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Alqueva/Monsaraz Iberian Cup
28 April - 01 May '12, Portugal, Alqueva, Monsaraz - Racing

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Overall : 03

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[23.05] Monsaraz 2012 video
Watch it on

[05.05] Monsaraz / Iberian Cup 2012 - Final report
Pre-event started on 0 day, day 27/04/2012, with the arrival of some Spanish guys, and the preparation of the organization to have a good organized Championship. The French guys allready had arrived in the day 25/04 to train and to know the racing zone. By the end of this day everything was ready to start the Championship on the next day.

[30.04] Iberian Cup Day 3 ...
Unfortunately there was not enough wind to race today - the forecast looks good for the last day.
Meantime, this evening the competitors, officials and friends can enjoy a barbeque and concert .

[28.04] MONSARAZ / IBERIAN CUP 2012 - 0 DAY
For now we have 41 competitors pre registered, tomorrow will be the first day of the event, with registration and(we hope) races. The first possible race will be at 15h00, depending on the wind.

[16.04] MONSARAZ / IBERIAN CUP 2012 - coming soon .....
Now that the South American Championship comes to end in 2012, the next event of the Formula Windsurfing World ranking and the first event of the new European Cup 2012, comes to Portugal - ALQUEVA - MONSARAZ / IBERIAN CUP 2012, from 28 of April to 01 May of 2012.

[05.03] 2012 European Cup starts soon with Monsaraz Iberian Cup
The Iberian Cup will in April 2012 'kick start' the new European Cup.

[21.12] Monsaraz Iberian Cup 2012 - information ......
The 2012 Iberian Cup will be hosted in Monsaraz, Portugal

29th April 2012 (00:33:30) - Vasco Chaveca , wrote :
Hello all, sorry for That we have internet problemas in Monsaraz. We have today registrations in the mornimg And two races in the afternon with winds from 12 And 16 knots. Miguel Martinho as the first place now And Fernando martinez following miguel in second place. The forcast for tomorrow will be 12 to 18 knots And hoping for more 4 races. See You tomorrow hope we have good internet acess. To put photos also.

29th April 2012 (21:43:18) - Anonym, wrote :
Hi! Still no information regarding results on FW website? Hey guys, is this a publicity for FW class and Euro Cup in todays internet era?

30th April 2012 (11:43:40) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
results to be posted today - patience is a virtue, mr. Anonym