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World Festival 2008 - FE & FW Junior ,Youth & Masters World Championship
27 December - 03 January '09, Peru, Ancon - Racing

Notice of race

Final results

FE | Men | Women

Provisional results

FE : after 3
Men : after 4 | after 4 revised
Women : after 3

The camera points of view

List of competitors

all | Equipment

The real news

[20.01] 2008 Formula Windsurfing Youth Worlds, Peru
Gutek Kurczewski POL-75 event report.

[17.01] Peru Report
End of event report.

[10.01] UKWA rider is 2008 Masters Formula World Champion
After four days of waiting for the wind, the organisers made the decision to move to a new location for day 5 (Fri 2 Jan).
It was a very brave decision that paid off.....

[03.01] Day 6 ...
21:59 | after 6 races - leading sailors are : Youth Jules Denel (FRA41); Master Xavier Ferlet (GBR451); FE junior Morane Demont (FRA59) , FE senior Nicolas Schreir (PER2 ) The last two races are nearly finished - full results very soon

20:17 | 2 races have been completed for all fleets. there is a short break before the last two races of this championship.

19:46 | hi the last day of racing and the wind is good at the host venue. the racers are on the water, and the wind is betweem 11>13 knots

[02.01] Day 5 ...
05:32 | we have had a great days racing. 4 races for seniors , youth and masters ; 3 for juniors. A full report tomorrow. Leading the fleets are : Junior (fE) - Morane Demont (FRA59) ; youth (FW) - Jules Denel (FRA41) ; senior (FE)- Nicolas Schreier (PER2) ; Master (FW) -Xavier Ferlet (GBR451)

13:06 | good morning- the truck is being loaded. The club is opening early to give people the chance for breakfast before boarding buses to go to the venue.

[01.01] Day 4...
03:28 | sorry for the lack of news .... until now!
The organisers have proposed to move the event site tomorrow. To Playa Paraiso, 90km north of Ancon. A meeting was called and all competitors informed - so at 06.30 tomorrow morning we meet to load trucks and buses. It may not be possible to report on the days events until we return in the evening .

17:10 | good morning from foggy Ancon!. The planned rest day -recovery day- is now a race day. with just 3 days left to complete the championship every effort will be made to validate the championship today. Last night was great - the organisers cannot be faulted for their hospitality and enthusism towards the event.

[31.12] Day 3 - New Year's Eve

[31.12] Day 3 ...
23:43 | ... and a very happy new year to formula racers everywhere.

23:38 | Unfortunately, no racing today. After being called out to race the wind failed to get stronger and in fact began to decrease. Eventually the race officer decided to call an end to racing and sent the sailors to the beach. Tomorrow was scheduled to be a rest day - with a big party night ahead !
Now the schedule of racing has been changed and the first possible start for racing will be 14.00

[30.12] Day two...
21:05 | we are still waiting for wind. unusually we have a lot of cloud cover which is preventing the normal thermic breeze .

16:18 | good morning from Ancon. We have fog in the bay this morning - but this is normal! The wind usually starts around noon and clears the fog and we hope that will be the same today

[29.12] Youth & Masters Formula Worlds in Peru - Day 1
Xavier's report...

[29.12] Day one... hot news...
22:46 | it looks unlikely that we will race today. Skippers meeting tomorrow will be at 10.30 local time. Come back later for news of entries and some links to photos.

[24.12] Hot news
00:11 | News from UK -Richard Jones (GBR32), Ian Jones (no other than the Chairman himself - GBR183) and yours truly Xavier Ferlet (GBR451) are off to Peru on Xmas day for the Youth & Masters Formula Worlds.

[23.12] First news...
12:54 | 5 days to the start of this years World Festival. Already some teams are already in Ancon preparing. This news just in from Piotr Jankoviak -
\\"We have untill today all days wind 15knots, that starts about 11.00 am and last till afteroon. Ancon is situated by the bay with mountains around, the wind is side offshore, sometimes gusty, no waves. Organizers are very helpfull and nice people. Yacht Club Ancon has very a very nice club, with pools, free acces to internet.\\"

22nd December 2008 (23:10:13) - Anonym, wrote :
Is Gabriel Browne going to the youth worlds ???

