52, GER122

[17.05] Day two reports + video
19:45 | No more racing today - first possible start at 11.00

18:18 | at the finish GBR83, AUS0, ISR1, POL11, NED13,

[16.05] Day 1 summary ...
with winds averaging 25 knots coming from the west, and regular gusts of 40+ knots recorded, racing was not an option today on Westerland , Sylt, at the Rollei Bullet Summer Opening.

[16.05] It's not Formula, but, it for sure is windsurfing!......

Conditions were not suitable for formula racing today. Strong winds , directly onshore, meant Sylt got as unfriendly as it could get for windsurfing competition. However the 16 wave riders , including 10 also entered for the formula championship, lined up to compete with one of the best wave sailors in the world, from Germany, Klaas Voget (GER4).

[16.05] Day one reports
17:45 | more photos and equipment list to follow very soon.

18:43 | Another wave round tomorrow morning,; for racers the skippers meeting is at 12.00 , first possible start at 13.00. We also extended the time of last possible start tomorrow.

17:42 | No racing today, but a very entertaining round of wave sailing was completed- and with dead onshore conditions it was really difficult for those guys also.

14:16 | The organiser has included a wave event in the Summer Opening programme - and the heats are underway. You can follow on the Summer Opening live ticker.

12:48 | But... we have just recorded gusts of 40+ knots; and it could increase further!

12:46 | We have postponed the racing until later this afternoon . The next announcement will be at 16.00 - with a short skippers meeting. If racing is possible it will not be before 17.00

10:49 | We have gusts of wind recorded at 38knots - and intermittent rain and even light hail !

10:44 | Skippers meeting will be at 11.00; we will publish an entry list as soon as possible; and the equipment list will follow later today.

10:41 | We have 60 competitors registered including a team of 5 from Brasil. As you would expect for a major championship we have a very high level within the entry list - with many past world and european champions,

10:40 | good morning from Sylt. We have 20+ knots and full onshore! Not good conditions for Formula. The forecast is for the wind to strengthen , but maybe swing to cross-onshore.

[15.05] Day zero reports
May 15th was registration and preparation day, but unfortunately there was not enough wind to allow the racers to practice on the water.

[22.04] Discout rates for the train to Sylt for the participants of the Europeans.

The train company DB AutoZug SyltShuttle is partner of the Rollei Bullet HD Summer Opening which incorporate the Formula Windsurfing European Championships on Sylt. Due to this partnership all participants of the European Championships are granted special discount rates for the SyltShuttle which carries all vehicles including equipment and riders to the island.

[17.04] FW European Championships 2012 Westerland/Sylt (Germany)
Dear FW riders and -fans,
I would like to make you aware of the FW European Championships 2012 which will take place in Westerland/Sylt (Germany) from May 16th to 20th.

[07.04] Europeans, Sylt - important updates .....
Schedule change, entry fee discount, travel & accommodation news.

[06.03] Rollei Bullet HD -Summer Opening Sylt - important info ......
The organisers of the 2012 European Championships, Choppy Water GmbH, have published a very useful leaflet; with information about travel, parking, storage of equipment and accommodation.