25-31 October '10 | Brazil, Fortaleza

Fortaleza Grand Prix

Final results


Provisional results

26th of November 2010Sean O´Brian reports from Brazil

Read the very interesting report of Sean about his last weeks, driving through Europe and jumping over the Atlantic ocean to Brazil!

8th of November 2010Footage from the FW Grand-Prix event

31st of October 2010Live report

Check the Final results and Prize Giving photos

30th of October 2010Live report

17:54 | Gabriel does not have to race the 2 races tomorrow he allready won.....Congratulations
17:41 | tomorrow new shedule: skippersmeeting at 10.30, first race at 11.30, second race at 12.30, prizegiving at 14.00

29th of October 2010live report

16:24 | tomorrow skippersmeeting at 11h30, first start at 12h30
16:24 | 2 more days to go = 6 races

28th of October 2010Live report

16:28 | signing off

16:28 | tomorrow skippersmeeting at 11h30, first start at 12h30

16:28 | all further detailed results on www.windbrasil.com

16:27 | wojtek did not have his best day of the year on teh water..

16:27 | 1. bra 50 - 7 pts

16:27 | 2. bra 3333 - 14 pts

16:27 | 3. aus 0 - 16 pts

16:26 | 4. por 5 - 20 pts

16:26 | 5. bra 74 - 24 pts

27th of October 2010Live report

15:55 | signing out

15:55 | tomorrow 3 more races sheduled, skippersmeeting at 11.00 first start at 12.00

15:54 | for full results see www.windbrasil.com

15:52 | overall after 3 = 1st bra 3333 - 4 pts, 2nd bra 50 - 7 pts, 3rd por 5 = 15 pts, 4th pol 10 -17 pts, 5th aus 0 - 18 pts

25th of October 2010FW Ranking

Paulo dos Reis and Wilhelm Schurmann on top of FW Ranking after Brasilian Open...

16th of August 2010Wind Brasil 2010 - NoR for Formula Grand Prix now published

Fortaleza will kick off the Wind Brasil 2010 schedule with the Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix.

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Anonym | 27th October 2010 (13:43:02)

equipment list?
which boards are BRA50 and BRA999 using??

Anonym | 27th October 2010 (18:33:19)

So now they haven´t excuse!

alex | 27th October 2010 (20:01:28)

so Ceri you see that something has to be done - further this way FWC will die soon. you cannot do such an expensive event to go without any flight deal for competitors... anyone agree?

alex | 27th October 2010 (20:02:49)

its only 5 gyus not from brasil. shame..

J.0 | 27th October 2010 (20:51:22)

Most are lazy, when there are events in Europe, the South American racers make the trip, so if you cannot make one trip for a GP event that has good price money, in a warm place... buy your ticket in advance and it will be cheap.

ceri | 27th October 2010 (21:28:49)

how do you propose to get a flight deal?

ceri | 27th October 2010 (21:30:03)

how many SA come to Europe?

ceri | 27th October 2010 (21:30:46)

how many NA come to europe - or SA?

ceri | 27th October 2010 (21:32:16)

we , sorry the sport of windsurfing, face complex problems - simplistic criticism is far off the mark

J.0 | 27th October 2010 (21:36:51)

When there is a GP in Europe, at least 5 or 6 south Americans go to Europe. From only two countries, Brazil and Argentina. How many countries you have in Europe? and How many actually make the trip to Fortaleza... four.

SeanAUS120 | 27th October 2010 (21:44:38)

What flight deal are people looking for? TAP have a deal for 75 euros for 2 bags (unlimited weight) and flights were only 1,000 out of Milan/Copenhagen/Lisbon wherever... seems pretty easy to get here?

I booked my ticket 5 days before I flew here...

gre-969 | 28th October 2010 (07:59:12)

Many competitors are with 25 points, what is wrong with them ?

ceri | 28th October 2010 (11:07:41)

SA sailors have been supportive of European events - that is not my point - my point is the numbers are small regarding any competitors willing and able to travel the globe to events - costs are going up , putting even more pressure on what is essentially an amateuur class

Anonym | 28th October 2010 (14:35:26)

how about an list of the gear?
Have a nive event.

ragazzo | 28th October 2010 (16:20:51)

where is Ross, Arnon, Dennis, Menegati, Gonzalo, Preis, Ervin, Polanowski and other top guys? why you did't come?

bart | 28th October 2010 (17:05:03)

13:42 | pol 10 on his way back to the beach? - what happend?

bart | 28th October 2010 (19:52:38)

Hey Wojtek, which booms are you using? Tell us so we don’t buy them, haha :) ………6 more to go, time for some butt kicking!!

Posting equipment list would be nice……

SeanAUS120 | 28th October 2010 (21:33:00)

Bruno went for a swim ... when he gets back, I'll get the equipment list.

Basically everyone is on Starboard except for me and Paulo. Mostly 160's and a few HWR's... 1 hour and we have it :)

SeanAUS120 | 28th October 2010 (23:08:31)

One of those "guy has to email it to some other guy to send it to the OTHER guy who does the website" moments ... equipment list is "coming soon" whenever that OTHER guy gets it ;)

Anonym | 29th October 2010 (17:38:49)

Biel: 161/RS6.

fw sailor | 29th October 2010 (20:57:02)

it looks like sail numbers are not being enforced at this event again giving the guys who have small numbers with no white background an advantage in being ocs vs those that have legit numbers???
Will this class rule ever be enforced?

SeanAUS120 | 29th October 2010 (21:19:33)

oh man, still can't get that equipment list ... Brasillians :-/

I say we scrap the sail number rule, who's with me?

brazil | 29th October 2010 (22:26:51)

BRA-50 : SB 161, NP RS6 and RS RACING, fins KASHY 70XS / BRA-999 : SB 160, NP 10.7 2011, fins KASHY / BRA-3333: board PATRICK, NS WARP 2010 11 and 12, fins KASHY 76.

SeanAUS120 | 30th October 2010 (01:48:03)

BRA-999 also has a Z fin which he used in the lightwind races yesterday. Steve and Wojtek are on HWR with 12,11,10 Severne for Steve and VMG Blades M75 fin and Wojtek is with 11, 9.7, 8.6 and Kashy ...

not sure what the 8.6 is about! haha

SeanAUS120 | 30th October 2010 (12:19:07)

check my reports for the equipment list ...

there are a few mistakes: Wojtek's 8.6 is a Severne, Wilhelm's 2nd Kashy is a Z-fin, and Paulo's 12m is a 2011 proto.

Anonym | 30th October 2010 (15:19:55)

the events in poland will happen in 2011?

Pol295 | 30th October 2010 (18:43:23)

I hope that GP will be in Poland in next year.
Now we are talking with sponsors and I think in the end of november we know on 99% everything.
Polish GP 2011
8-14th may
Niegocin Lake (Masurian Lake Land)

Pol295 | 30th October 2010 (19:06:32)

and don't worry about weather conditions because may is windy here

SeanAUS120 | 30th October 2010 (22:37:00)

Leba is gone forever I think as a GP ... super shame.

Anonym | 30th October 2010 (22:53:36)

Where is Gonzalo Costa? Has he disappeared from FW?

AB | 31st October 2010 (03:00:30)

Congrats to BRA 50, kicking ass big time:)

J.0 | 31st October 2010 (21:20:40)

Good come back shurman, congratulations gabriel

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