16th of October 20082008 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Minutes


1st of September 20082008 Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class

2008 AGM - Agenda and proposals...

27th of August 2008

2008 AGM.... will take place during the forthcoming Worlds in Portimao. The meeting will be preceeded by the IWA AGM on the 10th September . National associations and competitors are reminded to forward any proposals for the meeting by 30th August.
It is also an election year for the class - nominations should be sent by the 30th ; and the final agenda will be published by 1st September .
Send your proposals and nominations to:

28th of January 2008Ranking System ...updated for 2008

The Ranking System has been updated to accommodate the Formula Grand Prix Tour and "Regional Tours ".

8th of September 2006AGM 2006 summary...

AGM 2006 summary...

8th of August 2006

AGM Notice .....

the 2006 Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class shall take place during the forthcoming World Championships to be held in Gangneung ,South Korea.
The provisonal date is Thursday,September 7th ; and the exact time , date, location , and full agenda -including proposals to be voted upon - shall be published by August 24th.
This year there will be elections for committee and Chairman ; proposals and nominations for committee should be sent to the IWA office no later than August 22nd.
The agenda shall include ;
Previous Minutes
Chairmans Report
Financial Statements
Changes to Class Rules and Championsip Rules including committee recommendations
Any other business.

2nd of January 2006

Please read AGM 2005 minutes

22nd of December 2005

Please read AGM summary

11th of December 2005

Please read FW Ranking 2005_report.doc

1st of December 2005

Please read the FW AGM documents:

Formula Windsurfing Report to ISAF Windsurfing Committee.pdf

Proxy form FW.doc

4th of November 2005

AGM 2005
International Formula Windsurfing Class is pleased to announce its Annual General Meeting which will be held Wednesday, 14th of December 2005 in Elwood Sailing Club, Melbourne/Australia, during the FW World Championships 2005.

Please check the Agenda

12th of October 2005

2005 AGM ...preliminary notice :
The 2005 Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class will take place in Melbourne (AUS) during the forthcoming World Championship (12th > 17th December ).
The exact date and place will be published by the end of October , with the formal Notice and Agenda .
National FW Associations are reminded that -" the General Assembly shall consist of member delegates (appointed by the member National Associations) and the elected members of the class committee , each with one vote .
Any proposals for te agm should be forward to :

29th of January 2005Championship Rules 2005

Championship Rules for 2005 are available.

28th of November 2004RACING RULES 2005 - 2008.

RACING RULES 2005 - 2008.
The Fun Board Racing Rules no longer exist!!!!
They have been replaced by Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008, and Appendix B -Windsurfing.

27th of November 2004

2005 FW World Ranking System & World Championship Qualification...
just published check it

21st of July 2004

FW AGM 2004 List of items to be voted.

3rd of July 2004

International Formula Windsurfing Class is pleased to announce its Annual General Meeting which will be held Wednesday, 4th of August 2004 in Leba/Poland, during the FW World Championships 2004. Please read the Agenda

6th of June 20042004 Annual General Meeting ,Leba ,Poland.

2004 Annual General Meeting ,Leba ,Poland.

6th of June 2004Worlds Qualification

Worlds Qualification - 55 competitors qualified for the 2004 World Championships in Leba - check the list ...

10th of March 2004

Another 6 sailors qualified for the 2004 Formula Worlds . At the North American Championships ,Calema Mid Winters ,Florida , 2 europeans and 4 natives qualified for Leba ,Poland in August .
Seth Besse USA64
Keith Atkinson GBR56
Antoine Questel FRA99
Tom Nagy FRA30
Mike Zajicek
Jason Voss USA8

8th of March 2004SPECIAL MEETING of the Class at the Europeans .

The FW Committee have approved a proposal from the Chairman to ask for a Special Meeting of the Class General Assembly to be convened during the European Championships ,Garda ,in May

14th of January 20042004 MENS WORLD QUALIFIERS

31 men qualified already for 2004 FW Worlds ... check the list

7th of January 2004Mens Qualification System 2004

Just one week into the new year and we are on schedule to publish everything you need to finalise your plans for the coming year

1st of January 2004

Approved formula windsurfing boards for international events Selected from ISAF's production funboard list just published... Check it

30th of December 2003Competition Structure and Tour Agreements

For some time now the IWA , in partnerhip the Formula Class and IFCA , have recognised the need for a clearly defined "shortboard sructure" ...

23rd of December 2003Formula Worlds Qualification System

Formula Worlds Qualification System

25th of October 2003Youth and Junior Policy for 2004

After the formation of the International Formula Windsurfing Class in December 2000,the elected Committee set to work identifying the priorities ahead .Youth and junior policy was just such a priority ,and a paper outlining the strategy for 2001 and 2002 was published .

13th of October 2003

The AGM 2003 minutes just published... have a look

23rd of September 2003

Please read the IFWCA AGM'03 Agenda ....

15th of February 2003Official Class Statement - Sail Registration Scheme 2003

Official Class Statement - Sail Registration Scheme 2003