24th December 2008 (17:32:32) - Anonym, wrote :
thats not his level...

25th December 2008 (00:02:55) - Anonym, wrote :
thats for sure not his level.Gabriel is a FW top sailor.He can beat anyone,anywhere.

26th December 2008 (22:43:21) - dude, wrote :
especially beat his with his hand hahahah

30th December 2008 (12:00:45) - Doug and George (riachclan at w3z dot co dot uk), wrote :
Best of luck to the Brits come home with Gold!

1st January 2009 (15:15:24) - francesco zarbo, wrote :
happy new year form Francesco and family.
Here in Brazil 25 kn every day.

3rd January 2009 (02:41:40) - Anonym, wrote :
how many races has there been were are the results what gear is being used what is going on

3rd January 2009 (09:36:34) - Anonym, wrote :
go formula

3rd January 2009 (11:13:40) - Anonym, wrote :
One question, is it allowed to change the racing area by 90km? Isnīt there a rule, that the race area have to be announced in the NORīs ?
Still no material list, no race reports, no pics? It looks for me that this worlds are at the a.. of the world.
If you compare competitors and nationalities of 2007 worlds at Estonia with these worlds... sorry but 61 competitors, 29 from Peru and only 16 from outside the american continents. You should think about this? Any positives for the sport?
Even that there is no reports and pics available till today. The end of Formula?
Junior and Youth are the futurly racers in the senior class, but without background, feedback or details, they will not stay in the class. The move on to slalom or other disciplines.

3rd January 2009 (11:54:42) - Theo, wrote :
The course area's have to be described in the sailing instructions. They can also be easily changed with an amendment to the sailing instructions, the day before these changes will be effective.

3rd January 2009 (16:20:42) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
who is the "expert" who announces themselves as anonym ?

3rd January 2009 (20:25:14) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
Hi Theo,
The ISAF International Jury were consulted , they approved. The sailors were 100% supportive. The question was - could the organisers manage it ! ?
And ... yes , they could . It was a great effort with a great result.

4th January 2009 (11:20:43) - Anonym, wrote :
Hey guys, check the calender. Sines GP only 1 day? New Spot? Sopot/Afghanistan?

4th January 2009 (11:31:41) - al, wrote :
do you hawe any problems , Anonym?

4th January 2009 (13:49:25) - denel (robertd at luc dot asso dot fr), wrote :
no photo of the podium??

4th January 2009 (17:20:28) - Anonym, wrote :
ceri why do you have a problem with anonym posters?
the class website was set up this way so deal with it!

4th January 2009 (19:29:26) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
prize giving and podium photos will be available soon- and a full report .

4th January 2009 (19:39:15) - BRA999, wrote :
parabens brazucas.

5th January 2009 (13:21:18) - francesco zarbo, wrote :
great xavier and richard.
great french youth group

5th January 2009 (16:28:17) - not anonym, wrote :
Congratulations Xav !!!

Safe trip back


5th January 2009 (18:51:16) - martine ferlet (martine dot ferlet at yahoo dot fr), wrote :
francesco zarbo,not anonym

6th January 2009 (12:56:44) - francesco zarbo, wrote :
I never post in anonym way.
Hope to see you soon guys.

6th January 2009 (19:02:11) - Anonym, wrote :
What gear did Xavier use?

7th January 2009 (12:26:44) - ceri (ceri at offshore-sports dot co dot uk), wrote :
hi, i will post equipment list soon; but Xav used Starboard 162 ; NP sails (11.8, 10.7, 9.8) ; 1 kashy/2 Deb oichet

7th January 2009 (12:54:45) - Anonym, wrote :
What about equipment list from Brazil Gp you promised in December??