27 August - 02 September '11 | Denmark, Strandtangen, Skive

FW Junior, Youth, & Master World Championship

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Day 1
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2nd of September 2011Final day

2nd of September 2011Final day reports

21:51 | The event is now closed down. Please visit www.fw2011.dk for further pictures and articles.
Thank you
Skive Windsurfing Club


2nd of September 2011Skippers meeting

2nd of September 2011Day four reports

15:30 | No more racing today. We have no wind and it is very unlikely the situation will improve. Official dinner tonight and hopefully more racing tomorrow.


1st of September 2011Day 3

1st of September 2011Day three reports

17:20 | Leaders yellow jerseys - for best performances today - go to:
Master - Andrea Cucchi (ITA1)
GM - Luis Marcegger (ITA6)
Youth - Sebastian Kornum (DEN24)
Junior - Leonardo Venturini (BRA114)
Pro Kid - Karl Erik Saarm (EST228)

16:33 | Andrea Cucchi has a 3 point lead over Brian Rogild after 11 races . Looks like a close fight to the finish !!

16:30 | Top 10 masters after 11 races - ITA1, DEN173, NED34, AUT30, NED538, SWE92, LAT13, NOR12, FIN101, DEN2


31st of August 2011Day 2

30th of August 2011Day two reports

17:53 | We also had three races for very young - the pro kids - leader of the day - Mads Jepsen (DEN)

17:50 | At 18.00 we have the winners of the day awards - yellow jerseys and prizes from Neil Pryde.
First youth - Matias Isaac(BRA) ; first Junior - Leonardo Venturini (BRA); first Master - Brian Rogild (DEN); first Grand Master - Carlos Isaac (BRA)

17:41 | Skippers meeting tomorrow at 9.00 am - first possible start at 10.00 am.


30th of August 2011Day 1

29th of August 2011Day one reports

18:58 | In the youth we have a clear leader with 4 first places - Sebastian Kornum ; ahead of Christen Justesen and Mateus Isaac

19:56 | It is a good day for hosts Denmarlk .
In masters Brian Rogild leads Andrea Cucchi on a tie break - Adri Keet with two bullets is a close third place.

18:55 | Racing continues tomorrow with skippers meeting at 9.00 and first warning signal at 10.00.
Now we have a prize giving for winners of today - a prize and yellow leaders jersey!

18:52 | Top 10 youth after 4 races - DEN24, DEN26, BRA767, POL73, FRA873, NED69, SUI63, NOR34, NOR72, POL211

18:40 | Top 10 masters after4 races with one discard = DEN173, ITA1, NED34, NED538, SWE92, LAT13, NOR4, DEN51, DEN2, NOR12

29th of August 2011Registration day reports

22:46 | Over 90 competitors registered today , with a few late arrivals to be added tomorrow morning. Skippers meeting will be at 11,00 first possible warning signal at 12,00

23rd of August 2011Denmark Worlds - Equipment Registration, Personal Buoyancy ....

Why not save time during registration and bring your pre-prepared Equipment Registration Form with you ?
Download the attached form and bring it with you.
Equipment Form

Important Reminder - wearing of personal buoyancy is mandatory for all competitors at the racing venue.
Do not forget to bring your bouyancy aid with you.

29th of January 20112011 Formula Windsurfing Worlds Championship YM in Skive - Denmark

The Windsurfing Club of Skive will host this great event at one of the best spots that Denmark can offer for Formula Windsurfing!

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Mattias SWE73 | 30th August 2011 (18:40:13)

Any results coming up for the races today?

Mattias SWE73 | 30th August 2011 (19:23:56)

Any equipmentlist?

ceri | 30th August 2011 (20:02:39)

will be prepared tonight and piublished tomorrow

SWE | 30th August 2011 (20:34:28)

It was 30 - 35 knots in course area, especially in starting area. RC, better pls check the wind measurer!

ceri | 31st August 2011 (08:33:10)

There were gusts of 30knots - the average was nearer 24/25. Today lighter wind is forecast - but we will still have some gusty conditions

pol555 | 31st August 2011 (11:11:39)

ZEGRZE TEAM rulezzzz. ciśnijcie chłopaki

francesco zarbo | 31st August 2011 (13:17:13)

please ceri, Ita 1 is 2nd or 9th in race V ?

Mattias SWE73 | 31st August 2011 (13:19:13)

Any idea of the top 10 racers in masterdivision after the races done so far?

Anonym | 31st August 2011 (13:25:04)

Check the reports, ITA1 is 2nd in race 6

francesco zarbo | 31st August 2011 (13:36:16)

ok . checked. tks.

Mattias SWE73 | 31st August 2011 (18:34:45)

Any nice pics from day 2?

francesco zarbo | 31st August 2011 (23:07:17)

bravissimo leonardo!!

Bosco ITA872 | 1st September 2011 (07:57:20)

GO TEAM ITALY!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 1st September 2011 (08:59:00)

pictures and equipment list?

francesco zarbo | 1st September 2011 (15:12:16)

ceri, please, 16.05 - race 11 or race 12 for master??

ceri | 1st September 2011 (15:24:25)

masters have one more race than youths- 12 against 11

ceri | 3rd September 2011 (22:47:57)

I had to leave the event due to prior committments on saturday morning - thanks to all for taking over the ticker and for a great event.
I am looking forward to mcoming back to denmark

NED-818 | 8th September 2011 (08:21:19)

Thanks for the great event and the exellent organisation!

Anonym | 8th September 2011 (22:44:52)

venue for 2012 FW JYM Worlds? Any proposals?

ceri | 9th September 2011 (19:52:17)

yes - there are proposals

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