13-18 June '11 | Portugal, Portimao

FW Junior, Youth & Masters European Championship

Final results


Provisional results


18th of June 2011Day 5 - racing

18th of June 2011Final day

18:11 | The final race was delsayed until nearly 16.00 - but in the end we completed a full series of 15 races. The prize giving is later tonight at the beach. Youth Champion is Jacek Piaseck and Masters Champion is Vasco Chaveca. First youth girl - Agnieska Bilska; first Grand Master - Luciano Treggiari


17th of June 2011Day 4 - racing


17th of June 2011Day 3 - racing

16th of June 2011Day four report

18:45 | The two races were completed in good winds - two bullets for POL013 - he leads the overall and youth rankings. POR5 -Vasco Chaveca, also the event organiser - has a clear lead in the Masters . One race is scheduled for tomorrow at 14.30.

11:19 | we have another good wind forecast for today - with only 2 races scheduled there is no pressure on the race committee! if possible we will shorten the beat , add an extra lap and move the course closer to the beach.


16th of June 2011Day 2 - Racing


16th of June 2011Day 1 - Racing

16th of June 2011Day three report

20:17 | another 4 races today - great conditions. POL013 consolidated his position at the top of both Youth and overall rankings. POR6 heads the masters rankings. Tomorrow we will attempt 2 races with first start at 15.00hrs

14th of June 2011Day two report

23:57 | another 4 great races today. 3 days to go to complete 7 races first start tomorrow at 15.30

15:02 | I will try to post more regular news today . We have a good forecast and expect a full day of racing - so 4 races

15:01 | Racing is about to start this safternoon in Portimao.


14th of June 2011Training


14th of June 2011Portimao


14th of June 2011Day 1 - Skippers Meeting

13th of June 2011Day one report

19:49 | Full results will be posted soon and a photo gallery. First possible start is 14.30 tomorrow - the best wind is mid to late afternoon! So plenty of time to recover from todays races !

10th of June 2011Looks like it will be a windy event

Check out the weather forecast for next week in Portimao .

10th of June 2011Countdown to the 2011 Portimao Formula European Festival

One of the best Formula Windsurfing events start´s soon on Portugal's Algarve coast - the countdown begins, with less than 1 week to the start of this Championship.

3rd of April 2011European Festival 2011

The event will be held in the Praia da Rocha, Portimão, from 13 to 18 of June, 2011.

23rd of January 20112011 Formula European Festival to be hosted in Portimao, Portugal

The festival includes the FW Youth & Masters European Championships; FE European Championships and an "Open" event.

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Anonym | 14th June 2011 (13:27:44)

entry list? equipment list?

Anonym again | 16th June 2011 (09:01:47)

formula is dieing- in 2007 formula european festival there was over 140 participants... now 22

ceri | 16th June 2011 (09:38:11)

location, timing, financial situation etc - lots of reasons for low numbers . But ... great racing conditions and good fight at top of both divisions. I am sure you will see good entries in Puerto Rico, Latvia and Denmark

kaka | 16th June 2011 (11:07:49)

anonym what is your problem? do you want formula to die? if you think is like that why are you keep writing such comments here? go and do something else

ceri | 16th June 2011 (11:41:34)

the problem with 'anonym' is - he does not know who he is ! a lost soul with nothing better to do - just feel sorry for him

francesco zarbo | 21st June 2011 (15:53:51)

don't worry guys, if somebody tells you are died, but you can listen, it means you are still alive!
Anonym.... how was your last check up?

Sympathetic | 21st June 2011 (21:23:14)

Yes, I sincerely hope that they get your medication right this time. All the best.

Sympathetic | 21st June 2011 (21:25:32)

Yes, I sincerely hope that they get your medication right this time. All the best.

Polis | 22nd June 2011 (08:09:40)

Anonym, why did u even want to comment ?
thought u had died with it ?

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